Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am participating in a fun group called "Tuesday Tell All". Here is this weeks assignment:

We all have those pictures from the past that we wished we didn't. The ones that make us think "what were we thinking when we got dressed that morning"?
Trends are fun at the time, but can later come back to haunt us. Think overalls, high waisted jeans and pegged pants.
This week's assignment is to pick an item from your wardrobe that you love now, but think in five years will fall into that category (or already does).

So with Clinton and Stacy in mind, here are my thoughts. I have surmised my closet and found that the trendy things that use to live there are gone. (Note to self: must go shopping) I can't find anything I think would be completely laughable in say five years. There are several fashion fiasco's (past and present) that I will address.

Low(low)-rise jeans- I mean the jeans that are so low rise there is no where else to go...very uncomfortable. I am usually trying to keep my backside covered when I stoop down, or wishing the girl in front of me would. I have seen more of this "crack" epidemic than I would care to share. I would be happy to see them go away from the fashion scene. (No high -waist though.)

Crocs- HATE.THEM. Could there possibly be an uglier shoe made? My kids wear them. I am fine that they use them for pool or beach use, but seriously? Are they not the ugliest shoes? Don't send me hate mail...I know they are comfortable... but I would rather wear a pair of foot-cramping, toe-pinching shoes any day than to walk around in those things!

Stirrup pants- Had them. Wore them. Hope and pray they never resurface. What were any of us thinking? Not attractive on any body type.

White hose- You know you wore them too. Awful. Terrible. Ugly. My legs are white enough in the winter without pointing it out (thank you) with the whitest of white hosiery. The only folks that should be wearing these are nurses.

Shoulder Pads-Do any of us really want to look like a linebacker? No. What or Who decided all dresses and tops should be accessorized this way? Better yet...why did we listen?


Haderlie Family said...

I dont know what is worse. the fact that you wore them or the fact that when you were done you gave them all to me. I remember those stirrup pants with the oversized shirts with shoulder pads that I thought I was cool wearing because my aunt gave them to me. Thanks Wendi!!

Anonymous said...

oh my what memories you have stirred up...yes I too HATE stirrups and I can't believe I used to wear them clubbing w/ a huge shoulder pad jacket no less!! and don't forget the BIG, BIG hair and earrings to go with it! HAHAHAHA!!! this was too funny! Lyla

Dancin Queen said...

I'm offended. That's my entire wardrobe.

Dancin Queen said...

J/K of course =)

Dancin Queen said...

Well I do where crocs to garden.

Dancin Queen said...

But I have the fake kind so they're not even comfortable. I think they kind of hurt.

Sorry about all of the comments. I keep thinking things after I hit publish.

Wendi said...

Brittany, Sorry for the really bad hand-me-down wardrobe. I was only thinking of you.

Yes, Lyla... I can still see you, a vision of beauty, in your BIG shoulder pads and stirrups... you were HOT!

Wendi, I am just excited that I have 6 comments...I will take them any way I can get them!!! Thanks for making my readership look a little larger!

Ashley said...

Ok...so I used to be a croc hater...seriously...they are ugly...But when you wear a pair..you can't turn back. I love my crocs!!!

I also love really big belts...with skirts, dresses, anything...those will probably be so out in about 5 years

ps...i love stacy and clinton

Merde said...

I absolutely love stacy and clinton too! And the croc thing I will agree with Ashley. I always thought they were hideous and never understood why someone would wear them, but I actually bought a fake pair last night because they were SOOOOOO comfy! Yes, I am ashamed. And I remember the stirrup pants...my mom used to wear them ALL THE TIME!!!! I was so embarrassed by them. I am glad she has grown up! haha. She is going to kill me if she reads this!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love me some stir up pants, white hose and crocs...all on at once!!!!!
Don't be hating on my fashion...sheesh!!!

You crack me up!

Wendi said...

Ashley, you would look cute in anything... wide belts look amazing on you because your waist is a "15"!

Meredith, Don't be ashamed of your fake crocs..everyone has them. DO be ashamed that you did not tell your mom and I to stop wearing those ridiculous pants! You could have saved us! And, yes she will probably kill you if she reads this!

Rebecca, LOVE your fashion sense! I triple dog dare you to wear that
ensemble to church Sunday! Dare ya! It's ON!

Leah said...

i read this post earlier today -as in before i got dressed. guess what kinda "fake" shoes i'm wearing as i type? mu-ha-ha-ha!!!

Katie said...

I refuse to buy a pair of crocs because I know that what Ashley and Meredith say is true. I would fall in love with the comfort. I'm not even going to try. I'll stick to my ever-so-uncomfy heels that do wonders for my calves instead. =-)

Wendi said...

Kick them off!
JK! I have a secret fondness for fake rubber shoes that come in a plethora of colors and air holes!!! LOL!

I love it!!! I knew I loved heels for a reason...it was my calves all along! Thanks!

Marcie said...

You're too funny!

Anonymous said...

Love it Mama so silly HaHaHa!!!

Wendi said...

Okay, so how did my 8 1/2 year old hijack my blog? Not funny!

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Duh Wendi...Claire can do anything!!!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Hello, I ran across you on MY Choas My Bliss and thought I'd stop by. I've enjoyed you recent posts. {I'm keeping my Crocs! I know they are ugly but I'm a bit of a freak anyway and well I LOVE THEM!}

Desiree said...

Yeah, I hate crocs too! But since you know I'm a sucker for comfort this summer I may give in and buy the Mary Jane crocs, but I really think they are ugly. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who thinks they are bleh.