Friday, June 6, 2008


It was a hot, humid Saturday morning.

It was Chase's first t-ball game.

He was 5.

He had on a new pair of cleats.

He carried with him a brand new glove.

It was not broken in yet.

It still had that new leather smell.

He was excited.

We were excited.

The game began.

Chase was in left field.

In more ways than one.

Several balls popped up in his direction.

He made no attempt to catch them.

He would run after them.

He would laugh.

He would make silly faces.

He just wasn't into it.

Sometime in the middle of the game, I felt someone tug at my shirt.

I looked down.

It was Chase.

He was standing with a bouquet of "weeds" he had just picked .

In left field.

For me.

It was a sweet gesture.

I tried to be excited.

But...we were in the middle of a game.

He had just walked off the field.

Poor Chase.

He. did. not . have. a. clue.

Fast forward seven years.

Last night.

It was a hot, humid, almost unbearable evening.

Chase had on a pair of eight week old Nike cleats.

Men's size 10.

They were already well worn and scuffed.

Traces of red clay dirt were present before he ever stepped on the field.

He carried with him a large bat bag.

It housed bats and his catchers equipment.

He was excited about the game.

We were excited about the game.

We love to watch his games.

His Nana, Uncle, Aunt and cousins were there.

He came to play.

He did an excellent job behind the plate.

With each game he seems more determined to stop every ball.

No matter what.

He was having a great game.

Yet, nothing prepared us for what happened next.

Chase was up at bat.

I watched my first born get into his "stance".

I hardly recognized him.

He looked taller and older.

He looked like a more mature player.

He was.

The pitch was released.

It was an inside corner change up.

That is what Chase told me later.

Chase's bat made a powerful contact with the ball.

The crack of the bat was loud.

The crowd jumped to their feet.

I heard a familiar voice in the stands.

His Dad's.

"It's outta here. It's gone!"

And it was.

A line drive through center field.

Up and over the fence.

It took a moment to sink in.

My son had just hit a ball out of the park!

His first home run!

I am sure my cheers were the loudest.

I am sure my smile was the biggest.

No, Chase had a bigger one.

As he rounded third base, his teammates and coaches met him at home plate.

High fives were exchanged.

It was then I felt the tears trickling down my face.

Not because he had hit a home run.

That was great.

It was because he had done something bigger.

In an instant, he had changed the way HE saw himself.

His confidence will be forever changed.

He had hit the ball harder and longer than he thought possible.

He had just received acceptance from teammates that he sometimes felt inferior to.

He would not go home and question his skills as a player.

He would not go home and wonder if he did his best.

Or played hard enough.

He would KNOW he did.

I knew that he felt good about himself.

That was better than any home run.

* the picture above...that is THE home run ball!

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Grammy Staffy said...

Way to go Chase! Way to go mom!

Thank you for this post... I've been down today and it made me smile.

By the way, I put your name in the title of my latest post because you inspired me to write it.

Grammy Staffy said...

No, No, Wendi, don't feel bad. The things I listed in my "open letter" have been eating on me for a long time. It feels good to vent. I changed the end of my post to say that and to thank you.

Thanks for your comments as usual

Beachy Mimi said...

What an uplifting story. Way to go Chase!!

Cecily R said...

What a great story and a great way to write it. So poetic. Loved every bit of it.

Next week please PLEASE join us for Photo Story Friday!! It's super easy and a great way to link up to bloggers you may not know. Let me know if you have questions!


OHmommy said...

WAy to go!!!!!!!!!

just jamie said...

I SWEAR TO GOD, as I was getting all choked up on this post, imagining MY CHASE having the same experience years from now .... I SWEAR my CHASE just walked up to me out of NOwhere and brought a baseball, a REAL baseball (where did he even get it?) and well, he asked me to help him balance it on his finger. Which isn't exactly home-run stuff, but MY CHASE handing me a baseball at the exact moment I'm reading about YOUR CHASE'S baseball success....

Wow. (Oh, and did I tell you his middle name is Fenway? I swear.)

Kristen said...

Oh that was just the best post ever!!

Seriously, made me what to hug Cade and tell him not to grow too fast. Especially since we are just now in that not paying attention during T-Ball phase.

Oh Wendi, that was just the sweetest of posts!

Happy Weekend Friend!

Joycious said...

Oh Wendi!
I too had tears running down my face because not only am I so proud of Chase, but it brings back sweet memories of my boys, baseball games, concession stand hot dogs, and great times raising my family. Enjoy these wonderful years...they go by WAY too fast.

Love you,

The Reed's said...

Congrats Chase!!

MamaGeek said...

Oh this was such a delicous post. How very sweet. Thanks so much for joining the PSF fun! This was another fantastic addition.

Leah said...

oh so sweet was this post.
oh so wet is my face.

Amy said...

Congrats, Chase!! I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one tearing up while reading this. Very sweet...

stephanie howard said...

Whta a night it was! Chase you did awesome, and we were so glad we were there.

McMommy said...

I'm freaking out about the men's size 10....seriously?? A MEN'S SIZE 10?! You mean my boys are going to lose those scrumptious baby feet?! Wahhhhh!!!!!

What a great post, Wendi! I loved the part with the hand-picked weeds...awww!!

C&C Mama said...

Ok, I am crying. My son, Cheney just started his 1st year of T-ball. He loved every minute of it, but I know he grew up as the season went on.

Great post!!

Emy5 said...

Great post Wendi. Chase has developed into a fine ball player.

duchess said...

Yea - way to go, Chase!
Great story. I felt like I was there watching with you.

The Mom said...

Great story!!!

Happy Anniversary to you too!! ;)

Ryanne said...

I grew up in a baseball family and I just love the way he brought you the "flowers" when he was little and then brought you joy as a young man, the joy of seeing him accomplish something wonderful and all wrapped in a wonderful baseball story.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chase! Tell your mom I am thrilled she shared this moment with us.

Wendi, I miss those dandelion bouquet days too! They were my absolute favorite. Trent wrote once and said "Mom, there are dandelions in New Zealand." Needless to say, I loved it and that he remembered.



Stephanie said...

I cannot even imagine what enormous pride you must have felt as his mother! What an accomplishment! Go Chase!!

Sharon said...

What a great story, and you wrote it so well. I could feel the emotion and got a little teary-eyed myself. I'm always impressed with good writing. Thanks for sharing that and giving me something to look forward to with my own son.

Sue said...

I love how you wrote that. I felt like I was there!

Way to go Chase!

carrie & troy keiser said...

What a great story for your photo story Friday! LOVED it! I'm so excited for Cec's "baby"--- this Foto story Friday! IT is so fun to read the story behind the picture!

Amber said...

I LOVE this post and it made me vow to be more religious about recording life's first-time events. What a doll!

Blessings From Above said...

Way to go Chase!!!!!

This is such a sweet post, I love it.

Lauren said...

That story seriously gave me the chills. It was so eloquently written. I loved it!
Yay, Chase!!!! That had to have been so exciting!
"Chase was in left field. In more ways than one." Made me giggle :)

I also laughed at how he brought you flowers. Awwwwwwwwwww, not good timing but, Awwwwwwwww!

Anonymous said...

Gosh durn!! What a sweet story. I have a hard time getting into baseball but this story kept me reading 'til the end :)

Leah said...

just wanted to comment again.
just because.
that's all.
hello? it's been like what - 4 days since your last post.
don't make me come to kinston.

Leah said...

just wanted to comment again.
just because.
that's all.
hello? it's been like what - 4 days since your last post.
don't make me come to kinston.

Lynell said...

I love your story. They certainly grow up way to fast. Isn't it wonderful to see their accomplishments. I know seeing my children succeed is 100 times more rewarding than anything I have ever accomplished myself.

Elizabeth said...

so sweet and cute! love the story.

i just found you on "mcmommy"...i'll be back again. :-)

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

aww...Wendy! so dang proud of Chase MAN!!!!!! Tell Claire I am sorry I missed her games I have been crazy...I NEED her schedule cause I have to go watch her in a game before the season is over!!! Thanks!

Dancin Queen said...

What a CUTE CUTE story! Love the moral.

4funboys said...


congrats... to all of you!