Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She Wasn't Switched At Birth After All

I love my Claire.

I adore her in fact.

But there have been quite a few times when I have questioned if I brought home the right baby from the hospital.

She looks exactly like her father.


Sometimes it is scary how much she looks like him.

I often tease that it is like seeing Chad in a dress.

Which could be really scary!

She is quite the drama queen.

I feel certain that she acquired that lovely trait from my mother me.

So there are a few things about her that would assure me that she is in fact my daughter.

But there are also a few things that have made me question it.

She is probably the messiest little girl I know.

I don't mean just a little untidy.

I don't mean oops, her clothes are not hung according to color and length.

I mean full blown F5 tornado touched down in her room messy.

It is enough to drive this mama c-r-a-z-y!

I probably on average clean, straighten, organize, and pick up her room 4 times per week.

Just for my sanity.

It doesn't bother her at all.

She kicks her shoes off wherever.

She drops her back pack wherever.

She leaves her wet towel...where else?

On the floor.

Sometimes I think she is completely unaware of her surroundings.

But Friday I received a call from my messy little girl that let me know without any doubt she is mine.

I had asked her to call and let me know if all the party food that had been assigned was in fact at the school.

I always like to know ahead so I can run out and get anything that might have been forgotten.

She called and assured me that everything was there, but I may want to pick up some PLAIN potato chips.

"But, I thought you said everything was there?", I inquired.

"It is Mom, but someone brought cheese doodles instead of chips and I am not sure that is appropriate for a Valentine's Day party. Orange is not going to look good on those pretty plates"

I didn't know whether to laugh or run to the school and kiss her.

Don't judge...but I promise that sounds exactly like something I would say.


She really does belong to me!


Cade and Brittany said...

OK So I laughed out loud when I read her response to you. Yes Wendi she is YOUR child!!!

duchess said...

How cute - you've trained her well.

She would get along splendidly with my little tornado - two peas in a pod - if they could only find a clean spot on the floor to play.;)

Mrs. S said...

That is soo funny! :) My mom thought i would grow out of my throw clothes everywhere phase...I have yet to do so...I'm sure my husband prays that it will curb when we live together! haha

C and C Mommy said...

That is funny....I have a little one like that. She doesn't care what her surroundings look like, but if her hands or clothes are dirty, you better watch out!!

Sue said...

The horrors of orange on pink and red plates! So funny!

Threeboys1mommy said...

I happen to believe that cheese doodles go with EVERYTHING!!!

Susan said...

Haha...that is priceless!! Nothing like color coordinating the food.

pb&j in a bowl said...

That is awesome! I love it!

Krystyn said...

Oh, that is just too funny! I love your little Claire-Bear!

amanda said...

that is priceless honey!!

love it!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh my goodness! That is just too, too funny!

Elaine A. said...

Oh now, we wouldn't want the cheese doodles to clash, now would we!! That's hilarious! And gives us a better sense about you too Momma! ; )

QueenAnderson said...

I do have to admit it was pretty cute and that she was going to ask each child what color cupcake they wanted, to which I told her not to ask just give :)

4funboys said...


Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I don't know what's making me laugh more - the fact that her clothes are not hung in order of color and length or the fact that someone brought cheese doodles!