Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Meet Tar!
He is our Labrador Retriever.

Our pet.

Destroyer of our back yard.

Hole digger.

Grass killer.

Chewer of most things that should be chewed.

And lots of things that should not be.

Our swing set for example.

The seats now look like this.

And the Horse Tire swing looks like this.

A closer look reveals this.

There are no stirrups.

Not anymore.

But we love him.

A sweeter dog could not be found.

A neater dog...maybe.

His biggest problem is his barking.

He. will. not. stop.


Our neighbors complained.


We tried everything.

Nothing worked until we found this.

It works.

He stays much quieter.

We have now been through four barking collars.

Tar can find a way to get it off and chew it to pieces with little effort.

Yesterday, he started barking again.

My Husband went to investigate.

The neighbors came out.

It was decided his batteries had run down.

Husband went to the store , bought the batteries, returned, and placed them in the collar.

An hour later.....barking!


I was on the computer. (Shocker...I was blogging)

I heard husband go outside and return.

I continued typing.

Then I heard a sound that made me stop.

I pried myself from the computer and went into the living room.

There standing in the middle of the room was my husband.

The father of my children.


( I could not make this stuff up if I tried!)

He had the collar pressed to his throat.

The man was mad.

Maybe I forgot his rabies shot !

He was seriously trying to see why the collar was not working and was willing to shock himself to find out.

Go figure.

I returned to my computer.

I had just been given the best material for my new post.

Really...could it get any better?

After a few minutes of nothing happening, my very smart and very brave husband decided to flip the batteries.

I heard my husband "Bark".

He received a static shock.

Problem solved.

My very smart and very brave husband solved the mystery of the broken barking collar.

The batteries were in backwards.


QueenAnderson said...

What a brave husband you have!! LOL! No matter what you write you always crack me up! I am glad he figured it out :-)
Tar has gotten soooooo big...or maybe our dog is just way toooooo small!!!

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...


Haderlie Family said...

So it just dawned on me that you named your dog after the TARheels!! Good for you for making at least one smart decision about college basketball!! As for the barking I am sure that there is a story about my dad doing the same thing so It must run in the family!

Wendi said...

Rebecca...yes, Tar is huge and growing every day. Compared to Sasha anything is big. He will be 1 in April. Hard to believe.

Lyla.....what family site? what did you want to do? Send a link or just plagiarize? Either way is fine. I guess the person to ask is Chad. LOL!

Brittany... Negative. We acquired Tar after her was 5 months old. He already had a name. We didn't have the heart to change it. It fit. He was Tar baby for a while. He doesn't look much like a baby any more-huh? Believe me we checked to make sure there was NO reference to the tarheels. Chase wanted to rename him DUKE!

Anonymous said...


I don't have the heart to say "I told you so!" But he is a chip off the old "mama Jynx" block. With a name like Jynx, guess we asked for trouble, huh? Chad told me the other day he thought in a bit that Tar would settle down once the puppy stage passed. I hated to burst his bubble, but I assured him that Tar's mother is probably 4 years old and has been spayed (more in attempt to calm her than to render her barren) and we can detect no hyperactivity loss whatsoever, much to our dismay. But that total love and sweetness that they possess is their only saving grace. And they have that in spades (how appropriate!). Anyway, I wish you luck on the barking and the return of your lovely lawn. Too bad that more of Jax's gene pool didn't dominate in terms of energy levels. The yellow pup out of the litter was the only one that seemed to take after dear old dad. Wonder if the coloring has any bearing as our Roxy (white/yellow) is quite subdued and much less maintenance than her cousins. Keep the great blogs coming as they certainly brighten my day. Maybe the constant chaos that you seem to experience is a blessing in disguise as it makes for fantastic blogging!

LOL, Snowbird

Wendi said...

I can't believe I did not mention that you, my dear friend, are the proud grandma to dear Tar. I think he is a mix of both Jynx and Jax...neither I would consider "calm". How would we survive with a calm, boring dog? Our children certainly are not! We know Chad is not either! LOL!
Thanks for sharing Tar with us. You know you will always have full visitation rights- anytime.

Ashley said...

You need to save all your blogs and turn them into Hollywood..they'd make a movie out of your life..and it'd be a hit!!~

Emy5 said...

Now that was FUNNY! Bet your dog is worth it though!

Kyle and Aly said...

Wendi, You seriously crack me up. I love it. I can see all happen in my mind's eye. I needed a good laugh. Aly

Emily said...

The image of Chad Howard standing in the living room barking like a dog with a dog collar around his neck has made my day! I have this picture in my head of Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton keeping their boss hostage in "9 to 5" with the dog collar around his neck! Too fun... You have made my day!

Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

Ashley... Aw, I blush. Seriously, this is our life...I don't make this stuff up! I wish I had started blogging when the kids were smaller... I had even better stuff!

Emy5...Thanks and yes, he is worth it!

Aly and Emily...I am glad I made you laugh and if I made your day, then that is even better. I always thought it was my kids that gave me so much to write about...maybe it was Chad all along.

Susan Hancock said...

Wendi, thanks for the comic relief!! It's just the best, the best.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha ha! If your dog is anything like our dog we could have just chainned up a vaccume in the back yard and he would have stayed away!

Amy said...

Wow, Wendi, after an absolutely horrible day, that gave me the laugh I needed! We'll be at church in Kinston on Sunday, so see you then! Amy

Leah said...

Ah. The mental pictures!!!
I must meet Tar one day. I have a special spot in my heart for sweet doggies. ;)

BTW, My sister Emily could tell you a few stories about neighbors with barking dogs. And a pending move that got so rudely interrupted by the unfortunate diagnosis of last spring.

Lastly, I am sure dogs go to heaven. Chad will feel right at home. :)

Leah said...

Oh, One more thing - (As I leave you comment #17 - YOU GO GIRL!)

Your little o-meter thingy that tells hits to your site is creeping up to my current number of 4769. Yours is currently 3692. Don't underestimate my ability to sit at my site ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT, hitting refresh. Just thought I'd give you a little warning. It's on.

Wendi said...

Susan, You're Welcome!

MFD, you funny girl! A Vacuum!

Amy, Yea for laughter! See you Sunday!

Leah, Sounds like Emily has a story to tell....
Oh, and....BRING IT!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

OH MAN! That is FUNNY! hahahahehehehohohohohahahheheh! :D :P

Lisa @ Take90West said...

What a great post...those Labs have iron stomachs! Ours has a penchant for crayons.

We have an underground electric husband held the collar and walked over the boundary to make sure it worked. Zap! It did.