Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girls Only!!!

This past weekend was wonderful! I took Claire and my Mother-in-Law to Greensboro . We went to see the NC Jr. Miss Pageant. One of Claire’s best friends' sister was competing for the title. It was so nice to just get away and “chillax”. A great “girls” weekend with just me and my oh so dramatic, oh so prissy, oh so growny, little girl!

Husband surprised us with a little 5 car BMW to drive. I was excited not to drive the gas-guzzling-bus I am so accustomed to. I like riding up “high” and daring any one to get in my lane of traffic. I was surprised at how minuscule I felt on the open road. I kept sliding up in the seat for fear my bottom was scraping the asphalt! There were so many bells and whistles on this baby… I was calling Chad every 5 minutes for tutorials on even the most basic controls. There was one button that kept making this“DING” sound (like when your fuel is low). I knew I had plenty of gas, so I kept searching for what could be wrong. After the third time it “DINGED”… I saw the reason… it was a flashing green light near the speedometer. It said: LIMIT! That is when I realized I was driving 90 MPH!!! 90!!! (With my eight year old daughter and 80 year old MIL in the car) Yikes! It did not feel like I was going 90. I was just keeping up with the traffic – honest!

Amazingly, we arrived in Greensboro with no tickets and all in one piece! We met my sister- in –law, and 3 other family members (all female)at Chilli’s for dinner. Yum-o! It was so nice just yapping it up with the girls! It was especially nice that no one spilled their drink, or needed me to take them to the bathroom, or needed me to cut up their food. Funny, I don’t remember anyone crawling under the table either. I actually sat …I mean really SAT through the entire meal- yea me! (A luxury I had almost forgotten!)

We went to the Coliseum and watched the performance. It was great! Our city representative did an amazing job…she did not win the coveted winners spot, but won a few preliminary categories. We took the short drive to my sister-in-laws home following the program. I got us there safely and didn’t break the law doing it. When we arrived…the doors were locked so we rang the bell. My dear, sweet SIL answered the door and helped us with our luggage and things. She got my MIL to her room upstairs and made sure Claire and I were comfy downstairs.
My wonderful BIL never showed his ugly mug! Not a peep! Not… welcome to our home may I take your bags? Not … hungry for a snack? Glass of water? Nada! Just slept…while his sweet wife attended to us! Gotta love her! The next day was the same too. As we prepared to leave, my dear BIL sat on the sofa watching a ballgame!

“NO! NO! You sit right there. You look much too comfortable to rise to a standing position. NO! NO! These bags are light as a feather and taking them up 3 flights of stairs is no problem. May I get you something?" (Ice cream perhaps?) You know I love you BIL! Just wait until you receive my gift!

On the ride from Greensboro to my parents home (our next destination), we drove down the interstate with our sunglasses on, sunroof open, radio blasting to High School Musical 2 ! We were singing at the top of our lungs having a good ole’ time! A few passersby gave us a strange look, but we didn’t care. For an instant I was young and free! Then Claire said, “Mom I didn’t know YOU knew the words to this Cd. It just came out!” Okay, so OLD and free! Then the phone rang. It was Chad. Okay…Okay… so, OLD and TAKEN…but it was refreshing!

We had a wonderful visit with my parents. It was a very relaxing, quiet visit. Not the usual. I am sure that was refreshing to them! We talked about everything, watched the Superbowl, and ATE ourselves silly! Good times!

Thanks to all that made this weekend possible. Thanks to my sweet sister for keeping Cole on Saturday. Thanks to my sweet neighbor for looking after Chase. Thanks to my sweet husband for taking care of MY BOYS while I was away. (Brownie points for washing the dishes and putting away the clothes in the dryer!) Thanks to my MIL for making the trip to Greensboro with us. (She is still there!) Thanks to everyone that joined us for the “Girls Dinner”! Thanks to my SIL and BIL for giving us room and board and a hot meal while we visited! Thanks to my SIL back home that fed “my boys”! Thanks to my parents for well, being the best parents a girl could have!

Big thanks to my Claire! You rock! You know how to have fun and I enjoyed having fun with you! I love you girlie girl!!!


OHmommy said...

Awwwww... what a terrific weekend!

Cecily R said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad you had such fun!

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