Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Baby Girl is TEN!

Don't adjust your computer monitor.

Don't check your google reader.

Yes, it really is me.

Posting three days in a row.

I told you I would be back to my old blogging self for the summer.

Just try and get rid of me.

Actually, please don't.

I am kind of fond of you, my loyal readers.

And your fabulous comments.

Now where were we?

Oh's post.

Today is the birthday of my middle child.

My only daughter.


Whom I love and adore more than words can say.

She is ten.

She thinks she is twenty-five.

I have assured her I am not old enough to have birthed a twenty-five year old.

Most days Claire is delightful.

A breath of fresh air.


And other days....well....let's just say....she's not.

This past weekend was her dance recital.

She performed beautifully.

She is a natural on stage.

Sometimes what she comes up with off stage makes us laugh.

Friday I picked up the traditional arm bouquet of flowers for my dancer.

Trying to keep her from seeing them is impossible.

The flowers came with a traditional card to be filled out with loving sentiments.

I chose not to fill it out because she would obviously know who gave the flowers to her.


Because I had not filled out the card...Claire decided she would be a dear and do it for me.

This is so typical of Claire.
Writing her own youdidagreatjob card.

She keeps us laughing and on our toes.

Our lives would certainly be boring without her.

Happy Birthday my little Claire Bear!


Marla said...

happy birthday! wow... 10

duchess said...

Happy Birthday!! "10" Wow.
You're officially a Pre-teen.
Hope it was great.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

HAPPY, Happy Birthday Miss Claire! :) Welcome to the double digit birthdays! They are so much fun ;)

The Reed's said...

This only means one thing.. I too am getting old. I remember the days before Claire. You preggers with Claire and how adorable she was as a baby. Now as a beautiful 10 year old who is so much like her Mother, who by the way is awesome. Have a great summer and relax some!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Claire! I too remember when you were pg with Claire; I remember one Sunday in Wilmington that you guys had come to visit your parents and you sat down only to get up immediately to go to the bathroom. No idea why I remember that. We saw Claire on Sunday; she is so sweet; she always comes up and says hello. Hope she has a great day!!

Elaine A. said...

Did she do her own birthday card too? hee hee! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

amanda said...

happy, happy birthday sweet girl :)

and happy special day to you too mama!

Shana said...


LazyCrazyMama said...

Hilarious! I love it!
Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure she had a great birthday!
and lol at filling out her own cards :)

Krystyn said...

Happy Birthday, Claire.

And, hilarious that she made her own card.

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy 10th Birthday Claire. You and my Claire Bear are growing up so fast.I hope that you had a very happy birthday.

Have a great summer Wendi. I hope that you can relax and rest a bit.
Hugs, Grammy

Grammy Staffy said...

P.S. I was in Charlotte, N.C. airport this Wed. on a lay over.I was thinking of you and wishing that I could meet you.

All I could do is send you Grammy love while I was in your state for an hour. Did you feel the love coming your way???? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

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