Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Is Possible To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I have been taking a continuing education class this week.

Effective Teacher Training to be exact.

All. week.

All. day.

Every. day.

I will admit that I was not looking forward to it.

I envisioned a little old lady standing at the front of the room reading to me from a text book.

With those glasses on the end of her nose.

All. day.

Every. day.

Thank goodness I am not good at the envisioning.

I have the most amazing teacher.

A. maz. ing.

In three days, I have not seen her look at a note.

She hasn't read to me.

Or put me to sleep.

She knows her stuff.

And she is quite entertaining.

I even find myself disappointed we have to break for lunch.

Can you imagine me not wanting to eat?

I either...but try to imagine it.

Now I am going to let you in on a little secret.


Come closer.

I have learned a lot about myself this week.

A. lot.

I am not going to lie to ain't all good.

I have been blaming my kids for most of what is wrong around our home.

Imagine my surprise when lo and behold I figured out it was mostly me.


So I came home Monday and regrouped.


And applied what I learned that day.

I can not begin to tell you the difference it made.

Life changing even.

In three short days, my kids are behaving differently because I am.

I have not told them of the changes.

But I am quite certain they are aware of them.

They have to be.

I just wish I had been given this information 13 years ago.

You know back when Chase was born and I was given the
Everything-You-Ever-Wanted-to-Know-About-Motherhood Manual.

You got one....right?


duchess said...

Ok. Now you have to share with the rest of the class & do a whole blog post on what I need to change about myself.
Please? The cliffnotes version?

Patrice said...

Wow! Where do I sign up?! I may not be a mom but I could sure use one of these self-improvement classes!

amanda said...

yay for you honey! and yay for the teacher who inspired you :)

The Reed's said...

Okay, so I want you to take good notes. Maybe even on your free time (since I know you have a lot of that lately) you can make all your notes into a nice little manual.. I mean book. :) Then the day that my first little one comes along you can just send it my way. Thanks!! :)

P.S. I am so happy and proud of your for going back to school. You are a great mom with or with out these new tricks!

Shana said...

You can't leave us hanging! Spill please!!!!!

Lauren in GA said...

Yeah, I wish I had gotten a manual...

Thanks for saying such sweet things about our little preemie.

I think the problem in our household may be me, too. Don't tell anybody...

Cade and Brittany said...

please share with us what you learned!! I am sure that is IS my kids not me but I would love to make some changes around here. Please post advise and good for you for learning.

Stephanie said...

Okay, I want to know what you learned! You've got my curiosity boiling over now!

Anonymous said...

So I never got that manual, can I borrow yours???

Krystyn said...

Okay..I'm now waiting for the condensed Wendi version because I'm needing some help, too.

just jamie said...

Can I purdy please come take this class with you? How absolutely awesome.

(Oh, and hey, can I have that "Chase Manual" when you're done with it, because my Chase? Oy.) :)

Susan said...

So happy that you are loving your class. I get equally excited over amazing and gifted teachers, which honestly there aren't enough of these days.
Share the wealth mama!!!

Katie said...

Maybe you could print and share this manual with me prior to my first child being born? Thanks!

Elaine A. said...

Wow, that class sounds amazing. Maybe we should all take it! HA!

Ashley said...

Wow, that sounds amazing!!
Come enter some of the fun giveaways I have going on my blog!

Midwest Mommy said...

I hope to always be the teacher you described. Seriously, you learn a lot about the teacher you want to be by watching other teachers. Awesome.

Brooke and Kent said...

way to go! I mean I even knoew you had issues! No I am kidding?!?!!! What kind of classes are these? i want to take it too!

Jen said...

And you are going to leave us hanging? You MUST share what you've learned this week. Pretty please. :)