Friday, February 15, 2008

I HEART YOU DADDY! (and that's what it's all about!)

Today my little man, Cole had his Valentine's Day party at Preschool.

Each year they combine a Valentine's Day program with a Daddy's Day Program.
What a great idea since Father's Day is in the summer.
I was there to take plenty of pictures.

Cole did a fine job on stage. He started off the program waving ferociously at us.
We waved back.

He waved some more.
We waved again.

Then he pointed his finger at his chest ( as if to say, "it's me...look at me!")
We oohed an ahhed!

Then he began giving us the "peace" sign.
We followed his lead and gave the "peace "sign back.

The children are now half way through the first song and Cole still can't stop communicating with us.

It was as if it was a private room with just the four of us. (Chad, Me, Chase, and Cole)

He finally realized he was on stage and that he needed to be impressing us with his vocal talents.

In no time at all he was belting out all the Father's Day songs.

He didn't miss a word or an action.

We were so proud!

Following the program, the father's were invited to come up front and do the "Hokie Pokie" with their child.

What fun!

I wish I had video tape footage to show , but alas I have none.

It was priceless.

I am not sure who had more fun...Daddy or Cole?

After all...That's what it's all about!!!

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