Friday, February 6, 2009

My Many Needs

I saw this on her blog and her blog.

I am nothing if not a follower.

Here is what you do.

Just go to google and type in your first name followed by the word needs.

Google will provide the rest.

Wendi needs...

1. to wait a few years to be a successful part of the WWE. Um, I had to google WWE to see what it even was. So glad I had no idea. It is World Wrestling Entertainment. Can't you just see me in the ring? I think we can all wait a few years for that!

2. to return to work. return to work? Are you kidding me? I work harder and longer at this mom gig than any job I have ever had. But would be nice to get paid for it!

3. alcohol freedom. Did someone slip something in my Crystal Light, because I am pretty sure that is a non-alcoholic beverage.

4. a new tattoo. I have aversions to needles and pain. No thanks.

5. a brain massage. Seriously, if it will help with my horrible memory...where do I sign up?

6. special needs toys. Just what are you trying to say here?

7. advice. Definitely. Currently I need advice on what to do with my hair? Cut it? Color it? Grow it? Layer it? Shave it all off and start over? All advice welcome.

8. a virtual hug. A hug is always needed and if it can't be in person...virtual is the next best thing!

9. to get it all together. I have been trying to do this for years. It's bound to happen one of these days!

10. The Wendi Plan. You tell me what that plan was again?

I kept scrolling and looky what else I need:

11. a babysitter. Every other weekend please! Oh, and I need her to be FREE!

12. computer education. Google is psychic! I am taking an online computer course right now. I do hope it educates me!

13. the money. Especially since the money tree I planted in the back yard still hasn't taken root.


Cade and Brittany said...

Cute idea. I did it and most of the things I need were a loving home. I guess since there is a breed of dogs called Brittany. Is there such a place that I can be loved?!

duchess said...

This is so cute - I may have to try it out & do a post also.
Duchess needs a new idea.
Enjoy your weekend.

Sue said...

Cute! I am going to have to try this. I am pretty sure the first thing that will come up is Sue needs a million dollars.

Elaine A. said...

"The Wendi Plan!" I love it!!
Maybe if you get that brain massage you'll remember your plan! HA!

Sending a "virtual hug!" : )

Hailey said...

"Wendi needs to wait a few years to be a successful part of the WWE."
I just peed my pants.
What is your wrestling name going to be?
Too funny!

Carol said...

I just did this last week too, it is a crack up.

The WWE eh? I'll be anxiously waiting to see that my love.

amanda said...

sooo fun friend.

might have to give it a try!

happy weekend :)

Susan said...

Too funny! But great, now you have me curious and I have to go and do it myself.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

"to get it all together" - that one has my name written ALL OVER IT!!! haha! :)

stephanie howard said...

Those are some pretty great needs! Tattoo, special needs toys, and alcohol freedom... interesting for sure! LOL!!!

Krystyn said...

You have a lot of needs, don't you?

Stephanie said...

Some might now describe you as needy! Haha! Too cute :)