Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am Blogger- hear me roar!

Well, here I am in the blogging world. A place I never thought I would be. After much reservation, I decided this would be a good format to keep everyone "in the know'" about our family and the crazy things that happen in our daily lives. I always say I am going to keep a journal. I even commit to doing a better job documenting what my children say and do, but somehow that all gets forgotten between spills and errands. I hope that if nothing else this will be a place to share with you those moments that might easily have been forgotten by the next day.

Unlike my brother, Kevin, I do not have a vast vocabulary or a DR. in front of my name. I will never be able to write a dissertation on anything, let alone one as impressive as his a few years back. There is not a chance in heck I will have anything published or quoted in a famous magazine or newspaper like my brothers and sister. I will definitely not stand before thousands and give an acceptance speech as did my sweet sister. I cannot write songs like my father, nor can I sing. I do not have the gift of music that flows in the blood of the men in my family. (I cannot play anything except the radio, and it usually plays things like, "Wheels on the Bus".) I cannot multi-task like my mother. Nor will I ever be able to organize, label, and bleach everything quite the way she can. But, I can Blog! This may well be the hidden talent in my DNA! So this is for you family... I know you are proud!!!

As most of you know, I am at home with my kids. I hate the term "stay-at-home" mom because it is such an inaccurate portrayal of what I really do. I think" on- the -go-cook it-clean it-wipe it-dry it-make it-decorate it-wrap it-add it-balance it- pay it-mail it- write it - fix it- hang it-kiss it- put a band aid on it-fold it-wash it-list it-buy it-phone it-sort it-reserve it-take a picture of it" mom is a much better description of my chosen career path. Oh, and if my life is not fulfilling enough with my own three, I teach a Creative Movement class once a week at my son's preschool. For those three hours a week you may also add: "move it-groove it-run it- hop it-shoot it-STOP IT-jump it- twist it-bend it-toss it- shake it-but don't break it or dislocate it" to my title.

Chad and I celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary in Cancun, Mexico this past spring. What a trip of a lifetime! Chad is still in the Automotive industry. (Which is the real reason we were in Cancun!) He loves the car business. He has done a little of everything in his 16 years in the biz. He has been a salesman as well as working in Used cars, New cars, and Finance. He is currently the BMW manager. In addition to running his showroom he finds other people that like to work hard and put in long hours and hires them. He then trains them each morning in his "Chadomotive"class. I think he secretly wishes he could clone himself so he could have dependable, hard-working, die-hard car guys like himself all over the dealership! He has also been known to impersonate Elvis on occasion. (that is a whole different blog!). We are grateful that his job has afforded me the chance to "stay home" (did I mention I Hate that term?) with our children. They are our top priority. When Chad is not at work, He can usually be found on the water or in the woods. By on the water, I mean in a boat, on the water, trying to catch fish. By in the woods, I mean in a tree stand, in a tree, trying to slay some innocent creature of the forest by hovering some 15- 20 feet above it-to launch the surprise attack! (Where is the fun in that?) I simply don't like the sport. I am not a fan of hunting , nor am I a fan of fishing. (Again, a topic I shall save for a future blog!) It is truly a wonder my husband and I got together-huh? ( Yet another topic... this is going to be a breeze!) In all of his spare time, he serves as a counselor in our ward Bishopric . He is also the best father to our three children. They adore him. He has been known to do extra special things like "skipping" school to go fishing on a gorgeous day, or picking up one lucky little girl from school in a convertible to take her out for lunch and shopping on her birthday, or going for hamburgers and ice cream after a traumatic doctor visit. He loves his family and they love him!

Enough about us, and on to the more important members of this clan. Chase is 11. He will soon be 12. It really does seem impossible to believe. I know everyone says it, but it truly seems like just yesterday that he was born. I am so proud of the young man he has become. I thought the day would never come that he would sleep through the night, or go to school. Those days came and went almost undocumented. ( Except for the shrieks of delight heard round the world when he finally slept through the night!) Sometime in the last year, perhaps two, a lot changed. My high energy, never sleeping, never stop moving, never stop spilling, reptile chasing child became someone I actually like. (BTW: Never name your child an action verb like Chase. Perhaps Sit or Sleep would work, but not Chase. I was always saying, " Chase, Don't Chase your sister", "Don't Chase the dog", "Don't Chase the cars", and," please don't Chase your mother!") He is a good kid. He is a huge help to me at home. He is very thoughtful of others, especially me. ( I hope this trait sticks and he will make some lucky girl a great catch one day!) He is an excellent student. He strives for perfection in everything he does. (can't imagine where that came from?) My messy toddler has turned into an organized, surface neat, tween. How did that happen? He loves sports, especially baseball and basketball. He played a lot of baseball this spring and summer and even tried a new position: catcher. It proved to be a great fit for Chase, and he did a fabulous job behind the plate. He enjoys going to see the Indians play here in town. Because he has a terrific aunt, (who happens to be the General Manager), he even got to be the bat boy a few times over the summer. (She is now the Favorite Aunt- who could compete with that?) Chase is a huge Atlanta Braves fan too. He can give you all the stats. Chipper Jones is his favorite player. He knows a lot about him too. Chase and his Dad took a "road trip" to Atlanta last summer and took in a couple of games. What's not to love? Chase's other love is Duke Basketball. He is obsessed with it. He watches it, reads about it, googles it, tracks it, wears it, talks about it, and secretly fantasizes about playing it. Thanks to some great friends and coaches, Chase has been able to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium and watch the Blue Devils play on the hardwood. A dream come true! He just started the Basketball season last week with our local rec. department . He was excited to play in an After Christmas Tournament . His team took first place! He plays with a talented group of boys and coaches. He is looking forward to the season ahead.

My "little Claire Bear" is now 8 going on 15. She is still the "princess" of the house and does not let us forget it! She is a lot of fun to be around and provides us lots of entertainment. (Whether we want it or not!) She carries her mothers former title of "Drama Queen". She loves to dance, and dance she can! Her Dad says she got her talent from him.... I am not so sure. I will say she got her looks from him- no denying that! Her favorite things revolve around her busy social life. She has lots of friends and enjoys spending time with them (especially when they involve sleepovers!) She takes three dance classes a week, and attends Achievement Night twice a month at church. She is anxious to begin piano lessons, but we are still scratching our heads on how to schedule one more thing. Maybe if her mother had not disliked the piano so much when she was a girl, she could teach Claire. Warning: If you are Claire's grandparents on her mothers side please sit down before reading this next statement. My biggest regret is that I never gave piano a chance. I wish I had stuck with it. Warning: Claire's grandparents on her mothers side please LAY down before reading this next statement. I wish I could play the piano, I mean really play the piano and someone would be able to recognize the song I was playing!!! Claire's grandparents on her mothers side may now pick themselves off the floor! Okay, back to Claire. She truly is an angel underneath all that glue and glitter and crumpled papers, and piles of clothes on the floor, and Cd's strewn about- whose child did I say she was? She has the biggest heart I know and one day when all her "drama" and "energy" are directed in the right way- she is simply going to be amazing! She is already an amazing student and loves to learn new things. At eight , she already knows much more than I about this techno world we live in. I often seek her advice about how to use the computer or the digital camera. To show you how different things are now, let me share with you Claire's Christmas list for 2007: 1. Hot Pink Laptop 2. Digital Camera 3. Cell phone 4. I pod 5. Hannah Montana, and High School Musical Cd's 6. Webkinz(several). When I first looked at it, I thought I had picked up a High School Students' list, not my eight year old. Poor Santa did opt for a pink mp3 player, and some Cd's. My parents got her a kid friendly version of a Digital Camera, oh and her very first Vera Bradley bag! She did receive a couple of the Webkinz pets too! The rest can wait 5, 10 years! What happened to baby dolls, barbies and Polly pockets? They grow up way too fast!

Last, but certainly not least is my Cole man! I love me some Cole... some days more than others. He is one great big blur of energy. If I could bottle it, my family would be financially secure for generations! If I could power my house, and run my Yukon XL on it....we could save a fortune. He is so much fun though. We can't imagine life without him in it. Though we can imagine grocery shopping without him, and long road trips -minus Cole. Is that bad? No, it is the truth! He is a sponge right now and soaks up anything and everything he can. He is such a fast learner and amazes me with his ability to navigate the computer and play his Cd's. He has even taught me how to use the photo option on my cell phone. I am sure my brother, Kenny, is laughing right now because he knows how "non- techy" I am. (Actually, he is probably NOT laughing because he would never read this whole blog... too long!) Cole is like his brother and loves a ball. He was simply born with some gene that allows you to know exactly what to do with each one without being told. Give him a basketball and he dribbles and shoots it. Give him a football and he knows to throw it. Give him a soccer ball and he knows to kick it in the goal. Give him a baseball and he knows to pitch it. "Pitch it me, Chase!" No one here plays golf, and yet he knows what to do with a golf ball too. The downside to having a good throw is that most adamant objects become balls, and can be thrown. The smaller the space, the harder the throw! Thus, the reason that a juice cup became a ball and my duel screen car TV became a single screen on a drive to New Bern last spring! Cole is like his sister in that he loves to entertain and perform- no matter where. (Point of reference- my brothers wedding rehearsal dinner in August- Cole stood on the stairs while we ate and belted his rendition of "We will Rock You" by Queen. ) A proud moment for a mother. Gotta love him. Gotta love Laura! ( Kenny's wife). She didn't seem frazzled by it at all. It was as if every day she is entertained by a small three year old singing "We Will Rock You" to all of her closest family and friends in a formal restaurant setting. Thanks for not being a run-away-bride the next day!

Thanks for checking in on our not-so normal-kinda -crazy-in- a- weird- kinda-way family. That means you know us and love us anyway! If you are reading this it also means I figured out how to let you know where to find me on this blog. That could be the most impressive part of all! Love to all, Wendi


Susan Hancock said...

Hey Wendi! "You done good" like we say around here. I really enjoyed reading your first blog- and just really appreciated that you posted it at midnight- when else would you be writing!

Thanks for checking in with Grant often. The support that Em, Kevin, and we all have felt has helped get through the past 9 months. We are hoping for an easier year.

Loved the "Chase" comments. That surely describes a few other little boys I know- one is even 24 now- I've told him since he was born that payback is gonna hit him again and again! (That's my Joel... from the time he threw himself out of the crib somewhere around 18 months, until he was 14 and started high school, he refused to sleep in a bed. I worried for years that I was just going to lose him. Whew- glad that has passed.

Keep up the fine writing- you've got a flair!

stephanie howard said...

Amen, to stay-at-home moms! Wow, besides being an amazing scrap booker, you are an awesome blogger (writer) another area that I will never be as good as you:-) This was great! Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...


I just love this! Thanks so much for posting on Grant's blog and for always making me smile!

You and Stephanie need to bring the kids down here for a weekend! We'll send the men out fishing!

I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts! I will be sure to post a picture of Super Penguin as soon as I find the cable that connects my camera to my computer! Welcome to my crazy life!!!!

Rachel said...

Hey Wendi- thanks for sharing. I absolutely loved reading that. It was very interesting and entertaining. I have to agree with Stephanie that you are a very talented writer aka blogger. I would of loved to see and hear Cole sing We will Rock you... I know you were proud!!! And your definition of a " stay at home mom" couldn't of been better....thanks again for sharing and we need to get together again and take the kids to the me so we can figure out when...
Rachel B

Max n Susie said...

WOW! We are so impressed. You really
do have a flair for writing that is very witty and entertaining. We are sorry we let you off the hook on your piano lessons, but even sorrier that we didn't recognize your writing talent and encourage that sooner.
We can't wait to read the next post!
Love, Mom & Dad

jaz & sela said...

HEY Wendi!

It's Jaz & Sela...and we have been DYING laughing at your blog! Sela says, "TWO THUMBS UP"...and I say WRITE MORE WRITE MORE!!

You are simply hilarious!!
Love and miss you much!!

Kyle and Aly said...

Hi Wendi,

I enjoyed your post so much. I feel like I know you a little better now. I've seen you around at stake things since I was a little girl, so it's nice to learn a little about you!

Thanks for your sweet email. I'd love to do pics for you anytime.

Love, Aly Dart

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you are blogging! You are an awesome give us more!!! I surely enjoyed reading this one :)

lylanock23 said...

Ditto to all of the above!! GOOOOO WENDI!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it and you!!! Lyla

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Well, I did it, I read this whole post. It was very informative and I feel like I know you just a little more.