Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Last week I participated in Not Me! Monday for the first time.

It was so much fun I thought I would try it again.

Here is my week in review.


I did not go an entire week without writing a post.

Not me.

I love my little blog too much.

I did not worry that I would lose all my readers while I was away.

All 3.5 of you.

You are still there....right?

I did not feel completely consumed with my class reunion last week.

I did not speak to the chairperson daily hourly every five minutes.

I did not email or text her every ten.

I did not beg ask any one to go.

I did not send out mass emails threatening lives if they didn't show up.

That is just not my style.

No one in my graduating class waited until last week to send me their money.

I did not get a phone call on Thanksgiving night, oh say about 9:15 pm, from someone who just found out about the reunion.

I did not get another call, oh say about 6:45 am, letting me know their check was in the mail.

Because that just wouldn't be right.

I did not have to meet people all over town to get their checks.

I did not consider hiring security.

I am not concerned at all that most of my classmates know where I live and have my cell phone number.

Not one bit.

I did not go to my parents for Thanksgiving.

It was not wonderful.

I did not smile all the way there just knowing it wasn't at my house this year.

I of course did not eat too much.

I had a class reunion to attend.

I did not finish it off with a slice of Hummingbird cake.

Or two.

I did not drive two hours home and then rush to the theater to make the 9:40 movie.

I did not see Twilight.


I did not enjoy it even more the second time.

While shopping for a dress, I most certainly did not look at only black ones.

And I did not inquire about Spanx.

When the saleslady said Spanx would make me look like I was 10 pounds lighter, I did not say, " I will take 4!"

Nope...not me!

I absolutely did not decide on the eve before my reunion to get a spray tan.

I did not come out with any shade of orange on my body.

And my legs did not look like bronze road maps.

Because that would not have been the look I was going for.

And I would know better.

I did not have the best time at my reunion.

I did not get to see friends I haven't seen in years.

I did not wear these shoes.

And I most certainly did not dance in them until midnight.

That would have been silly and irresponsible.

And my feet would hurt the next morning.


Want to join in ? What haven't you done this week?
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Anonymous said...

That was a lotta Not Me's! Laughing at my blog's aversion to your name. Again! But you managed to get a link in there. And only one! Bravo.

Krystyn said...

Whew! Thanksgiving and a reunion!

Do we get to hear a fun story or two?

Toots said...

Still here . . . still reading and laughing along with you . . . I totally did NOT do some of the same things as you . . no way . . . :-)

Stephanie said...

I was wondering where you were. I'm glad you had a good time. And yes, Twilight was better the second time. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Any fun reunion stories for us??

Elaine A. said...

Sassy shoes! Hope your feet are feeling better by now! : )

Hummingbird cake...yum.

amanda said...

those are some super cute shoes friend!! well worth the pain :)

and hummingbird cake?? details please!

leah said...

hey you!
i did not enjoy this post.
nope. not me. :)

happy holidays!!!!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

We would never go away :) You keep those dancing shoes ready at a moments notice ;)

duchess said...

I'm expecting a whole blog post about this reunion. Did you take pictures or have you completely forgotten about us?

I'm glad you danced the night away & had a great time - now dish the dirt.

Lauren in GA said...

That is a crying shame that you didn't wear those shoes. They are so fabulous!

You are funny!

Steph said...

Love the shoes!!

Susan said...

You have been one busy lady.
I need to get on this Not Me bandwagon. I have had plenty of material lately.