Monday, June 23, 2008


A huge thanks for all of your sweet emails, comments, and phone calls.

Yes, I. am. alive.


After getting Chase home, unpacked, and all the laundry done...I started again.

The packing for Boy Scout camp commenced.

Packing for a week at Boy Scout camp is much harder than packing for a week at Basketball camp.

I threw in gym shorts and t-shirts to go to DUKE.

I packed everything but the kitchen sink to go to Boy Scout Camp.

He will not be in a cool dorm room.

He will be living in a tent.

With no air conditioning.

Sleeping on the ground with all the other...


And snakes.

If there is one thing I am not, it is...Outdoorsy.

I do not enjoy being at one with nature.

I am kind of in love with my indoor plumbing, running water, electricity, comfortable bed and air conditioning.


He enjoys the outdoors.

Which is a good thing.

Because he is going to be with the outdoors a lot this week.

* If I haven't already lost all my 3.5 readers... I promise that tomorrow's post will NOT be about any type of camp. Stay tuned!


Dancin Queen said...

I'm not much of an outdoorsy type either. I told my hubby I'd camp ONE time per year. It always ends up being the family reunion. If he tries to make me go any other time I tell him the reunion is OUT. Is that wrong?

duchess said...

I'm not a boy scout kind of mom. I sure wouldn't know what to send with him (mini fridge, portable a/c, generator, etc).

Have a good week.

McMommy said...

Does sitting outside by the inflatable baby pool count as "outdoorsy"?


Ok, then I'm with you, Wendi!!

Love the shows me once again how much I want to be just like you. We need to meet one day...then I will hope and pray that your wonderful organizational/OCD skills will somehow rub off on me.

Krystyn said...

So, I guess I'm reader #0.5!!

You sure did pack well for him. I'm jealous. Could you come and pack for me? You are super organized!

And, while I could do a day or two of camping...I would much rather my AC and running water (especially while preggo)!!

Leah said...

the "thankyouverymuch" made me LOL! i can't promise i won't be stealing that little gem from you somewhere down the road, mkay? ;)

if you have a good suggestion for snake repellent, i could use it - saw one in my back yard a couple weeks ago.... nice. or not.

ttyl! ;)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Oh Wendi, I've been missing your posts! Who cares if they're about camp!

I am SO. WITH. YOU. on not caring much for being one with nature.

My idea of camping is a hotel that doesn't offer room service. Right?

LOVE your mad packing skills. I am so impressed with each of his outfits all together.

Like Kristen, I love your blog to pieces, no matter WHAT you're writing about! Hell, I even managed to use the blogging "style" you didn't realize you had!

Kristen said...

So I too love love love your packing style! Wooohooo. You ROCK sister!

And can I just say I camped once. For one night. It rained.


Glad to hear that I am not alone.

And hey, write about whatever you want to write about. That is why we visit. We visit YOU!!

Grammy Staffy said...

I love coming to your blog because you ALWAYS make me smile!! (I seem to make people cry....maybe if I wrote more like you I would get more readers....and comments...would you please write my blog for me???? please, pretty please!!!)

Thanks to you for your wonderful comment on my blog. You make me feel good. I am honored to be your cyber-grammy.

i'm kelly said...

looks like you guys are keeping busy! i hate packing!

amanda said...

like you, i too am not so much of an outdoorsy type.

hubby got me to camp once.

i cried. multiple times. really.

and had to go to the gas station to do my business. i don't do business outside. in the woods. w bugs.

and had to sit in the car with the air cond on. bc i thought i might die.

if babe #2 is a boy, he is all daddys :)

just jamie said...

You're such a good Mommy. Really.

(And I'm with Kristen, write whatever you feel. It's all life and it's all good.)

Cecily R said...

I enjoy reading about camp and packing. Especially when someone else is doing it!!

I was the den leader for three years starting when Isaac was 5 and Gracie was a year. Jon worked nights so the kids were with me every week at every meeting. Now he has about negative three desire to be involved in scouts.

I wonder what will happen if when we move we end up in a ward that actually HAS a scout program...maybe they can talk him into it.

Kellan said...

My son goes to Boy Scout camp this weekend too. I'll be packing soon - UGH!

Have a good Tuesday - Kellan

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

OK, so back to blogger's anonymous.

Why are we both reading and posting at 1:45 in the morning?

And you need an email address.
So I can hit reply to your comments instead of this noreplyblogger BS.


Or you should use mine.
Original, right?

Now I need to see about that Target addiction support group.

Stephanie said...

I'm with you - not outdoorsy at all. I think God enabled man to create all our a/c, plumbing, etc for a reason. For us to enjoy it ;)

Man - that is some super organized packing!

Lauren said...

You always make me crack up! Your comedic edge and dry sense of humor are so fantastic!

My favorite part was, "I do not enjoy being at one with nature." We are sisters, you and I, because I do not enjoy being at one with nature, either...I prefer to pass through nature while fleeing to the safety of my air conditioned house.

Lauren said...

I must compliment you on your very organized packing! Impressive :)

Steph said...

Wow you are organized!