Thursday, February 28, 2008


When you clean your house after midnight, it tends to stay “clean” for more consecutive hours .

When you clean late at night, no one is awake to notice... or to mess it up!

Karaoke is a lot of fun! (especially when your daughter is on stage!)

When your child asks to play the “Ping-Pong-Fish” game at the annual PTA Winterfest…there is a very strong possibility that you will go home with a live goldfish!

It is also possible due to the “cuteness” and “adorability” factor of your kids…you could come home with “4” live goldfish.

You must always be prepared for such occasions. Keep a small bowl and fish flakes on hand.

It is not okay to discuss letting the goldfish “go for a swim” around the tank (aka toilet).

It is also not okay to discuss staples, or driftwood, or
“DEAD FISH PLAQUES” in front of the kids.

It is okay to “foul-out” of a basketball game.

It is okay to lose a basketball game.

It is possible that Chase’s Basketball games will NEVER end!

When your child rips your
insurance/prescription card to bits…it is not feasibly possible to glue, tape or otherwise reattach the pieces back together.

It is very possible that a new home could be erected while you are put on “hold” to order new cards.

When your card is shredded and unrecognizable… you will probably need it the next day.

Doctors’ offices are not very nice when you can’t provide proof of insurance.

It is very possible to have more month than money!

Letting your child buy “Rock Band” for the Playstation can provide many hours of entertainment.

Hearing “Rock Band” while nursing a headache really only makes it worse.

Watching your husband and children on the drums, mic and guitar is priceless!

No matter how well everyone in your home is…if you plan to go out-of-town…there will inevitably be sickness!

Where there is a cough, runny nose and fever…an ear infection is soon to follow.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

A good antibiotic runs a close second!

It is not possible to ever take too many pictures!

The most interesting thing I learned this week is...
if you write a post about your husband and all the wonderful things he does for you… he will do them more often!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am participating in "Tuesday Tell All". This weeks topic is "Never Say Never". The following is my list.

I 've never.....

*Broken any bones
*Bungee jumped
*Had a root canal
*Eaten Sushi
*Eaten ANY raw seafood(yuk!)
*Worn braces
*Had a tattoo
*Scuba Dived (though I have snorkled!)
*Won the lottery
*Gambled( which would explain why I've never won the lottery)
*Been to jail
*Given blood( Willingly... please don't hate is a whole different post!)
*Been on a cruise
*Been in the top 1% (financially speaking)
*Gone to bed hungry
*Worn contacts
*Changed a tire

So there you have it folks... the things I have NEVER done! Tune in next Tuesday for a new "Tell All" . Maybe you will learn something about me you didn't know and maybe you will come back anyway.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

SOME LIKE IT HOT!!! (chili recipe)

After my last post, I am not sure how receptive you will be to another
"Cooking with Wendi" demo.


I think not.

This recipe is tried and true.

My family eats it.

My friends eat it.

I have been asked on occasion to feed it to groups of 30 or more.

It can't be that bad- right?


Your spicy little taste buds will thank you!

I promise!

Today's episode is ... "Wendi's Can Can Chili"
(Why do I call it that? No... I do not dance while preparing the meal. It is quite simply a can of this and a can of that. )

If you can operate one of these :

there should be no problems!

You will need 2 to 2 1/2 pounds of Hamburger (browned and drained)
8 cans (pictures to follow)
1 brown bag item (the secret ingredient)

Open and drain 1 can of each of the following:

Pour one can of each of these in the pot:

and one of each of these too:

and you will need to add my new found love:

YUM-O! Lime and Cilantro...what's not to love?

Finally, you will need a brown bag of my secret ingredient:

This little baby has 4 separate bags inside.

1. MESA FLOUR- (throw it away, the chili will be thick enough!)

2.SALT (add to taste!)

3. CAYENNE PEPPER (throw in the whole bag IF YOU DARE! Spicy, but sooo delicious!)

4. The Seasoning Bag.( Add the entire bag to the pot. Just the right mix of paprika, cumin, and chili measuring required!)

Cook over medium heat until hot. Turn heat to low and simmer.

You may not be able to resist taking a spoon and tasting throughout the process.

(I highly recommend it!)

Top off your creation with Cheese, Sour Cream, and Green Onion(optional).

Serve with Scoops, or Tortilla Chips and Crackers


Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am a Southern girl.

I am proud of that fact.

One of the things we “southern gals” are known for is our cooking.

We have been taught that food is the pathway to the soul.

We are a hospitable lot.

When someone has a baby, we show up with a meal. When someone is sick, we are knocking on the door with soup. When a new neighbor moves in, we are there with a dessert in tow. Heck, we appear with food for just about anything we can find an excuse to bake for!


I am no Paula Deen. I do not claim to be Rachael Ray. I am most certainly no “Naked Chef” (aka Jamie Oliver) or even Bobby Flay. Sadly, the only thing I have in common with Giada is that I LOVE to cook! (though not in the “buff" like Mr. Oliver)

I am not afraid of the kitchen.

It is my friend.

I feel comfortable around garlic and balsamic vinegar.

I have a torrid love affair with Ghirardelli chocolate.

Most of my cakes and cookies are made from “scratch”.

Which is why I am still puzzled at the Cake-ala -CRAP I produced Sunday.

What is wrong with this picture?

Does it not remind you of the cover of Bon Appetit?

No? Me neither.

Stop laughing.

No…that is not a piece of cake that was spit upon a potato chip.

It is a freshly baked cake placed gingerly on a yellow baking cup.

It was suppose to be this.

I found this scrumptious recipe from Stie. (a great and funny read by the way!)

Her photos had me at …HELLO!

The title, “Bite Sized Bits of Deliciousness” did not hurt either.

She used “a box” cake mix and store bought frosting.

This I could certainly do.

To make it even easier, she posted step by step instructions (with photos I might add).

This would be a breeze.

How could I go wrong?


I don’t follow directions very well.

I am not patient.

I want what I want and I want it NOW!

Which is my excuse for not following her instructions to FREEZE the cake before cutting and frosting. I put it in the freezer, but only for an hour. Trust me…a 9x13 cake does NOT freeze in an hour!

That was my first problem.

The second was my frosting.

I, (the southern cook) did not use Stie’s advice on the store bought icing. I, (the southern cook) made my homemade buttercream frosting.



The almond extract I used was old…not new...not good.

Is it possible for extract to ferment?

It tasted like something that could possibly be illegal until you are 21.

My son said it had the aftertaste of toothpaste.

Toothpaste atop chocolate cake? Now there is a concept. Not a very good one.

And so… my icing (all 3 boxes of powdered sugar and butter and vanilla) and the old almond extract went in the garbage disposal.

None of my friends or neighbors received Cakes of Deliciousness.

I left the 9x 13 chocolate cake in the freezer.

I found it the next morning.


I hurried to the store and bought 2 containers of already made Cream Cheese Frosting.

I came home prepared to conquer the cake.

I did it!

They were indeed most delicious!

The “prettiness”?

Not so much.

Stie, you are my new found GIADA!!!
I , on the other hand will resort to serving these:

Monday, February 18, 2008


One of my dearest friends is sending her son to New Zealand this week. He will be going to serve a mission. We are all so proud of him.... what a fine young man he is. He would make any Mama proud! I have just had his Mama on my mind a lot this week. I thought I would dedicate this post to my girlfriend, Snow!

I know, I know you all want me to write a post in your honor. Take a number. Wait in line. I will get to you in due time. This one is for you ...Snow!

Top Ten Reasons I Heart Snow: (picture David Letterman doing this!)

10. She has impeccable taste in shoes!!!(Need I go on?) She is never without a pair of heels! (When I talk with her on the phone, I always hear “click, click, click…clonk….clonk”…it is the sound of her heels as she scurries about on the hardwood!)

9. The woman knows how to shop!!! (And is an amazing gift –giver!)

8. She is one of the most amazing mothers I know! (She has three of the kindest, well-mannered, well-rounded children) I hope to show the same love and patience she shows to her children. (One day…one day!)

7. She loves her family and always puts their needs before her own. She will drop everything (and I do mean everything) to do something for them. I remember an incident that happened before I had children. All three of her kids wanted lunch at three different fast food restaurants. She drove through three drive-thrus and ordered three very different lunches. I said then that I would NEVER do that! (NEVER say NEVER!) Guilty!

6. She is ** years old and still wears a size 0! (Now that is just wrong!)

5. Her husband is also a lover of fishing and hunting…so she understands my “pain” when it comes to matters of “camo” and “dead fish plaques” and what “season” it is.

4. She is the best listener and advice giver.

3. She is the only girl I have ever seen mow grass in a dress. I have seen her! (I have caught her more than once driving a John Deere across her front lawn in a dress and some very classy stiletto’s!)

2. She makes yummy desserts. Even her desserts have “classy” names. My favorite is her “Neiman Marcus Bars”. (Who doesn’t need a friend who can make those?)

And the Number one reason I love SNOW...

Where else could I find a friend that also has a “Meteorological” term for a name? (“Snow, its Wendi!”)

So, there you have it folks! The Top Ten Reasons I love Snow. Even if you don’t know her, you have to admit she is pretty amazing. If you are Snow, I hope I haven’t embarrassed you too bad. You are an incredible woman with strength beyond measure. I feel lucky to call you my friend!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Last night the phone rang.

It was a friend of Chases' wanting him to come to a party/sleep-over tonight.

"Why sure. He has been home all week. He has had a mild case of Chicken Pox.

He is stir-crazy and would love some fresh air. Are you still willing to take him?" I ask.


I crossed my fingers .

Please say Yes...Please say Yes!

The voice on the other end of the phone interrupted my thinking.

"Sure, we would love to have him!"

Today when Claire got home, she asked if she could have a friend over.

I just got rid of one child and now she wants another?

3-1= 2


"Okay Claire, let me take a look at your room. If it is clean, you may have a friend over."

"Oh, it is clean Mom!"

"To my standards of "Clean" or yours?" I asked.

Claire sped to her room and slammed the door.

Works every time I say to myself.

While she was preparing for the "white glove test", the phone rang.

This time it was one of Claire's girlfriends wanting her to spend the night.

Decision ?

No Decision.

I am so sorry little friend of Claire. She had so wanted you to come and play. I am sure she would have loved for you to spend the night too. We were within seconds of calling you...honest. But someone else called first. Someone who wanted HER to go THERE. There really was NO choice. You see, Claire will leave and her room will stay clean tonight. If you had come, it would not. I will not have to paint fingernails, and bake cookies. I will not have to pop popcorn or go rent movies. It is my hope you will never know what might have been!

It will be a nice, quiet , relaxing evening all alone...

Wait a minute.

I still have Cole.

Any takers?

He is a precious 3 1/2 year old.
He is potty trained.
He is well versed.
He knows all his colors.
He can count to 100.( though not in the correct order!)
He can navigate the computer.
He can get his own snacks.
He gives the very best hugs and kisses!

On second thought...I think I will keep him. I may even call Chase and Claire to come home!

I HEART YOU DADDY! (and that's what it's all about!)

Today my little man, Cole had his Valentine's Day party at Preschool.

Each year they combine a Valentine's Day program with a Daddy's Day Program.
What a great idea since Father's Day is in the summer.
I was there to take plenty of pictures.

Cole did a fine job on stage. He started off the program waving ferociously at us.
We waved back.

He waved some more.
We waved again.

Then he pointed his finger at his chest ( as if to say, "it's me...look at me!")
We oohed an ahhed!

Then he began giving us the "peace" sign.
We followed his lead and gave the "peace "sign back.

The children are now half way through the first song and Cole still can't stop communicating with us.

It was as if it was a private room with just the four of us. (Chad, Me, Chase, and Cole)

He finally realized he was on stage and that he needed to be impressing us with his vocal talents.

In no time at all he was belting out all the Father's Day songs.

He didn't miss a word or an action.

We were so proud!

Following the program, the father's were invited to come up front and do the "Hokie Pokie" with their child.

What fun!

I wish I had video tape footage to show , but alas I have none.

It was priceless.

I am not sure who had more fun...Daddy or Cole?

After all...That's what it's all about!!!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It’s my Anniversary!!!

I can’t believe it! It seems like yesterday! Where does the time go?

I really am happy! I am more in love today than I was the first day!

I feel complete.

I bought a new dress for the occasion.

I booked a table at my favorite restaurant.

I plan to go shopping for a gift later. (I know I am a little late!)

Now, I am thinking maybe that is not appropriate.

Something more laid back would be nicer.

I could …

Send the kids off.

Put on some soft music.

Turn the lights down low.

Put on my favorite lounging pants and a tee-shirt.

Pop some popcorn.

Pour myself a tall glass of Crystal Light. (I know, I know I am a heavy drinker)

And fall in love all over again in front of the computer.


It’s my 1 month “Blogging” Anniversary….what did you think?

Can you believe it? 1 Month ago, “Because I Said So...” did not exist.

I had friends that had blogs. They inspired me. I wanted to be a blogger too.

January 12, 2008 I did it.

My very first post, “I am Blogger- Hear Me Roar!” was written.

I received 9 comments. (I was so excited!)

Since then, I have written 11 posts.

I have received 51 comments.

My web hit counter just flipped to 840.

I am totally addicted!

I am truly in love!

Happy Anniversary Blog!

*I have moved to a new URL address. Please take note!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Shall we start with a photo?

Okay. Okay … I know you are envious not to be the proud owner of a DEAD FISH PLAQUE like me! How did I acquire such a lovely piece of art? Well, I am glad you asked… I have been dying to tell you!

It all started when my husband decided to go fishing on a very hot, very humid day in the middle of August. We were visiting family in the western part of NC. We did NOT bring our boat. This was NOT supposed to be a fishing trip. This was to be a family vacation of sorts. We had just returned from a few days at Emerald Isle. Chad fished for 3 days. I guess that was not enough.

The first morning of our stay, Chad and Chase were off to fish in a pond that was close by. With a little canoe, a few baits, and some poles, they set off in search of the
It was 95 degrees and the humidity was suffocating. I teased them that they would be back soon joining us for a dip in the pool. Who else but my guys would attempt such a sport in that weather?

Several hours passed and they were not back. Then, they showed up with the "catch of the day".

The biggest bass my husband had ever hooked. The biggest 10 pounds 8 oz. pile of seafood I had ever seen. He was so proud!

He made me take this picture.

And this one.

Then he made me email all his friends the pictures. He could not be bothered with the computer because he was so busy calling everyone about the bass he caught. The story got better and the fish got bigger with each call.

Then I heard the awful news. He asked his brother to put it in his freezer. I am thinking Fish Fry, Potato salad, Cole slaw. He was thinking wall art!!!

“Oh no, dear, that is much TOO BIG to put in our home. Wherever would you put it?”

*Note to self: never ask Husband where HE would hang a dead fish! Or you might hear answers like this:

“Over the mantle.”
“Over the sofa.”
“Over the piano.”
“Over our bed.”

At the same time he was talking, I was mentally composing my own list of things to do with said fish.

1. Donate him to a museum.

2. Donate him to a local seafood restaurant.( for wall art of course)

3. Give him a nice home in the attic.

4. Slather him with peanut butter and birdseed and let the squirrels and birds make a "snack" of him outside.

My thoughts were not kind. I left the room. I did not want to bring Mr. Fish home with us in a petrified state.

My husband was so happy. He was euphoric! He had never caught such a large fish before. He knew this day may never come again.

I suggested more pictures. Pictures say 1000 words.

He said pictures crumble. Memories fade. He wanted something more permanent.

His brother suggested a local taxidermist by the name of Bubba who did “fine” work.

I knew I was not going to win this one.

Time passed. Summer turned to fall. Fall became winter.

I hoped Bubba had decided to keep the big bass.

Last Friday before I left for my "Girls Only" weekend I got the news.
The DEAD FISH PLAQUE was ready!
Ready…ready for what?

I immediately thought of the family that so generously opened their home to us last summer. I was sure they would want a “Housewarming Gift”. I began thinking of creative ways to wrap and present the gift. My excitement diminished when I learned they would not be receptive to such a gift.

I offered it to my brother-in-law. (The one that doted on us last weekend) I even offered to have his name inscribed on the back. (Caught by Brother-in-Law) I told him he could show it off to all his friends and none would be the wiser. Because on the back would be the proof that HE had indeed caught that Bass. He did not think my idea was amusing.

And so, when I arrived in Greensboro last weekend, I was greeted by this.

He came with a bill too.


1. Do I take the money for the DEAD FISH PLAQUE and do some serious shopping on my Girl’s only weekend?


2. Do I make my husband the happiest man in the world and bring home the biggest fish he has ever caught …petrified and stapled to a piece of driftwood?

I chose door number 2.

I wanted my children to continue to live with both parents under the same roof.

I felt good about my decision.

Then, I got a phone call from Chad.

“Honey, did you get my fish?” he asked.

“Yeah, Yeah, I have him. I strapped him to the top of your Beamer with a few crappy bungee cords.”

“I know you didn’t. But I do have one small request.” He continued.

“There is more?” I chimed.

“I don’t want ANYTHING to happen to the fish. I want to be sure he gets home in one piece. I don’t want you to slam on brakes and destroy the fish.", He went on.

(Please note the sarcasm.) “He is DEAD, dear!” I said.

“I really want you to strap the fish in a seat belt in the backseat so it won’t get damaged on the route home.” “Please!”

Was he kidding? Was this the same man that thinks all the car and booster seat regulations are ridiculous? Safety seats that protect our precious cargo. (AKA our children!)

Thanks to the help of my sister-in-law, we harnessed Mr. Dead Fish Plaque in the back seat tighter than any car seat I have ever owned. This may be the reason Claire and I got so many stares on our drive home.

I received some good news on Monday morning. No, No we did not receive a letter requesting the DEAD FISH PLAQUE be put on display at the Museum of Natural Science.


Chad called to let me know he got the "okay" to hang the DEAD FISH PLAQUE in his office at work.

I haven’t been able to stop doing this.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Know I'll Never LOVE This Way Again!!!

Call me lazy! My kids woke up this morning. I heard them. I pretended to still sleep. (Five more minutes I tell myself) I heard Chad tell the kiddos, “SHHH, Don’t wake up Mommy…she is sleeping…she is very tired!”

Wake me. I must be dreaming. Is it National Queen for the Day and no one told me?
(* Note to self: check Hallmark for cards on the subject!) Okay, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was not dumb enough to pass up the chance to sleep.

I rolled over and slept.

I slept past getting the children ready for school.

I slept past breakfast.

I slept past taking the kids to school.

I slept past 8:20!

When I finally got my lazy butt up, I walked into the kitchen. It was all clean and sparkly. Wait a minute…am I sleep walking?

The dishwasher was unloaded.

The dishes in the sink were washed and put away.

The countertops were wiped and free from any evidence of breakfast.

Did “Magic Maid” show up while I slumbered?

I walked over to the dryer to “de-wrinkle” the clothes left spinning overnight.

I opened the door.
I peered in.
I closed the door.

I opened the door.
I peered in.
I closed the door.

There are NO clothes in the dryer! I have often prayed my laundry would disappear, but this was strange indeed. I look around the house for signs of my missing laundry. Where could it be?

I finally resolve to look in the last possible place it could be….in the closets and drawers.

Could it be? Yes…there they were… all folded up and in the right drawers. And here in the closet… hanging with the “like colors” (just the way I like it!)

There really are “Laundry Fairies”! I believe! I believe!

Next order of business…making the beds. Yes, beds. (Plural) I know my sweet children are old enough to make their own beds. Sometimes they do and sometimes (like today), they don’t. As, I have said before: I pick my battles. This isn’t one of them.

First stop, my room. My bed is made. Didn’t I just get up?

Chase’s room is next. His bed is made.

I go to Claire and Cole’s rooms. Both beds – already made!

I pinch myself. I really must be dreaming or sleepwalking.

I head back to the kitchen. I hear the washing machine in the distance. I hear the rinse cycle begin.


And there standing in the kitchen, was the man I married. A dish towel was draped across his shoulder. My little Cole was by his side. He looked different. He looked as handsome as I had ever seen him. I think I have never been more physically attracted to him in my life…not ever!!!

“What is this all about?” “What are you doing?” “My birthday is not until April!”

“I was just trying to help out”, he said.
“Help out?” “Do you know what you have done in an hour?” I replied.
“More than I usually accomplish in a day”, I continue.

You really don’t understand the magnitude of what has transpired. I have a great husband. He is a wonderful father. He has lots of terrific qualities. Making beds and washing clothes are NOT one of them. Don’t get me wrong… he will do those things, but only after nagging, and leaving lists and nagging some more.

So it is with this heartfelt gratitude I compose the following love note:

My Dearest Husband,

Thank you for the extra sleep I received this morning. (Maybe that is the reason I can see more clearly now.) I can see how hard you worked to help around the house. I am impressed at the amount of things you accomplished in such a short time. I am also blown away by the attention to detail you took when you made the beds. (You know I noticed!) Not a wrinkle did I have to smooth out! The clothes were put away in their proper place. (I didn’t even have to go behind you to re-fold) As I watched you remove the covers from the sofa and vacuum under the cushions… I knew I was in love all over again! When you took the initiative to make and grill lunch, (without any coaxing from me) I was smitten. I secretly watched you from the window as you grilled. The way you held the “spatula-flipper-thingy” in your hand as you turned the burgers….oh chills ran up my spine. (Your arms looked much toner than I remembered!) My heart skipped a beat when you asked if you could take Cole fishing for a few hours. And when you left, I remember feeling a deep sense of loss…of wanting you to return… (To do more housework, of course!)
Today, I count myself lucky to have a “Domestic Diva” for a spouse. You are my Knight in Shining Armor. You have saved me from dirty clothes and dishes! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I love you!

Eternally yours,

Wordless Wednesday- Part 2

(Okay...only a few words....NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA!)
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girls Only!!!

This past weekend was wonderful! I took Claire and my Mother-in-Law to Greensboro . We went to see the NC Jr. Miss Pageant. One of Claire’s best friends' sister was competing for the title. It was so nice to just get away and “chillax”. A great “girls” weekend with just me and my oh so dramatic, oh so prissy, oh so growny, little girl!

Husband surprised us with a little 5 car BMW to drive. I was excited not to drive the gas-guzzling-bus I am so accustomed to. I like riding up “high” and daring any one to get in my lane of traffic. I was surprised at how minuscule I felt on the open road. I kept sliding up in the seat for fear my bottom was scraping the asphalt! There were so many bells and whistles on this baby… I was calling Chad every 5 minutes for tutorials on even the most basic controls. There was one button that kept making this“DING” sound (like when your fuel is low). I knew I had plenty of gas, so I kept searching for what could be wrong. After the third time it “DINGED”… I saw the reason… it was a flashing green light near the speedometer. It said: LIMIT! That is when I realized I was driving 90 MPH!!! 90!!! (With my eight year old daughter and 80 year old MIL in the car) Yikes! It did not feel like I was going 90. I was just keeping up with the traffic – honest!

Amazingly, we arrived in Greensboro with no tickets and all in one piece! We met my sister- in –law, and 3 other family members (all female)at Chilli’s for dinner. Yum-o! It was so nice just yapping it up with the girls! It was especially nice that no one spilled their drink, or needed me to take them to the bathroom, or needed me to cut up their food. Funny, I don’t remember anyone crawling under the table either. I actually sat …I mean really SAT through the entire meal- yea me! (A luxury I had almost forgotten!)

We went to the Coliseum and watched the performance. It was great! Our city representative did an amazing job…she did not win the coveted winners spot, but won a few preliminary categories. We took the short drive to my sister-in-laws home following the program. I got us there safely and didn’t break the law doing it. When we arrived…the doors were locked so we rang the bell. My dear, sweet SIL answered the door and helped us with our luggage and things. She got my MIL to her room upstairs and made sure Claire and I were comfy downstairs.
My wonderful BIL never showed his ugly mug! Not a peep! Not… welcome to our home may I take your bags? Not … hungry for a snack? Glass of water? Nada! Just slept…while his sweet wife attended to us! Gotta love her! The next day was the same too. As we prepared to leave, my dear BIL sat on the sofa watching a ballgame!

“NO! NO! You sit right there. You look much too comfortable to rise to a standing position. NO! NO! These bags are light as a feather and taking them up 3 flights of stairs is no problem. May I get you something?" (Ice cream perhaps?) You know I love you BIL! Just wait until you receive my gift!

On the ride from Greensboro to my parents home (our next destination), we drove down the interstate with our sunglasses on, sunroof open, radio blasting to High School Musical 2 ! We were singing at the top of our lungs having a good ole’ time! A few passersby gave us a strange look, but we didn’t care. For an instant I was young and free! Then Claire said, “Mom I didn’t know YOU knew the words to this Cd. It just came out!” Okay, so OLD and free! Then the phone rang. It was Chad. Okay…Okay… so, OLD and TAKEN…but it was refreshing!

We had a wonderful visit with my parents. It was a very relaxing, quiet visit. Not the usual. I am sure that was refreshing to them! We talked about everything, watched the Superbowl, and ATE ourselves silly! Good times!

Thanks to all that made this weekend possible. Thanks to my sweet sister for keeping Cole on Saturday. Thanks to my sweet neighbor for looking after Chase. Thanks to my sweet husband for taking care of MY BOYS while I was away. (Brownie points for washing the dishes and putting away the clothes in the dryer!) Thanks to my MIL for making the trip to Greensboro with us. (She is still there!) Thanks to everyone that joined us for the “Girls Dinner”! Thanks to my SIL and BIL for giving us room and board and a hot meal while we visited! Thanks to my SIL back home that fed “my boys”! Thanks to my parents for well, being the best parents a girl could have!

Big thanks to my Claire! You rock! You know how to have fun and I enjoyed having fun with you! I love you girlie girl!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Frozen Grand Central

I saw this video and had to share it with you!!! Enjoy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

They Must Have Their Father's DNA

The last post was short and sweet. This one will not be! Yesterday was the “usual craziness” mixed with some “unusual craziness”. I stayed around the house in hopes of catching up on the million and one things that need to be attended to. However, I did venture out to the grocery store with Cole to pick up a few needed items. The grocery store was not too bad, but the ride to the grocery store…was…well…is “hell” a bad word? We only live 5 minutes from the store and those were absolutely the longest 5 minutes of my life.

“Are we going to the gro-ce-re-y store mom?”

“Am I going to get some snacks Mom?”

“Hey Mom we just passed Burger King”

“Mommy did you hear me?”

“It’s me- Cole…did you hear me?”

“Mommy I want some Chicken Nuggets!”


(he is now kicking the back of my seat and trying to get his seat belt undone)




(my tires are squalling and my Yukon XL is being turned on a dime)

“Really Cole… you mean it?
“ If I get you some nuggets you will be a sweet boy in the store?”
“And you promise not to put lots of things Mommy does not need in the cart?”
“And you promise not to make everyone in the entire supermarket look at me and wonder why I am allowed to have kids?”

“Yes Mommy…I promise!”

"May I take your order?"
“Yes, I would like a Kids meal please. A four piece chicken nugget with fries and chocolate milk!”

(I know if my parents are reading this they are rolling their eyes and thinking to themselves- Where did we go wrong?) Sometimes you have to pick your battles! ( didn't Mom teach me that?)
I will have to say the visit to the store today was much better than the ride there!

No… I am still not finished with my exciting day…it gets better! Chase and Claire came home from school. We did the usual homework and studied for way too many tests. (Insert here the previous post entitled “Why Children Should Not Be Allowed To Play With Markers”) I took Claire to her dance class and ran home to start dinner, throw in one more load of laundry, and clean up the markers all over Coles’ face before heading back out. (What transpired while preparing dinner and getting Chase ready for his ballgame is another blog!) Anyway, I survived and we were off to pick up Claire from dance and take Chase to his basketball game! Whew! (That wore me out just typing it!)

Okay…so here we are at the game. My husband was supposed to get off from work and meet me there. (No Chad) Okay I can do this. I put Claire and Cole on a bleacher and I stand beside them. (just in case I should need to run) I am trying to watch Chase play ball. I know he will ask me if I saw a certain play and I need to be watching! It was a good game. The score was tied.

I suddenly notice that my children have left the bleacher and are running around me playing “tag”. What? Cole decides to run in a much larger circle than his sister which means he is now inside the black lines of the court. (Which means he will be flattened if I don’t scoop him up before the herd of 11-12 year old boys come running.) I scoop him up, explain the danger and place him back on the bleacher. His sister (remember social butterfly) spots a friend in the crowd, so she heads to the other end of the bleachers. Great Claire! I was trying to stay low, watch the game, and escape. Now, her three year old brother is following her…which means I have to walk in front of all the fans and parents. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” I reach the other end of the gym.

The kids are safe. They are sitting. I begin to enjoy the game again. Chase is fouled. He goes to the free throw line. The score is 37-29. There is a “hush” over the crowd! Then the silence is broken. “Mommy, I need some help!” I turn and look. My eight- year –old daughter has somehow gotten herself wedged between the wall and the last bleacher. I mean she was stuck! Feet dangling. Stomach exposed and pinched.
I can’t believe I said this, but the only thing I could think of was, “Claire, Chase is at the free throw line…can this wait?”(I am just teasing about saying that, but I was thinking it! ) Again, trying not to make a huge spectacle of myself… I stand at the top of the bleachers and try to pry Claire’s bottom and legs out of the space. Not working. She starts crying. A little girl half her size comes over and decides she will join in the fun. She lowers herself into the same position. She does not get stuck! I am not amused that she can fit and my daughter cannot! This is not the time for Show and Tell! Just before calling a friend to bring the Crisco and Jaws of Life… she got out! I am now exhausted and sweating- literally! By the way, Chase made both of his free throws. I know this because I saw him with my right eye while I was bent over, squinting with my left.

My cell phone starts ringing. It is Chad wanting to know the score of the game he is missing because of a late customer. I do not answer. I have another problem. Where is Cole? I can hear him…but cannot find him. I look up and around. I look down. There he is …under the bleachers! Great! I am trying to decide which less obvious way I can get to him and he moves. He was crawling and sliding the entire length of the bleachers.
Do you know how much dirt, dust, and other crap is under there? I wish I had brought my camera… I would share a picture of the dirtiness with you. (You will just have to use your imagination!) Pretty gross to say the least! He somehow got away with three runs of going under the bleachers before I caught him. (Did I mention it is disgusting under there?)

I held him in a semi-awkward football hold and paraded out of the gym with my "touchdown". I sat him in the closest chair and dared him to get up. (There was 2 minutes left in the game and we were up by 4) I stood in the doorway determined to watch the end of the game. Cole was in my sight. He was two arm lengths away! We score a basket. I am cheering! I turn to check on my time-out – monster. He’s gone! Panic! I look inside the gym. I look in the foyer. I look in the bathrooms. More panic! I see him. He is standing at the water fountain getting a drink of water! “I was firsty Mommy!” I mumbled something under my breath like “you need to march over to that chair and put your bottom in it and don’t get up again until you are 30”. We won the game! Chad missed the game.

We arrive home, some of us more exhausted than others. We eat our now room temperature Chicken Tostados. Daddy comes home.

“So, how was the game?"