Friday, February 19, 2010

Clean Hands. Cute Bottles.



I found the cutest little project.

I would love to claim it as my own.

I have always been told that creativity is not revealing ones source.

I have also been taught that honesty is the best policy.

Therefore, I will reveal that I found the project here.

Chris is one creative girl!

Since last week was Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist making a few.

I also couldn’t resist sharing the fun with you.

Teacher Appreciation week is just around the corner.

And St. Patrick’s Day.

And Easter.

Sorry I got a little ahead of myself.

Shall we get started?

Go out and buy bottles of hand sanitizer.

With the pumps.

Any brand will do.


Carefully peel off all the labels so you have a clean surface.

I used a product called goo-gone to remove any sticky residue left by the labels.


Buy lots of pretty ribbon.

When you think you have enough…buy a few more rolls.

Just to be sure.


Find some fun stickers to go with your theme.

I chose letters, because I am a monogram kind of girl.


Place your monogram on the middle of your bottle.

Tie on lots of pretty ribbon.


Give one to all the teachers in your life.

And your germaphobe friends.

Just don’t forget to keep one for yourself!