Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just had a face lift and I am feeling great!

It was virtually pain free.

No needles.

No scalpel.

No blood.

No staples.

No stitches.

Actually... I came through it with no scars at all.

No, not me silly.

My blog.

You see...I have been coveting admiring all your cute blog designs.

And your three columns.

And your cute little signatures.

So I asked Krystyn over at Krizzy's Designs if she could help me out.

She got right on it.

She had a design for me in no time.

This girl works FAST!

The only problem was ...ME!!!

I can be extremely a little indecisive at times.

Just a little.

Things like "Choose between white or pink " can sometimes stump me.

These things take time.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Lets just say it took me a while.

Then I just couldn't quite envision it.

And she might have had to create it so I had a clearer vision.

I think she called me a visual person.

So I am.


I finally made my decisions and I am sure Krystyn gave a big sigh of relief.

And she probably did a happy dance.

And I am pretty sure she has blocked me from Gmail chat and her blog.

I tease.

I hope.

Krystyn was wonderful, super helpful, and she bent over backwards to help me.

If you are looking for a creative genius to give your blog a little face lift...

look no further than Krizzy's Designs.

Throw out that blogger template.

You can thank me later.

*Don't forget today is the last day to participate in my Giveaway!


Anonymous said...


Chelle said...

Wendi, I LOVE your new look, girl!
Krystyn is amazing...oh so amazing.
I love love love it!!

The Mom said...

Pretty, love it in here! I just gave myself a new 'lift' must be that time of year! ;)

Carol said...


I love it! Totally suits you!

Tara said...

It looks awesome!! She do amazing work!! And its painless on the face and on the wallet...Excellent choice.

Haderlie Family said...

I do love it. I really love the pictures of the kids. I cant beleive how big they are all getting and growingup so fast. Your face lift loos great!!

Krystyn said...

Love, ya, Wendi! You aren't blocked from my chat! I'm so glad you like it!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's totally you! Krystyn has you pegged perfectly. Glad you got the kinks out as I couldn't read it last night before I turned in. You didn't know your blog serves as my bedtime story from time to time.

See ya later!


Kelli said...

Your facelift looks great! I am loving the pink and brown and white together. And three columns??? That would be a dream come true for me! haha :) Maybe one of these days...

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

Its perfect! :)

McMommy said...

Let me just say...Pink looks WONDERFUL on you!!!


Simply Shannon said...

Very nice.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

It looks super! I love it!

Mamasphere said...

It looks great! Getting my new blog design was one of the best days ever!

Monica said...

Love the face lift! Awesome!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Two words:


Seriously, I'm getting closer and closer to jumping on the Krizzy Designs bandwagon!

Blessings From Above said...

Love, love, love the new look!!!

duchess said...

I just love your "vision". It turned out great.

Kristen said...

Looks fabulous my dear!!

LOVING the new you!!! :)

Dana said...

I love it! I meant to ask you last night when you changed your layout, since I usually use reader. That Krystyn...she does come up with the cutest and most fitting designs.

Ashley said...

It looks great!!! Very fun and way cute!!~

Dancin Queen said...

La la la LOVE it!

Queen B said...

It looks great! Such a fun design!!

Beachy Mimi said...

I love it!

Katie said...

OK. I know that technically yesterday was the last day to post a comment for your giveaway, but give me a break. I was wearing a pink dress in ridiculous heat and carrying around a certain individual's wedding train so she could look pretty in her pictures. So. I think I deserve these supplies. Here's why. Two reasons:

1) I adore school supplies. I still get giddy when I walk down an aisle lined with freshly boxed crayola crayons.

2) In case you didn't know, I just accepted a job teaching high school English. Sadly, I had to leave all of my supplies from my last class in Utah since they were purchased with legislative money and I didn't want to steal. That leaves me with an empty classroom. And, I just found out, pretty much a zilcho budget. Whatever I want I am going to have to beg, borrow, and steal. So. Help me build the future of America, will ya?

Love you!

LaskiGal said...

You LOOK FABULOUS!!! I love the color combo. And the headings look so cool! What a perfect fit and what a fantastic job Krystyn did!

More good stuff.

You won the giveaway! Shoot me an e-mail and let me know where I can send your SIGNED copy (I swear it is signed by the author!) of Bunko Babes! BTW, your WORST traits . . . I'm thinking we might be related.

laskigal AT gmail DOT com

*BTW . . . I never thanked you for my AWESOME award!!! You flatter me . . .

Grammy Staffy said...

I love your new design. What a great face lift. Krystyn does a great job. If I were not on a retirement budget I would get a face lift for myself.... it surely looks good on you.

Susan said...

Love it! Having a bloggy facelift can be so much fun and very refreshing.

just jamie said...

I totally adore your new look. So jealous here. I really need a face life myself.


Marla said...

love it... i have been working hard on a lift myself... problem is I've been too cheap to pay and have been trying to figure it out myself... got the 3 columns but I'm not happy... there will be more I'm sure... perhaps I'll get a quote from Krizzy -

Lisa said...

Looking good girl! I like the pink & brown!

4funboys said...

yeahhhhhhhhhh for you!!!

love the new look.

I'm jealous... I need to do the same thing; but I can't decide what I want either-

I'll have to check her out.

Elaine A. said...

Love your new look! Krystyn did a great job!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Congrats on your bloglift! It looks BE-utiful!