Tuesday, March 25, 2008

uNIQue CliNIQue


This week tell us about your favorite or least favorite job that you've had OUTSIDE of the home (we know the hardest job is being a Mom). Or just take a minute to document the jobs you've had.

That was my assignment...so here it is.

My favorite job had to be that of a Clinique Cosmetic Consultant.

That really was a cushy job.

I had a uniform.

That standard white lab coat with the gigantic silver buttons.

It did not matter if I wore a skirt, slacks, or nothing underneath.

My wardrobe was EASY.

A sassy pair of heels and my lab coat... and I was off to work.

You can't imagine the sheer heaven I was in keeping all those products in straight little lines.

I had every drawer and shelf labeled.

It was organizational bliss.

After a year of working there I became the counter manager.

Which meant a little more pay, a little more gratis, and a little more responsibility(the books).

I was in charge of monthly inventory and ordering.
Another aspect of the job I truly adored.

Nothing makes a girl do the "happy dance" like balanced ledgers and controlled inventory.

Clinique gave me a gratis every 3 months or so and I could buy all my makeup and skincare.

What girl would not love that little perk?

I had 100's of lipsticks and eyeliners.

I could bathe in all the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion I owned.

My skin was impeccable.

I took such good care of it.

My makeup was flawless.

My nails were always manicured.

The only downside to the job was lack of exercise...I was stuck in this little cosmetic bay for 6-7 hours.

Stooping down to open a drawer of powder or applying someones prom makeup was not exactly physical labor.

(My previous job was that of a waitress at a quaint little restaurant. Running up and down stairs, carrying heavy trays. (Lots of exercise...great abs!)

In retrospect, I think this was the beginning of my weight problems.

Darn you Clinique job.... you tricked me, you did!!!

You gave me free lip gloss and skin care.

In return I got flabby arms, thunder thighs, and an ever expanding behind.

Darn You Clinique job....Darn You!!!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

I worked at Porsche adn just hated it! HATED IT! The bosses were rediculess and had a horrible view on customer service. The palce was shady and the head office didn't seem to really take control of bad situations. I was filled with mind numbing work while really not being able to help any vehicle owners. I worked as a consumer specilist. I would help unhappy customers try to work their way and get problems fixed, but the company has my hands tied adn I could never really do anything

Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure I remember you working with the white coat. I remembered always thinking how glamorous it looked.
I've pretty much taught dance forever...But I was teaching this 3 year old dance class once. One of the mothers came up to me afterwards and told me that she didn't feel like her child was being challenged enough. UMMMM...ok...she's THREE and her daughter was the 'runt' of the class. Not only was she the smallest, she was the "slowest" mentally and physically. Her daughter couldn't even do a plie or even form a circle. That situation made me laugh.

Christie said...

Oh, I would have just loved the organizational bliss part. Mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you write, you crack me up!!

OHmommy said...

Darn Clinque! Can I blaim them for my thighs too? :)

Katie said...

Oh, how my heart does love Clinique!

carrie & troy keiser said...

That was a fun little job fact!

just jamie said...

You almost made me want to work there, until I read on. The make-up perks must have been great. I worked at Starbucks and got a ton of caffeinated perks, but stayed wired for weeks on end.

Ris said...

Darn Clinique! Lip gloss just isn't worth it!

I worked at the SPCA and hated it because it was too sad. My fav job was working for misc TV networks at sporting events.

Thanks for the sweet comments! I am not much of a lurker...if I find a cool blog, I comment! :-)