Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Last Birthday I Plan to Celebrate

Today is my birthday.

It is the last birthday I will ever have in my thirties.

Which means it is the last time I plan to celebrate.

I intend to be 39 forever.

Next year when April 7th rolls around...I will still be 39.

Five years after that?

You guessed it...39.

So glad we cleared that up.

Last year in honor of my birthday I shared with you 38 Random Things about me.

Then I posted my 100th post and you had to endure 100 more things.

I had hoped to do something different, but I am not feeling the creativity these days.

I. am. sorry.

As if you needed to know any are 39 random things about me:

1.I am a huge procrastinator.

2.Especially when it comes to packing or studying or exercising.

3.Oh, and taxes....especially taxes. Ugh!

4.I love to shop.

5. It matters not for what. Clothes, books, furniture, food, fixtures, toys, plants, shoes. I just love shopping.

6. There is one exception: swimwear

7. I. don't. enjoy. it.

8. I am considering going without swimwear this year.

9. No silly...not NEKKID! I just may have to plan my summer activities around something besides water.

10. I am not sure avoiding lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, and splash parks will go over well with my children.

11. They love the water.

12. They are part fish.

13. They do not have bathing suit issues.

14. My organizational skills are becoming non-existent.

15.In case you are wondering...yes, my spices are still alphabetized.

16.Other spaces in my home are not so together.

17. My dining room table may collapse if I put one more thing on it.

18. I have been suffering from the flu, a sinus infection, and a nasty cough for weeks.

19. All my mail, bills, the kids homework, my school work, and various sundry things have made their way to the table.

20. I close the door and pretend it is NOT there.

21. When I do go in the dining room I can feel my heart beating faster.

22. To avoid a massive heart attack- I just walk out. Refer to #1.

23. I am a college student again.

24. It is kicking my be-hind!

25. It is hard to believe two classes could add such stress.

26. Ask my family what a joy I am to live with during an exam. Never mind...don't.

27. I love to read.

28. I don't carve out enough time for reading.

29. Except for blogs....I somehow find the time for that.

30. My comments have become few and far between, but trust me, I am still reading.

31. I need to start a new book. Any suggestions for a great summer read?

32. I am getting older and there is still so much I want to do.

33. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

34. I have not been on a gondola ride in Italy.

35. I have snorkeled off the reefs in Mexico.

36. I have not bungee jumped or sky dived and I have no desire to do either.

38. I have parasailed.

39. I am done. It is over. Now where is the cake?

* aged mind forgot to click publish last night. This should have posted yesterday.


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

THAT IS SOOO FUNNY!! I love it!! It made it even better that you didn't hit publish!!!
(what are you going back to school for? ... not as in why are you so crazy to go back, but what is it you are "taking"? ... just to clarify!)

amanda said...

happy happy bday friend :)

you and my dad share the same special day!! can't wait to wish you happy 39 again next year!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Wendi!! Hope you had a fabulous day!!

Susan said...

Happy, happy birthday friend!
I'm so bummed I missed the actual day, but hope it was really fantastic and you thoroughly enjoyed celebrating your last official birthday :))
I too am losing control of my organizational skills and just waking to begin my day is depressing. I swear the evidence is everywhere. When I was teaching they used to make fun of me and my neurotic organizing and labeling. Thankfully, like you, my spice cabinet and kitchen are still a organizational dream.
My book suggestion if you haven't read it is The Shack.
Hope to catch up with you soon!

Elaine A. said...

How was that cheesecake? ; )

Happy Birthday and I loved reading your list.

I've parasailed too but it made me quite nauseated. Not sure I'll be doing that again. Jealous that you've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower! And hope you get to go on that gondola ride someday...

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday friend!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!

I hope that your children spoiled you rotten with a fabulous dinner and dessert, and cleaning of the house! :)

duchess said...

Hope you had a great birthday!

You should have thrown a huge party seeing as it's your last one & all.

Krystyn said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Here's to many more 39s!

Carol said...

Wendi I honestly would never have guessed you were 39! You look wonderful.

Hope your day was fun.

McMommy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I feel like #15 was written specifically for me. Because you KNOW I was wondering that!!!

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Seriously, whenever I try to find something in the spice cabinet, I think of you. haha :)

Hope you had a happy b'day. And if you are looking for an inspirational read - "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch was awesome.

Steph said...

Happy belated Birtday to you ! Hope you had a good one.

Grammy Staffy said...

You and I are the same age now... I have been 39 for years....except my 41 and 39 year old daughters say I had better age a bit because a mom can't be younger than her gals.... oh well!!

We had a miracle happen in our family this week. Hop over to my blog and see.

Happy Easter. Love, Lura

4funboys said...

happy b-day~

39 huhhhh?

I stopped at 29 myself. I must be more vain than you>

hope you had a great b-day

Laski said...

Awe, darlin' I'm right behind you (well, in front really, since my b-day is two days before yours) as I will no longer be celebrating birthdays in a few . . . wait a minute!

I stopped at 29.

Granted I've been 29 for a LONG time . . .

Regardless, Happy BIRTHDAY! No numbers EVER needed.