Monday, March 31, 2008

A "Purse"onal Story

The very classy and oh so sassy OHMommy requested that I reveal the contents of my purse.

She is a mommy of three.

She wanted to know what another mommy of three carried in her purse.

A show-and-tell if you will.

I love a challenge.

You can read about it here.

I immediatedly got my purse and began snapping pictures.

I dumped out the contents and made several discoveries.

A) This wasn't really MY purse. I confess. Claire went to the beach with a friend this week. She forgot to take her purse. I stole borrowed her oh so cute Vera Bradley for the week.

B) MY purse is not usually THIS tidy, but because I had just stolen borrowed Claire's , it didn't have time to get too cluttered.

C) MY purse is not this tiny. Oh how I have enjoyed a small bag this week. Cole has not worn diapers since the summer. It has been fabulous to finally (after 12 years 0f toting everything but the kitchen sink) carry a smaller purse.

So here it is....Claire's MY purse:

( now you see why I took it!)

And these are the contents:

A wallet containing $7. 92 (that should get me far), a half charged cell phone ( noticed the chewed upon antenna...thanks kids!), and my shades.

I also found two packs of gum, and some fruit snacks.

Under my wallet I found five pens (more chewing) and a hair "thingy". (sorry for the technical term)

I also discovered several receipts in the bottom of the bag. (I need to remember to record those debit card purchases!)

Finally, I found three lipsticks, a gloss, and a travel mascara.

There you have it.

Claire's purse with my things.

Thanks OHMommy for including me in your purse meme.

Thank you OHMommy for choosing this week for the challenge.

This week I carried a tiny, cute, tidy bag.

Ask me the same thing in a few weeks.

I promise the scene will be much different.

Now I must challenge you my friends, my little internets.

What is found in the purse of young, hip, newly married girls? Ashley and Katie...I want to know.

If I were to look in the purses of those girls expecting babies, Aly, Amy, Courtney and Meredith, what might I find?

What might I discover in the purse of a mommy to one sweet girl ? Please answer Motherhood for Dummies.

Brittany, Rebecca and Kristy what is in the purse of a mommy of two precious children at home?

I want to see what a mommy of three carries in her bag. Do we carry like items? Leah,Cecily, Emily, Stie, and Wendi . I lay awake at night wondering.

I really want to know what is lurking in the purses of mommys with four or more children. Really, how do you carry it all? Show me Carrie, Emy5, Jaz, and Lyla. Impress me!

* The big Ped Egg giveaway will be chosen at random tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AN "EGG"-CELLENT DISCOVERY!!! (and a give-away!)

I have seen a product on the television that caught my eye.

I sat up and paid attention when the commercial came on.

I watched as women testified of its greatness.


I did not order.

I did not buy.

I was in Target gathering some half price Easter candy necessities when I saw "IT".

The product that had turned my head a time or two was there on the shelf.

I picked it up.

I read the label.

I saw the price.



I took it home and waited until the perfect moment to unveil my new found friend.

The company calls it PED EGG.

I call it FABULOUS!

What is it Wendi that you love so about this egg?

Please let me tell you.

This little baby fits in the palm of your hand.

When you open it up you will find something resembling a cheese grater.

Do not be afraid.

The Ped Egg is your friend.

You simply press it on the back of your worn out cracked repulsive dainty heels and GRATE.

I am not kidding. You just go back and forth with PED EGG and it does all the work.

The best part... the top of the case becomes the bottom and it catches all the dead disgusting dry skin that you just exfoliated.

No messy clean up.

I stayed up for hours and just grated away. (yup, that bad!)

The back of my heels use to look like this:

After Ped Egg, they look and feel much more like this.

If you are a regular at Polly's Pedicure Palace you may not need this product.

If you are like me, you have let those heels go long enough.

Join me in my quest for smoother heels and feet.

Go get yourself a Ped Egg.

I am telling you it is worth every penny. All 999 of them.

* Due to the excitement I have experienced over this product, one of you lucky viewers will win a Ped Egg. One of your very own. All you have to do is leave me a comment. (Okay you "lurkers", you can come out now!) Tell me why YOU need a Ped Egg. I will have one of my assistants children pick the lucky winner on Monday, March 31, 2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

uNIQue CliNIQue


This week tell us about your favorite or least favorite job that you've had OUTSIDE of the home (we know the hardest job is being a Mom). Or just take a minute to document the jobs you've had.

That was my here it is.

My favorite job had to be that of a Clinique Cosmetic Consultant.

That really was a cushy job.

I had a uniform.

That standard white lab coat with the gigantic silver buttons.

It did not matter if I wore a skirt, slacks, or nothing underneath.

My wardrobe was EASY.

A sassy pair of heels and my lab coat... and I was off to work.

You can't imagine the sheer heaven I was in keeping all those products in straight little lines.

I had every drawer and shelf labeled.

It was organizational bliss.

After a year of working there I became the counter manager.

Which meant a little more pay, a little more gratis, and a little more responsibility(the books).

I was in charge of monthly inventory and ordering.
Another aspect of the job I truly adored.

Nothing makes a girl do the "happy dance" like balanced ledgers and controlled inventory.

Clinique gave me a gratis every 3 months or so and I could buy all my makeup and skincare.

What girl would not love that little perk?

I had 100's of lipsticks and eyeliners.

I could bathe in all the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion I owned.

My skin was impeccable.

I took such good care of it.

My makeup was flawless.

My nails were always manicured.

The only downside to the job was lack of exercise...I was stuck in this little cosmetic bay for 6-7 hours.

Stooping down to open a drawer of powder or applying someones prom makeup was not exactly physical labor.

(My previous job was that of a waitress at a quaint little restaurant. Running up and down stairs, carrying heavy trays. (Lots of exercise...great abs!)

In retrospect, I think this was the beginning of my weight problems.

Darn you Clinique job.... you tricked me, you did!!!

You gave me free lip gloss and skin care.

In return I got flabby arms, thunder thighs, and an ever expanding behind.

Darn You Clinique job....Darn You!!!

TAG...I AM IT!!!

Okay, so Ashley tagged me like a week ago. I promised her I would do this, so here goes:

*10 years ago:

We moved into our new home. ( Ironically, Ashley's former abode!)

Chase was 2 years old.

I was planning my 10 year class reunion.

I was driving a Red Mitshubishi Montero Sport.

I was "chasing" Chase everywhere!

*5 things on my "To Do" list Today:

Strip, Wash, and Dry All Bed Linens (on all 4 beds!)

Make all four beds.

Pick up all evidence of Easter candy. ( and try not to eat anymore!)

Make sure kids eat something today besides Easter candy.

"post" on my blog !

*Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:

Pay a lot of tithing.

Pay off all my families mortgages. ( I have dreams about doing this...wouldn't that be a great surprise?)

Give to some of my favorite charities.

I would build my dream home on a very large lot. It would be situated on some body of water . (ocean, river, lake, DITCH) Something wet. And I would have it stocked with whatever sort of fish that Chad would ever wish to catch. He could fish. Catch and release all day. As long as none of it came home as wall art.

I would build Chase and Cole a sports arena...equipped with a full basketball court, batting cages, fitness room, the works.

I would make sure Claire had a dance studio in our home and an ART room for all her many projects.

Me... I would be happy with a state-of-the-art kitchen, a live-in maid, and some ridiculous shopping trips. Oh, and a personal trainer.

*3 Bad Habits:

Biting the inside of my mouth. (awful, terrible habit!)

Worrying about what others think.

Stressing over everything!

*Places I have lived:

North Carolina. (same city, same state....pathetic, I know!)

*Jobs I have had:

Hostess, Waitress, Retail Associate, Clinique Cosmetic Consultant (yup, white lab coat and all), Hair stylist, Pre-school teacher, and MOM

*Things most people don't know about me:

I consider myself "obsessed" with blogging these days.

I have serious OCD issues.

I love a clean house, though it rarely is.

I have become addicted to college hoops! (thanks Chase!)

I love Monday nights, cause nothing makes me happier than fresh, clean, just- put -on- the- bed sheets!

*I am obsessed with:


Orderly pantry, closets, and cabinets


*When I was young I wanted to be:

A School Teacher

OK.... now I am tagging Brittany, Courtney, Leah, Katie and Rebecca. Get to it girls!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Please...I am telling you .

Don't blink.

I did.

My first child, my baby boy, my little Chase man, he turned 12 today.

How did that happen?

It really doesn't seem possible.

I swear it was just yesterday that I brought my baby home.

He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen.

I was so scared.

I had never been a mommy before.

I had so many questions and so many concerns.

Chase did not seem to notice that I was nervous.

I must have blinked that day.

Before I knew it he was not a baby anymore. He had loads of energy. He loved reptiles. He started preschool. He loved to go "gishing" with his daddy. He never slept.

Another blink and Chase learned to sleep in his own bed. He finally learned to sleep. Period. He continued to amaze us with his endless energy.

One more blink and he was playing ball. Namely, baseball and basketball. He loved it. He still does. He even converted his non-sports minded mom to get excited about ballgames. Especially the ones he played in.

Somehow my rambunctious, messy little toddler turned into a well mannered, funny, athletic, self motivated, surface neat tween.

Somewhere between 1996 and 2008 my baby grew up and I almost did not see it happen. So I am warning you ...don't blink. If you see me on the street this week, I will be the girl with her eyelids propped up by toothpicks. (So as not to blink again!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Meet Tar!
He is our Labrador Retriever.

Our pet.

Destroyer of our back yard.

Hole digger.

Grass killer.

Chewer of most things that should be chewed.

And lots of things that should not be.

Our swing set for example.

The seats now look like this.

And the Horse Tire swing looks like this.

A closer look reveals this.

There are no stirrups.

Not anymore.

But we love him.

A sweeter dog could not be found.

A neater dog...maybe.

His biggest problem is his barking.

He. will. not. stop.


Our neighbors complained.


We tried everything.

Nothing worked until we found this.

It works.

He stays much quieter.

We have now been through four barking collars.

Tar can find a way to get it off and chew it to pieces with little effort.

Yesterday, he started barking again.

My Husband went to investigate.

The neighbors came out.

It was decided his batteries had run down.

Husband went to the store , bought the batteries, returned, and placed them in the collar.

An hour later.....barking!


I was on the computer. (Shocker...I was blogging)

I heard husband go outside and return.

I continued typing.

Then I heard a sound that made me stop.

I pried myself from the computer and went into the living room.

There standing in the middle of the room was my husband.

The father of my children.


( I could not make this stuff up if I tried!)

He had the collar pressed to his throat.

The man was mad.

Maybe I forgot his rabies shot !

He was seriously trying to see why the collar was not working and was willing to shock himself to find out.

Go figure.

I returned to my computer.

I had just been given the best material for my new post.

Really...could it get any better?

After a few minutes of nothing happening, my very smart and very brave husband decided to flip the batteries.

I heard my husband "Bark".

He received a static shock.

Problem solved.

My very smart and very brave husband solved the mystery of the broken barking collar.

The batteries were in backwards.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I know...I know. I am a slacker blogger.

Not a post since Friday.

I have received numerous calls and even a threat that I had better post or else.

You, my vast readership of three.

You, are too funny.

I wish I had something funny to share.

I wish there was something witty about my weekend.

I got nothing.

Nothing witty that is.

I did in fact have a fabulous weekend.

Thanks for asking!

I told you on Friday that I was going to the State Tournament for Chase's All Star Team.

We left Friday after lunch . We headed to a place I can't say I have ever been before.

Yanceyville, NC. Heard of it? Me neither.

Chase's team played Friday night and Saturday morning.

We lost both games.

It was a double elimination tournament, so we were out.

They played hard, but they had some stiff competition. Most of the teams had a huge height advantage.

Chase gave me his personal goals on "vertical growth" before next basketball season. They were lofty goals, but can one really set a goal to grow 6 inches in a year? If this is possible, I am setting my goal tomorrow!

The trip home was relatively uneventful except for the occasional..." I gotta go-right now" and "How much longer?"

We stopped at my parents home on the way back. It was a good stopping point and I really wanted to visit with them. We enjoyed a great afternoon of college hoops. (ACC Tournament) Chase brought his Rock-Band. He set it up and he and PAPA rocked the house- literally. Watching my dad and Chase on the guitar and drums was priceless. I offered to leave it set up for a week, but mom did not seem interested.

One of our local High schools was going to be playing in the State 3A Basketball Tournament in Chapel Hill Saturday night. Chase really wanted to go to the game. I thought maybe we had seen enough Basketball for one weekend. Chase disagreed. My parents graciously offered to keep Cole. There was no reason not to go. I am so glad we went. It was a great game. Well, the parts I saw. Mostly I just watched this little bleached blonde chic in front of me. She could not stay seated. Even after I asked her nicely. She. Could. Not. Do. It.

The game was a nail-biter! We saw so many people we knew. What great hometown support! The team must have felt it because they won! (60-58) My little city...big time State Basketball Champs... who knew?

Chase and I went out for dinner at Chili's afterward. It has been way too long since we have gone out. Just the two of us. I had the best time. I have grown to love my "Chaseman" so much. When he was small I knew I could never love him more. That was not true. I can't tell you how I feel about this boy without crying so I will just say that I am the luckiest Mommy in the world to be Chase's mom. He is one special boy. He will be 12 this week. I guess that means he is not a boy anymore.

Chase may not remember anything about this weekend, but I will. I will remember watching my son play a game he loves. I will remember the grace and dignity he showed even in defeat. I will remember his humor. I will remember the high-fives when we thought Carolina was going down. I will remember our sadness when our Dukies lost. I will remember how he looked "rocking out" with my dad. I will remember going together to the Dean Dome. I will remember how he held the umbrella as we walked in the rain. I will remember watching our local High School team take home the championship. I will remember our dinner. Our conversations. Our laughter. I will remember.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I think it is time I tell you my secret.

I have a disease.

It is not something I like to share.

It is a bit personal.

Well, let me start with this:

Hi! My name is Wendi and I suffer from SPTA. ( severe pre-travel anxiety)

No, I am not afraid to fly.

No, I enjoy being on the open road.

I suffer from the part of traveling that happens prior to traveling.

It has a lot to do with my other disease.

Hi! My name is Wendi and I suffer from severe OCD.
( many posts to follow)

Weeks before I leave for a trip, albeit a day trip or a weekend or a week, I stress.

Stress out!

To the point I am sure I need to be medicated.

It is the insatiable urge to leave my home with not one article of clothing in the hamper.

Not. One.

It is trying to gather everything we may need for the trip.

Snacks, wipes, clean underwear.

Those go without saying.

It is the Tylenol... regular, extra strength and migraine- cause you never know when a headache might come on.

It is the bag of entertainment: Cd's, DVDs, books, magazines, coloring books, crayons, color wonder, and toys.

It is a complete first aid kit , maps, and jumper cables.

It is making sure we are ON*STAR ready.

It is the, it is the need to have everything in my house in its place and clean before I leave.

I am always fearful I might have a terrible accident and someone might have to come into my home and clean it for me.

My home needs to be ready for such an occasion.

The refrigerator needs to be cleaned out.

The pantry needs to be stocked and orderly.

The plants need to be watered.

The dishes need to be washed and put away.

The insides of all closets and cabinets need to be straight.

Goodness only knows the floors and furniture need to be scrubbed and vacuumed.

The toilets need to be bleached.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Complete and utter insanity.

For me and my family.

I would give anything to be laid back about leaving home.

To live carefree.

To look around and say, " What a mess I am leaving...I will get to it when I get back"

I . Cannot. Do. It.

My husband gets upset with me.

He would leave everything as is.

He would also let the toilet grow a science experiment in it before he would clean it.

He would not understand.

He does not understand.

He will never understand my need for clean and order before departure.

And so it is with much sadness I have to leave tomorrow.

I did not have much notice.

Chase is on our local 12 and under All-Star Basketball team.

We placed 2ND in the district.

We still got an invitation to the State Tournament.

3 hours away.

It is a double elimination. So, I have absolutely no idea when we will return.

Which makes my diseases flare up more.

How about you ? Do you dread trips due to all the preparing?

Have I scared you away? I don't think this disease is contagious. You will be fine.

I am sorry to go before finishing this post... but I don't think I straightened my Tupperware cabinet yet.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do you do? I am WENDI SUE!!!

Tuesday Tell All

This was the challenge for today: Is there a story behind your name? How did you pick the names of your children? This is your chance to document it.

Well, here goes nothing.

I am Wendi.

Wendi with an "i".

I love that.

When I got married I dropped my middle name.

Not legally.

Just stopped using it.


My middle name is Sue.

That is right.

Wendi Sue.

Southern enough for you?

My thinking is...that is why I kind of "lost" that part of my name. After this assignment, I may have everything I own monogrammed to include "Sue".

Why you ask? Sue was my mother's middle name. MY MOTHER. She chose to give me a part of her name. This wonderful woman who tried to have a baby for 6 years. This incredible woman who wanted children so badly that she applied for adoption. This exemplary woman who upon completing the adoption papers found out that she was pregnant. With me. Up until this very moment I have questioned the decision to call me Wendi Sue. At this very moment all I can think of is how incredibly lucky I am to have my mom's name.

A name she must have thought of for six grueling years. A name she must have planned for. A name she must have written on paper in her own hand a dozen times. A name she must have been so excited to share and give. A name I completely took for granted until now. Thirty-seven years later.

My mom is truly the best mom in the world. She would do anything for any of her four children, four in-laws, and five grandchildren. I believe that. She is the most giving soul I know. This is the same mom I remember making Halloween treats to GIVE the neighbors. We were not allowed to "beg" for candy. We took baked goodies to others instead. She could always be found serving others and always putting herself last. She still does. I could write a book on all the things she has done for me and my family. I could write yet another on all the things she has done for others. I can only hope that I love and serve as she has.

She has other fine qualities too. She is a fabulous wife to my father. She still treats him like they have only been married a few years. I still see her eyes light up when he walks in a room or when he stands to speak. Cute- huh?

She is a superb cook. She does not use her culinary skills like she once did, but she can still make a mean carrot cake.(my personal favorite)

She is the cleanest, neatest, most organized woman I know. I have tried, without success, to be like her in this area. My spices are alphabetized. My pantry is so organized and rotated and labeled it would make you sick. That is all thanks to my mom. I use a lot of bleach and scrub and clean things like nobodies business. However, when she comes to visit...she can always find something I did not clean quite enough .(Meaning I haven't found a way to incorporate q-tips, cotton balls, or toothpicks to get in the "grooves" of things) Thus, we fondly refer to her as the "Clorox Queen". ( When are you coming for another visit MOM?)

I am going to stand a little straighter and pronounce my name a little louder from now on. I am not going to leave my middle name off documents or my drivers license. I have a first and middle name. I am proud of them. I am proud of the great mother that shared her beautiful name with me. Thanks Mom...I love you!

(note to self: get a better photo taken with my mom!)


Just a few words to let all you "internets" know I am still here. I know I am way behind on my posts. Life just got a little crazy this weekend and I am trying to play catch -up! I promise to visit your blogs, make comments, and write about my little chaotic life in the next 24 hours. Thanks for your concern .... I am glad to be missed. You will hear from me soon...I promise!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I could tell you about my 3 days in Paradise.

But, I am a visual kind of girl.

I will do a show-n-tell with pictures.

I went to the beautiful island of "Emerald" last weekend.

I stayed here.

[ it's good to have friends that own beach property!]

I went with 9 other southern girls.

I went to scrapbook.

For those of you that are not "scrappers"... you may not understand my excitement.

For those who are.... this is what our beautiful living room turned into.

Dreamy- huh?

Every sticker, paper, adhesive, and die-cut you can imagine was at my fingertips.

I had full access to every cutter and punch and a sizix machine.

I just brought my photos and a few essential items.

Like this.

And this.

I even brought some of this.

Shhhh! No, I never had a headache, but it contains 150 mg of caffeine and I did not want to miss out on the all night "power cropping"!

We never had to get up to exercise because we laughed until our sides ached.

My abs have not been this sore since the last time I tried to use the exercise ball.

And much more fun!

We also had to climb the three flights of stairs with our bags in tow. That counts for something-huh?

Apparently not. When I stepped on the metal thing called a scale Monday morning...I was 3 lbs. heavier. WHAT? With all that working out? Up and down stairs and laughing.
Must have been because of these.

Or maybe because of these.

[ Sausage Balls]

Could of been this.

[Banana Nut bread]

You think?

Oh...did I mention we ate ourselves to death?

By the time the trip was over we were all in need of some of this!!!

Nothing like sitting in a chair, cropping photos all weekend while you are cramming thousands of calories into your face to send your body into insulin shock!

We had access to this.

But noone brought their suit.

We could have played a game of this.

Or we could have enjoyed the picture perfect weather and played a few games of this.

Instead, we stayed inside our beautiful accommodations. ( Thanks Karyn!)

Looked outside to enjoy this view.

And cropped til we dropped.

It was just what I needed.

A weekend at the beach.

Good friends.

Good food.

No kids.

Lots of Laughter

Oh, and the reason I went...

I almost forgot.

I completed 35 pages in Cole's book!

Thanks girls for another fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was sitting here at the computer.

Where I have been most of the day.

My husband came in from a day of fishing at the coast.

He opened the dishwasher and said, "Honey, were you going to unload these sometime today?"

"Yea sometime", I said.

I continued working on my next post, (cause these things take time).

I hear the door open to the dishwasher again.

He is UNLOADING!!! *snicker

Husband then asks, " Are you going to put away the clothes that you folded?"

"Yea sometime"

Since when did he become so concerned about dishes and clothes?

Is my "blogging" becoming a problem?

Are any of you experiencing this same dilemma?

I find it that sick?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am participating in a fun group called "Tuesday Tell All". Here is this weeks assignment:

We all have those pictures from the past that we wished we didn't. The ones that make us think "what were we thinking when we got dressed that morning"?
Trends are fun at the time, but can later come back to haunt us. Think overalls, high waisted jeans and pegged pants.
This week's assignment is to pick an item from your wardrobe that you love now, but think in five years will fall into that category (or already does).

So with Clinton and Stacy in mind, here are my thoughts. I have surmised my closet and found that the trendy things that use to live there are gone. (Note to self: must go shopping) I can't find anything I think would be completely laughable in say five years. There are several fashion fiasco's (past and present) that I will address.

Low(low)-rise jeans- I mean the jeans that are so low rise there is no where else to go...very uncomfortable. I am usually trying to keep my backside covered when I stoop down, or wishing the girl in front of me would. I have seen more of this "crack" epidemic than I would care to share. I would be happy to see them go away from the fashion scene. (No high -waist though.)

Crocs- HATE.THEM. Could there possibly be an uglier shoe made? My kids wear them. I am fine that they use them for pool or beach use, but seriously? Are they not the ugliest shoes? Don't send me hate mail...I know they are comfortable... but I would rather wear a pair of foot-cramping, toe-pinching shoes any day than to walk around in those things!

Stirrup pants- Had them. Wore them. Hope and pray they never resurface. What were any of us thinking? Not attractive on any body type.

White hose- You know you wore them too. Awful. Terrible. Ugly. My legs are white enough in the winter without pointing it out (thank you) with the whitest of white hosiery. The only folks that should be wearing these are nurses.

Shoulder Pads-Do any of us really want to look like a linebacker? No. What or Who decided all dresses and tops should be accessorized this way? Better yet...why did we listen?