Thursday, February 28, 2008


When you clean your house after midnight, it tends to stay “clean” for more consecutive hours .

When you clean late at night, no one is awake to notice... or to mess it up!

Karaoke is a lot of fun! (especially when your daughter is on stage!)

When your child asks to play the “Ping-Pong-Fish” game at the annual PTA Winterfest…there is a very strong possibility that you will go home with a live goldfish!

It is also possible due to the “cuteness” and “adorability” factor of your kids…you could come home with “4” live goldfish.

You must always be prepared for such occasions. Keep a small bowl and fish flakes on hand.

It is not okay to discuss letting the goldfish “go for a swim” around the tank (aka toilet).

It is also not okay to discuss staples, or driftwood, or
“DEAD FISH PLAQUES” in front of the kids.

It is okay to “foul-out” of a basketball game.

It is okay to lose a basketball game.

It is possible that Chase’s Basketball games will NEVER end!

When your child rips your
insurance/prescription card to bits…it is not feasibly possible to glue, tape or otherwise reattach the pieces back together.

It is very possible that a new home could be erected while you are put on “hold” to order new cards.

When your card is shredded and unrecognizable… you will probably need it the next day.

Doctors’ offices are not very nice when you can’t provide proof of insurance.

It is very possible to have more month than money!

Letting your child buy “Rock Band” for the Playstation can provide many hours of entertainment.

Hearing “Rock Band” while nursing a headache really only makes it worse.

Watching your husband and children on the drums, mic and guitar is priceless!

No matter how well everyone in your home is…if you plan to go out-of-town…there will inevitably be sickness!

Where there is a cough, runny nose and fever…an ear infection is soon to follow.

Laughter really is the best medicine.

A good antibiotic runs a close second!

It is not possible to ever take too many pictures!

The most interesting thing I learned this week is...
if you write a post about your husband and all the wonderful things he does for you… he will do them more often!!!


Anonymous said...

I have learned this week that I HAVE to look at your blog everyday to see the latest happenings at the Howard home...I have also learned that Rockband is addictive...(according to my kids) and in fact we will be getting one for the NOCKS TO ROCK out too for Easter...which will make my bunny shopping VERY easy!! Yay!!! ok Wendi keep em' coming!! have a good one and I am STILL waiting patiently for my tribute!! Lyla

QueenAnderson said...

I, like lovely Lyla have learned this week that I must keep reading your blog! Mine will never be as witty and fantastic as this!!!!

OHmommy said...

Nice post!

I agree... you can never take toomany pictures!

Marcie said...

What a great list!
I just tried to send you this weeks topic and it failed to send to your e-mail. Not sure why.

Anyway, check out the new topic on the TTA blog

From now on, check it every Friday for the topic to next week's post.

Have a great day!

Ashley said...

I love this! and I love how you took a picture of the card! I definitely have become obsessed with blogging...I hope to see you guys soon!~

Desiree said...

Funny list! I might start cleaning my house before bed more often ater looking at it that way!

stephanie howard said...

Wow you must be feeling pretty smart after a week of learning like this! I will have to say being a mother is the best education you can recieve. The most expensive too, but the benefits are eternal:-)

the howards said...

I loved this... and I, too, know the joy (and pain) of Rock Band!

Kr!sty said...

So, Wendi! Like your famous ward goes, (aka: Melissa) you also have great talent under your belt. You really should consider writing a book. I LOVE to read your posts simply because you are such an articulate writer. Think about it, you'd be rich! btw, you are now very smart so that knowledge could go in the book, too! :)

Amanda said...

Love your list! This is so great! I hope that everyone gets feeling better, and you can make it on your out of town trip!

Emily said...

You just crack me up! I love your new list. I am a list girl myself and of all of the lists I've ever made or read, this is one of the funniest!

My Uncle Mike (daddy's older brother) used to tell people that they could be on both of his lists - the top of one (the folks he disliked!) and the bottom of the other (his friends)! I hope I'm somewhere on one of your lists!!!

OHmommy said...


No posts. Where are you?