Thursday, January 1, 2009

Same Goals...Different Year

Is it really possible that 2008 is gone?

It seems like yesterday we celebrated its arrival.

As with any new year, I make resolutions.

And I try to keep them.

At least the first month.

So I give you the resolutions that will probably be forgotten in 30 days.

1. Lose weight.
I know I say this every year. I start programs and quit. I start going to the gym and quit. But this is the year I stick. I mean it. I am tired of the "fluffy" look. It is so last year. I want to hear someone say,"Wendi, what are you doing? You really should eat something!" I just want someone to notice my bone structure...not the padding.

2.Exercise more.
I don't just mean for the weight loss, but for my health.
I need to be able to play a game on the Wii without panting or causing my heart to beat at an unusually rapid pace.

3. Scream less.
I am not sure when I became a screamer. I think it was about the time my children stopped listening. I try the quiet inside voice.I try the sing-song approach. None of that works. Then I start getting loud and before I know it my neighbors know who wrote all over the walls with a sharpie.

4.Spend more quality time with my kids.
Not time loading the dishwasher together. Not time organizing their closet together. Not even time vacuuming under the sofa together. I don't want their only memory of me to be that of cleaning and alphabetizing.

5.Get more rest.
This has been on my list for the last 12 years. But this is the year...right? This is the year I get to reclaim my bed. This is the year I don't have to share it with more than one person. This is the year that I don't wake up with little toes in my face.

6.Read more.
I love to read. I would immerse myself in books frequently before I had children. After children, not. so. much. I start books. And sometimes I finish them. But I am going to carve out more time for reading. I may even join a book club.

7. Become a better multi-tasker.
I can do a lot of things well. I don't do a lot of things at one time well. If I have too much to my plate, things slide and don't get done. Basically I stink at multi-tasking. I am going to work on this problem. Why shouldn't I be able to bake a cake while helping with a math problem, while driving to dance, while planning a party, while wiping a nose, while sweeping my floor? I. can. do. it.

8.Blog more.
I know. *gasp* Don't judge. Let me explain. Blogging is my therapy. Only it is cheaper. I can't even explain to non-bloggers what it does for me. I have let my blog posts and comments go during this Christmas season. I have missed it more than you know. It is my form of Prozac and I am not in a happy place when I don't have it. I guess I need to carve out a time for the computer too.

9.Date more.
No silly, not other people. My husband. We always say at the beginning of every year we are going to schedule date nights every month. We do great in January. And then the busy gets us. And we forget. And time goes by. Not this year. We are going out more sans children.

So there you have it.

My January is already looking to be quite busy.

With all the dieting, exercising, talking quietly, spending time with the kids, reading, multi-tasking, blogging, and dating I hope I find time for the resting.

What about you?

What are you resolving to do this month year?

Happy New Year!!!


The Mom said...

I love the Date More post, it is SO important for a relationship and for the whole family! Happy New Year!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I second every single one of those, Wendi! I could have written them myself! Good luck, and thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who gets a little winded playing the Wii!

C and C Mommy said...

At lunch today, my 82 year old Grandma asked me if I any resolutions. I said yes, that I wanted to floss my teeth more. She thought I said BRUSH my teeth more and she gave me this big speech about bad breath and how she couldn't believe that I did not brush my teeth everyday, that it was gross, blah, blah, blah. I finally said "No Grandma, FLOSS my teeth more." And she said "Oh, that is a good resolution." It was funny.

Good luck on your resolutions!!

Mrs. S said...

Good luck with all your resolutions!! Maybe we should start a bloggy book club. I need to make more time to read too! I love it, but I rarely make the time I want to for it!

Happy new Year!

Hailey said...

So... I love that you are organized. I love that you want to spend quality time with the kids without having them clean or organize. See I'm the exact opposite of you. My children and hubs are begging me to clean and organize.
I also love that you have made a resolution to spend more time with the hubs. How cute!

AND... I like the bloggy book club idea that Mrs. S just commented about. So fun! We should really look into that. I need to read more. I miss it. I miss sitting down, wrapped in a blanket, in the nice quiet house, reading.

Happy New Year!!

lov said...

awesome list
and all seem quite easy to keep up with!!
my goal....i want to be able to run 3 miles .... as easy as i can walk them by the end of the year!

duchess said...

All of thee above.
Everything that's on your list could be on mine - if I made resolutions that is. (I don't like to set myself up for failure, which would be inevitable.)
I'm also going to figure out how to make the days longer so we can fit more in. I'll keep you posted on that.

duchess said...

Oops. added an extra "e" in the.
too much coffee makes me jittery.;)

pb&j in a bowl said...

Great list! Happy New Year!

Lauren in GA said...

I am so with you...I need to date my husband more and I want to somehow reveal I had cheekbones...once...many moons ago.

Krystyn said...

This is totally your year! I can feel it!

Elaine A. said...

Oh my gosh girl. WHEN you get all that done you will be my hero!! Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!! : )

Katie said...

I would like a buddy to go to the gym with. I would love to commit. I just have to move into my house first. Also, if you find a book club, sign me up!!!

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

Almost all of these are on my ABC resolution list! =)

Marla said...

date more is at the top of my list...

Susan said...

Good luck!
I have several of those on my list. More exercise, less eating, more dating my husband, more quality time with my kids even it means a little less blogging and do a little more for me (like reading, time with friends, etc.).
Happy New Year my bloggy friend!

Steph said...


Happy New Year to you and your family! My biggest resolution this year is to connect more with my friends and family instead of just checking the box, I know it won't be easy because we lead a pretty busy life but friends and family connections are important and i think I have neglected them in the past

Kristen said...

I love your list!! Seriously, and now that Cole is 4, I am really hoping you get your bed back! :)

I don't really do resolutions, although I have had quite the meltdown here too! Thinking maybe I should start on a couple of things!

Hope you have had a Happy New Year so far! Missed talking to you!!

anti-supermom said...

This year I'm resolving to be more creative - which such a large landscape of things - that I can consider even painting my toenails creative.

An easy resolution to not break :)

Your list is great BTW

The White House said...

Great resolutions... Scream less... should have added that to my list.

Dancin Queen said...

I love your goals! Especially scream less. I think I'm going to try to scream more. lol.

Grammy Staffy said...

ahh Wendi you always make me smile. I love the is too ambitious for me...I like the get more rest part but I don't know if I am up to the more exercise and dieting part. I have had those as my goals for the last 26 years and you can see where it has gotten me!!!! oh well....maybe this year???? Why don't you check up on me??? Goodness knows that I could use the encouragement.

Good luck on all of your goals.

Luv ya, Grammy Lura

4funboys said...

Fluffy look??? HA

That's me... and I'm tired of it too!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Love the list Wendi! I can relate to many of them and even add a few!

stephanie howard said...

Those are some great goals! We share some of the same goals maybe we should, you know...encourage (push) each other to actually keep them:-)