Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TAG...I AM IT!!!

Okay, so Ashley tagged me like a week ago. I promised her I would do this, so here goes:

*10 years ago:

We moved into our new home. ( Ironically, Ashley's former abode!)

Chase was 2 years old.

I was planning my 10 year class reunion.

I was driving a Red Mitshubishi Montero Sport.

I was "chasing" Chase everywhere!

*5 things on my "To Do" list Today:

Strip, Wash, and Dry All Bed Linens (on all 4 beds!)

Make all four beds.

Pick up all evidence of Easter candy. ( and try not to eat anymore!)

Make sure kids eat something today besides Easter candy.

"post" on my blog !

*Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:

Pay a lot of tithing.

Pay off all my families mortgages. ( I have dreams about doing this...wouldn't that be a great surprise?)

Give to some of my favorite charities.

I would build my dream home on a very large lot. It would be situated on some body of water . (ocean, river, lake, DITCH) Something wet. And I would have it stocked with whatever sort of fish that Chad would ever wish to catch. He could fish. Catch and release all day. As long as none of it came home as wall art.

I would build Chase and Cole a sports arena...equipped with a full basketball court, batting cages, fitness room, the works.

I would make sure Claire had a dance studio in our home and an ART room for all her many projects.

Me... I would be happy with a state-of-the-art kitchen, a live-in maid, and some ridiculous shopping trips. Oh, and a personal trainer.

*3 Bad Habits:

Biting the inside of my mouth. (awful, terrible habit!)

Worrying about what others think.

Stressing over everything!

*Places I have lived:

North Carolina. (same city, same state....pathetic, I know!)

*Jobs I have had:

Hostess, Waitress, Retail Associate, Clinique Cosmetic Consultant (yup, white lab coat and all), Hair stylist, Pre-school teacher, and MOM

*Things most people don't know about me:

I consider myself "obsessed" with blogging these days.

I have serious OCD issues.

I love a clean house, though it rarely is.

I have become addicted to college hoops! (thanks Chase!)

I love Monday nights, cause nothing makes me happier than fresh, clean, just- put -on- the- bed sheets!

*I am obsessed with:


Orderly pantry, closets, and cabinets


*When I was young I wanted to be:

A School Teacher

OK.... now I am tagging Brittany, Courtney, Leah, Katie and Rebecca. Get to it girls!


Tip Junkie said...

What a great tag! You're not kidding the amount of tithing you'd have to pay as a billionare. ;)

Dancin Queen said...

Change the sheets was on my to do list today too--but I didn't get to it. Hope you did!

Katie said...

I'm back! Thanks for worrying about me =-) And for the tag!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag, I just finished mine :)

OHmommy said...

I have OCD too... but my house doesn't always reflect that. Perhaps blogging IS getting in the way. LOL

Ashley said...

Do you still have the pink and white striped wallpaper up with the ballet shoes at the top? I hope you do!!~ haha

Leah said...

seems we both have crafty kids. fun times. much to rodney's dismay - not quite as atheletic as some, but there's plenty of time down the road for that - right? :)

i gladly accept the tag - it's my first! happy dance!!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Those were fun, thanks for sharing.

Rachael said...

Of course this tag counts! I was laughing at how many of our answers were identical.

Thanks for the tip on the pronounciation of meme - I still prefer the little voice in my head yelling Me! Me!