Friday, December 5, 2008

Music In The Lobby

This morning was like any other.

It started out well.

Twenty-one four year old children arrived at school wearing their finest holiday attire.

They were buzzing with excitement.

They were going to perform in a Christmas Program hosted by the Council on Aging.

They had each made a Santa hat out of construction paper.

Complete with cotton trim and possibly way too much glue.

They all looked quite festive.

Transportation had been arranged to get all the children to the hotel in a timely manner.

It took careful planning but everyone arrived safe and sound.

Upon entering the lobby, you could hear the excitement of the children.

They eagerly anticipated their turn "on stage".

Imagine our surprise when we were told that the program had been moved to a different day entirely.

We had prepared for an event that would not happen.

We had dressed up unnecessarily.

Parents took off work for no reason at all.

All because a simple phone call was never made.

Communication was forgotten.

Thank goodness our children will never know what might have been.

Instead we lined them up in the foyer.

The pianist hummed the tune and I, the music teacher, led those sweet children in Christmas music.

They sang their little hearts out to seven songs of the season.

The audience consisted only of parents, employees of the hotel, and a few overnight guests.

They clapped and cheered as if there were hundreds.

The children were so proud.

They smiled and bowed.

They had worked so hard.

This morning I felt the Christmas spirit.

And I saw it on the faces of 21 precious angels.


duchess said...

Oh, my heart is melting. How sweet.
So, who do we need to string up for not letting anyone know about the change?
I'm glad you pulled it off - do they get to go back & perform again?

Chelle said...

That's so sweet, Wendi!

You just sent some Christmas spirit this way, too :)

amanda said...

awww yay for you and the kiddos :)

well done friend. well done!

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

How can someone *forget* to call for something like that?

At least they still got to do their show!

Blessings From Above said...

I am glad it all worked out in the end. But you, my dear, must have been frantic when you first learned of the communication error.

Kristen said...

That is so awesome Wendi!! I am sure that they did so well, because they have the best teacher ever!!

Love it!

Krystyn said...

So sweet! I'm glad you guys made the most of the situation. You sure didn't let them down.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Oh, I'm so glad they sang anyway. I'm sure they were adorable. They are lucky to have such a great teacher to lead them! :)

Carol said...

Oh how cute is that. I'm so glad it wasn't spoiled for them.

Someone would have been getting a piece of my mind for sure. You just don't mess with 4 year olds.

Anonymous said...

that is soo cute!! :) I love it!!

Im sorry that it got cancelled! that would have really irritated me, but I am so glad the kids got to sing anyway!!

Sue said...

Thank God you just let them sing! Can you imagine the disappointment in their faces while you tried to explain that some $#@* idiot forgot to make a call!?

Amber said...

Ohhhhhhh brother on the date change but I'm glad it turned out well! We just had our ward Christmas party and it was a bit of a disaster because they forgot to advertise it. Oh, and they forgot to get a Santa so the kids had to talk to a stuffed toy one. Not quite the experience they were hoping for. :-)

Elaine A. said...

So glad to hear that it turned out fine! I be the kids were just wonderful! : )

McMommy said...

How sweet!!! And ssshhh...your secret is safe with me! :)

Grammy Staffy said...

I am so sorry that your program was changed but it sounds like you made the best of a bad situation. I'm glad that the children were able to sing with the help of their sweet teacher and that those who heard them enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas

Lauren in GA said...

Brilliant to let them sing anyway! They were none the wiser and the true Spirit of the Season was felt!!

You are a genius!

Stephanie said...

Oh my heart! What a wonderful idea. That's why kids need people like you in their schools. They all felt so important. This gave me chills - in a good way!

Susan said...

Great idea to save the day! I am sure they were just precious.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Awesome save of the day! I bet it was a wonderful performance!