Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama.

Yes, I know it's not Monday.

Welcome to my life.

I did not spend 4,167 hours of my precious time this past week writing a 5 page essay for my Old Testament class.

Nope, not me.

Because that would make me want to swear.

And swearing about a religious paper just doesn't seem right.

My professor did not suggest that we needed to turn in a flawless paper.

Perfect grammar was not suggested either.

I did not evoke the help of my friends, neighbors, family, teachers, and random people on the street.

I would never ask them to read and critique my paper.

That would be asking for trouble.

And opinions.

And lots of red ink marks all over my paper.

Thank heavens I wasn't foolish enough to do that.

The stress would have been too much.

Just to be clear, I did not ingest 5000 additional calories every day hour second.

Because feeding stress with Halloween candy is a "no no".

Especially if it is chocolate Halloween candy.

And more especially if it is bite size.


duchess said...

Hope you got a flawless grade to match that flawless paper.

stephanie howard said...

Oh Wendi you are so much smarter then you give yourself credit! You will do fine on your paper. Take a big sigh of relief, it's over at least till the next test.

P.S. The more chocolate you eat the sweeter you get! Why do you think I am so kind, and sweet... I LIVE ON CHOCOLATE!

Krystyn said...

I bet you get an A+...sometimes those profs have really silly expectations! It's a religion class, not a newspaper editor class...the title went straight to that profs head!

Elaine A. said...

Hope that paper was NOT perfect. Oh.. wait...

Cheers for Halloween candy! ;D

Grammy Staffy said...

I hope that you are well rewarded for all that hard work and injested calories. If not that religion teacher is not very just.

Good luck.

While you have been slaving on that paper I have been slaving on a project too. Come on over and see what I've been up too. I think it was more fun than your project.

Hugs, Grammy Lura

Grammy Staffy said...

p.s. I am glad that you found your sense of humor again...I have been concerned about you. You and your friend who lost her son have been in my prayers.

just jamie said...

Halloween candy? You mean you actually STILL have some LEFT?


Hope all goes well with the paper. I'm certain you did a lovely job!

Krystyn said...

PS Your email is not longer enabled to reply to comments, intentional?