Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moments in Left Field

Happy 4th of July friends!
In celebration of the 4th and because my Internet and I kissed, made up, and are now back together... I am posting today.
This year was Cole's first t-ball season.
He was so excited to play.
He talked about it constantly.
Then we started practicing.
And the excitement dwindled a bit.
Our first game was on the hottest day of the year.
More dwindling.
Cole was in left field.
I took 172 "action" shots.
Here is a sampling:
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Standing backwards.

Picking weeds.

Picking his nose.

Picking his seat.

Standing with his glove on his head.

Yelling to me, "Mom I am swwwweaattiinngg!"

Yelling again, "Is it ovvveeerrr?"

And then the shot I didn't get.

He ran off the field, in the middle of the game, to tell me he was hot and he was pretty sure it was time for his Gatorade break.

Those were the longest 10 baseball games I have ever endured.

Then Cole got a trophy.

His first.

And he exclaimed his excitement for next season.

I. can't. wait.


duchess said...

How adorable! Those days fly by too quickly.
I remember Brayden out there playing in the dirt & picking the grass....great, now I'm starting to tear up & my eye make-up is gonna run.

Happy 4th!!

Carol said...

Ah the joys of motherhood.

Kristen said...

You just summed up why we didn't play this year. That. was. exactly. our. season. last. year.

Happy 4th friend! :)

stephanie howard said...

Oh the joys of T-ball! I must say it is by far the funnest sport to watch! Cute boy, got-2-love him:)

Susan said...

So funny! I know I have that to "look forward" to in the near future.

So glad he is so excited for next season already. I'm sure reminding him of his anguish during the games won't mean a thing after earning his sweet trophy.