Monday, June 16, 2008


You may have noticed I was a slack blogger last week.
You may have noticed I have not posted since Friday.
There is a reason.
I was busily preparing to send Chase to Basketball camp.
I took him to camp on Saturday.
I dropped him off.
With 630 other campers.
At a university.
Where he will sleep in a dorm.
Where he will be responsible to get up, get dressed, brush his teeth, get to the dining hall, get to his classes and games on time, manage his spending money, play fair, and get himself to bed all while learning his way around the large campus.
Without me!
I have been a little traumatized.
Just a little.
He has stayed overnight with friends.
He has been to Scout camp.
He just got back from 3 days at the beach.
There were adults.
That I knew.
That would look out for him.
And remind him to shower.
And brush his teeth.
And change his underwear.
This. is. different.
I did *happen* to stop by the campus last night.
I saw him play on the outside courts.
I know. I know.
He never knew I was there.
Until he finished.
He didn't say much to me.
I knew he was having a great time.
Apparently he knew how to survive without me.
His clothes had been changed since Saturday.
That was reassuring.
I have learned that he is growing up and becoming more responsible.
I am not liking the growing up.
I am loving the becoming more responsible.
I am excited he is having an incredible week.
He is being taught by the coach and players he obsesses over admires the most.

So... you may be wondering.... Where in the world is Chase?
Have you been a reader long?
Do you know the university where he is attending basketball camp?
Leave me a comment with your answer or guess.
If you know us in "real-life",
and you KNOW where Chase is, don't say.
You are still welcome to leave a comment.
Comments are ALWAYS welcome.
I need all the comment love and prayers I can get until Chase returns home.
Until then...guess away.
There may be a small prize.

* the picture above is the only one I could find of him at camp that did not give away his location.
Good luck!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

all I can think is I know BYU how a lot of basketball camps and other sport camps during the summer for kids all over the country and even world sometimes... so I am going to guess BYU.

Stephanie said...

I'm going to guess UNC. My cousin played baseball there - so I assume they have other sports too. And that you were close enough to drive. That's my only guess.

amanda said...

ok my guess was going to be stephanies guess?? pretty sure you live near our "old" coach who finally came "home" to his stomping grounds. am i right? you live near the school that "stole" our coach?

**ok not that i really care about the stealing of coaches...but there were alot of people here upset**

anyways - sending you lots of love and hugs and full permission to just "happen" to be in the area over the next few days :)

Anonymous said...

OOOHHHH I know I know!! But I won't say :P
He's fine mom!!!!
I do hope he enjoys himself!!!

Cinderelen said...

Aaaaw, good luck to him! I hope he ll have a very nive time :D


Rachael said...

I have no idea where he is, but I wanted to tell you yet again that I LOVE your writing style. You crack me up. And in some way, even though the MH is 3 and is giving me major Mama Drama these days, I'm slightly happy that she's just 3 after reading your post. It's so hard to watch them grow and let them go a little bit. I'm finding it even now - all of a sudden she comes running into my room in the morning all proud of herself because she dressed herself. Part of me is so proud, and the other part is sad that she doesn't need me so much (except to veto some of the combinations, that is!).

Don't worry about the brushing his teeth - if his breath gets bad enough, I'm guessing his dormmates will let him know ;)

C&C Mama said...

I have no idea where he is either, but I dread the day I drop my little boy off at "sleepover" camp. I am nervous about dropping him off next week for day camp at our local university. The boys all looked so big at registration...he is only 6!! He has already asked when he can go away to camp....

4funboys said...

ummmm... How about .... UCLA??? because, I'm from CA and I have no idea.

But, I'm with you... on a much smaller scale. I just dropped Kyle off at basketball camp too, and I hate that he's growing up so fast.

Grammy Staffy said...

I have no idea but I don't think it is BYU because that is too far away for you to just "drop" by to take a picture.

Where ever he is I hope that he will have a great time..... and as hard as it is, get use to it mom... before you know it he will be leaving on his mission.... upps... did I make you sad??? so sorry enjoy this age and when he is 19 maybe they will send him to Riverside and I can have him for dinner.

just jamie said...

Um, I'm guessing Duke?

Wherever it may be, it must be hard to let go. I went to summer camp in MN for a MONTH each summer. I really want my own kids to go and have the experiences I had because they were WONDERFUL, but 2 weeks is probably the longest I could go without them.

Hope he has a ball! (Hee hee, get it? I know, I know.)

duchess said...

If I were to go to basketball camp in NC there is only one choice to make - UNC (of course), however my son will be upset if I don't guess NCSU(because they are sooo good at basketball - haha!).

Hang in there - he'll be home soon with all of his dirty clothes in tow.

Emily said...

I'm pretty sure I know where he is.... and I'm not telling!

However, I do believe that I'm a graduate of that fine institution... and I'm thinking that I lived in a dorm that was adjacent to the basketball court where this mommy-stalking occurred....

Chase is a good boy! He'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Brooke and I were talking yesterday about how grown up Chase and our cousin are starting to look. It is killing us! At least you have little Cole to cuddle and cradle still for a few more years. So enjoy!

Hope Chase has a great time at camp and is as thrilled to return to home sweet home as you are to receive him.


Blessings From Above said...

Wow, going away to basketball camp IS a big deal. Maybe even more so for you than Chase. I would be doing a little stalking myself if I was in your shoes!

As far as where he is...I am going to go with Duke. Only because that is the only college I can think of in NC!

Kristen said...

Hmmmm, so I just consulted with my fine sports loving hubby, and he says to guess the Tarheels. So I guess I am going with UNC too.

But I was torn between that and Duke.

Can't wait to hear.

And hang in there, I am sure that he is doing just as he would if his Mama was there to remind him. Although I am sure that it is so hard! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I can only think of 2 schools in NC that someone would obsess over the coach and that's UNC and Duke. But what I'm questioning is how did you just "drop" by the campus? Those schools are quite a ways away from Ktown!

You didn't just drive up there for to spy on him did you? Now that is a bit extreme! :)

Emy5 said...

I'll go with Duke, but only from the clues in the other comments.

What a mystery!

Haderlie Family said...

I wish it was UNC since that is such a great school and he would be honored to step foot on that campus... but i will say DUKE!

Katie said...

I am sad I can't guess, because I would have totally won. However, I saw your husband at church on Sunday, so I already "know" and can't "guess" . . . Sad!

Rachael said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by this morning, and thanks for the congrats! If you couldn't tell, I was pretty excited! Oh, and when I do get the hang of all of this, I'll be sure to pass along my secrets!

Hope Chase brushed his teeth this morning!

Leah said...

when you drop by mi casa, you can remind me. lol! i know you told me the other night. and i honestly can not remember which of the two is the answer. loser alert!

seriously -if you have time, you know you're more than welcome to come by. :)

when is camp over?

McMommy said...

Ohhhh Wendi!!! Sleepaway camp??! How old is Chase?? I need to know how much time I have to "prepare" myself before Matty and Carter want to attend something like this!

My guess is UNC...

Krystyn said...

My first guess is UNC..but then I have a second, if I'm allowed is Duke!

I would be so nervous, too, so props to you for making it through.

Lauren said...

I say he is at Duke University because being an East Coast Girl, I have grown up with guys that went there each and every year because their camps have such a great reputation.

I guess I haven't been a reader long enough though...because I really don't know.

I love your writing..."I did *happen* to stop by the campus" I mean...there was nothing wrong with that...since you were in the neighborhood...even if it happens to be 100 miles could just happen by ;)

I am glad you got to see for yourself that his clothes were changed :)

The Reed's said...

I suppose I don't get to really guess since I know you in real life, unless... the winner happens to receive some of your lottery winnings. Then I don't have a problem with spilling my guts.. :)

Glad that he had a good time, and to know that he remembered to change his underwear.. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to him!!

duchess said...

So, when do we get to find out.....
Where in the world is Chase??

Wendi said...

If you are reading this today for POW... Chase was at DUKE University in Durham, NC. He had the time of his life!!!

Shannon said...

Awwwww, great post!! How cool, I'm glad he had a wonderful time. DUKE - that's awesome, what a great experience for him!

McMommy said...

Wendi am I your 30th COMMENT??!?!?!

And to didn't want to play POW!

I'm so happy you did.

I would've missed you, you know.

Carol said...

Goodness I am glad you shared because being from the UK I seriously had NO idea but even I have heard of Duke, courtesy of One Tree Hill (Should a 32 year old honestly admit that?)

I'm glad you all survived!