Thursday, February 18, 2010

The one where I don’t leave you hanging…


What is it about me writing posts that leaves my readers hanging?

I. am. sorry.


Please let me explain.

My parents invited me to visit.


Only ME!

And I started envisioning adult conversation.

And eating out.

And shopping.

So when the hubs agreed to watch the kidlets for 24 hours…I grabbed my bags and braved the elements.

Ice and snow did not deter me.

I had the most wonderful 24 48 hours ever!

I ate.

And laughed.

And cried.

And ate.

And shopped.

Did I mention we ate?

And I didn’t cook once.

I felt twelve all over again.

Minus the over-processed perm.

And mall bangs.

My parents spoiled me rotten.

I do love some good spoilin’…I find it a wonderful quality in a person.

The time came for me to return home.

I tried to imagine my husband, completely exhausted.

Begging me to never leave again.

Repeating over and over, “How do you do it?”

What I didn’t expect?

My kitchen to be painted.

And five things off the honey-do list to be done.

Which left me saying, “How did he do it?”


duchess said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing time. Yay for hubby tackling that to-do list - I won't even speculate on what the kids ate while this was going on.;)

Susan said...

Hey stranger...oh wait...I'm the stranger.
That sounds awesome! What a fun and welcome surprise. Was that a Valentine's gift completely orchestrated by him from the beginning or just his way of telling showing you he loves and appreciates you?
Hope you are well!