Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Well my Internets, it is that time of the week again.

You guessed it.

That special time when I gather all of you around me and share the things I did NOT do.

Shall we begin?


After confessing last week that I did not still have out some of my Christmas decorations... I must confess that I did.

My dining room table was chocked full of ribbon, ornaments, strands of lights, and Christmas serving pieces.

I did not procrastinate another week.

And my dining room definitely does not still look the same exact way.

The table is always cleared, clean and ready for dinner guests at any given moment.

I pray I will not be struck by lightning for that last statement.

My sweet husband did not offer to help me with my 550 loads of laundry.

And I certainly did not decline his help or beg him not too.

That would have been unkind and could lead to hurt feelings.

I am not over-the-top picky about my laundry.

And I would never think that there is no one except my mother I would let within 100 feet of it.

I did not come home to an excited husband who announced he had done all 550 loads in 2 hours.

I did not have panic attacks.

I did not open the dryer to find all towels, both white and chocolate brown drying together.

Nope, not me.

And the panic attacks that of course I did not have did not intensify.

Because I certainly did not find any white fuzz on the chocolate towels or any chocolate fuzz on the white.

It really is fine to mix them all together.

Delicates, whites, darks, towels.

It makes no difference to me.

I do not freak out over such petty little things.

I am always cool under pressure.

I did not decide to go back to college last week.

I am much too old.

And I definitely did not register for two online classes.

Because I am busy enough.


I am not excited, not one little bit, that one of the classes I am not taking is Intro to Computers.

I do not like computers you know.

And I do not have any addictions to them.

That is all.

Surely there are things you have not done this week.

Please join us at MckMama's and tell us all about them.


Pam said...

well...I'm not addicted to computers either. Nope! Not me! I don't like help washing the laundry but I would love help folding.

Mrs. S said...

How exciting!!!!! I mean, that is so NOT exciting. I do NOT want to go back to college myself, not at all!!

Also, I am NOT freaky about laundry one bit. I do NOT have a family that will throw my clean clothes on the dirty floor in my room because they need the dryer. They most certainly do NOT stick them in a ball on top of the washer. This does NOT irritate the crap outta me because its NOT like clothes get wrinkled or anything. NEVER. And I most certainly do NOT still fold their clothes because I am NOT a sucker who thinks that one day they will come to their senses and be kind to other people's laundry. Nope, NOT me. You can't tell that I am so NOT sensitive to this subject at all by this freakin long comment can you? Nope, not at all.

Katie said...

YEA! What other class are you NOT taking?

Hailey said...

Ok. Don't come to my house. I don't seperate laundry. Well I didn't... until I confessed this to my Nana, Lesley and Mom. Boy did they all have panic attacks. I was all like be serious guys. It is no biggie. Well I guess it is. Even to you. So I hopped on board the "seperate your laundry" train. I still don't see why it is such a big deal. Whatev.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I always get a kick out of this post! I feel the same about laundry!

duchess said...

Man, these Monday posts get here quickly.
So glad to hear about the school thing - I was worried about you being bored all day.
I'm also in the middle of a laundry crisis. If my children would not change clothes 3 times a day it might not be so bad.
Have a great week & don't do anything you'll have to deny next Monday. ;)

Grammy Staffy said...

I am not excited that you are going back to not me... and I am not proud of you either!!!

I did not go back to college when I was 41 and had 4 children, a husband and a mom to take care of. I do not know how difficult it is...but so worth it.

By the way, the mess of toys the grandkids left in our gameroom is not still out on the table and left a week ago yesterday so I certainly would not leave toys out of place for all that time...not me.

Krystyn said...

Oh, boy! You weren't busy at all.

And, I say, let hubs do the laundry. Who cares about the fuzz! Think of the time you got back (and the fact that he was totally thinking of you when he did it)!

Good luck with your classes.

just jamie said...

I freak out over petty things, too. So ya know.

Sheri and George said...

I strated college 2 years ago after being out 30 some years.I am halfway to my diploma. If I can do it, you can too. Good luck!

Lauren in GA said...

Yah...I am not addicted to the computer, either. That is why I have my household running so smoothly.

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I let Husband do socks, underware, and towel-types of loads of clothing!

stephanie howard said...

Still smiling about the laundry:-)
I pretty much forbid Mickey washing the laundry for this very reason!