Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It is Monday again which can only mean one thing.

Not Me! Monday hosted by MckMama.

The post where I 'fess up to what I haven't done this week.

Or last.

Let's get started....shall we?

I have not avoided posting on my blog for over a week.

I would never do that.

I have addictions to my computer that would not allow it.

I have not had all three children home for the past ten days.

T. E. N.
I do not have greater appreciation for those moms that home school.

I never attempted to teach a lesson and yet I was close to insanity by the end of the week.

I did not go to sleep with visions of school starting back this morning.

And I definitely was not smiling when it did.

Nope, not me.

My baby did not turn 5 last week.

That would not be possible.

He does not already look older and sound more mature.

I did not forget to photograph the event.

I do not ever leave my camera.

It is not usually an appendage of my body.

And I certainly have never been asked if I am with the newspaper.

So...forgetting the camera is out of the question.

I did not take my daughter shopping before Easter.

I did not discover that we wear the same size shoe.

I did not start doing back hand springs through the store when I thought of ALL the shoes we could "share".

I did not have one moment of guilt for the five pair that were purchased.

I have not lived for this moment.

I am not praying her feet stay the same size forever.

What about you?

What haven't you done this week?

You can sign up for your own confessional at MckMama's place.
* Please don't forget to pray for little Stellan. He will be having surgery tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Last Birthday I Plan to Celebrate

Today is my birthday.

It is the last birthday I will ever have in my thirties.

Which means it is the last time I plan to celebrate.

I intend to be 39 forever.

Next year when April 7th rolls around...I will still be 39.

Five years after that?

You guessed it...39.

So glad we cleared that up.

Last year in honor of my birthday I shared with you 38 Random Things about me.

Then I posted my 100th post and you had to endure 100 more things.

I had hoped to do something different, but I am not feeling the creativity these days.

I. am. sorry.

As if you needed to know any are 39 random things about me:

1.I am a huge procrastinator.

2.Especially when it comes to packing or studying or exercising.

3.Oh, and taxes....especially taxes. Ugh!

4.I love to shop.

5. It matters not for what. Clothes, books, furniture, food, fixtures, toys, plants, shoes. I just love shopping.

6. There is one exception: swimwear

7. I. don't. enjoy. it.

8. I am considering going without swimwear this year.

9. No silly...not NEKKID! I just may have to plan my summer activities around something besides water.

10. I am not sure avoiding lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, and splash parks will go over well with my children.

11. They love the water.

12. They are part fish.

13. They do not have bathing suit issues.

14. My organizational skills are becoming non-existent.

15.In case you are wondering...yes, my spices are still alphabetized.

16.Other spaces in my home are not so together.

17. My dining room table may collapse if I put one more thing on it.

18. I have been suffering from the flu, a sinus infection, and a nasty cough for weeks.

19. All my mail, bills, the kids homework, my school work, and various sundry things have made their way to the table.

20. I close the door and pretend it is NOT there.

21. When I do go in the dining room I can feel my heart beating faster.

22. To avoid a massive heart attack- I just walk out. Refer to #1.

23. I am a college student again.

24. It is kicking my be-hind!

25. It is hard to believe two classes could add such stress.

26. Ask my family what a joy I am to live with during an exam. Never mind...don't.

27. I love to read.

28. I don't carve out enough time for reading.

29. Except for blogs....I somehow find the time for that.

30. My comments have become few and far between, but trust me, I am still reading.

31. I need to start a new book. Any suggestions for a great summer read?

32. I am getting older and there is still so much I want to do.

33. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

34. I have not been on a gondola ride in Italy.

35. I have snorkeled off the reefs in Mexico.

36. I have not bungee jumped or sky dived and I have no desire to do either.

38. I have parasailed.

39. I am done. It is over. Now where is the cake?

* aged mind forgot to click publish last night. This should have posted yesterday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Problem is NOT my weight...It IS my height!

Some of you may remember back to the incredibly romantic gift I received for Valentine's Day.

That's right: Wii Fit.

My husband the romantic.

And nothing says romance like fitness.

Or scales.

Which is pretty much what the Wii Fit board looks like.

I haven't been able to use my Wii Fit until yesterday.

I wanted to.

I was afraid to.

I just wanted to have it all to myself with out the kids interrupting.

Translation: I wanted to "weigh in" when no one was looking.

I tried to get started and quickly realized this thing was complicated and I would need help.

I. had. no. clue.

So I called to my four year old.

And he walked me through it.

Stop laughing.

"Step on Mom", he cried.

"It is going to weigh you and give you your BMI."

Smarty pants.

I thanked the heaven's that he could not read yet.



Nope, not possible.

Wii Fit actually suggested I needed to add more calories to my diet.


It also said I was slightly underweight.



Not. even. possible.

So I scrolled back through some of the data and found the problem.

My children had plugged in my height as 8' 2".


I am 5' 2".

So, only off by 3 feet.



Let's just say that I am no longer considered underweight.

And my Mii looks much fluffier.