Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Storm is Brewing?

I am a weather kinda girl.

I check every morning to know how to dress my children for the day.

I know all the weather personalities on the weather channel.

I refer to them by their first name.

Jim. Mike. Stephanie. Dr. Steve.

And I may or may not consider them part of my family.

So imagine my surprise when huge clouds arrived yesterday bringing an onslaught of rain.

I had no clue.

How did I not know this?

Has my head been in the books so much lately that I didn't even know I needed to prepare for the imminent arrival of Ida ?

Apparently so, because I just caught up on all-things-weather and we are under a flood advisory, high wind advisory, and are expected to get 8 inches of rain by Friday night.

Excuse me while I go stock up on non-perishables and bottled water.

And gas up the boat.


Hailey said...

Just come by and get me on the boat. We are up to our ears in water already.

Chelle said...

I'm sorry she's coming your way now! The winds we had from her were ridiculous!

Praying that it won't be as bad as predicted (hey, a girl can wish right?) :)

duchess said...

Yea, my feet are now webbed but we're all clear down here(just soggy). Shouldn't last too long.

Lauren said...

At least it's warmer where you are! I'd take the soggy rain over cold anyday! Hope you faired ok!