Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Field Trip With Fourth Graders (Part 3)

We pulled into the parking lot of Jockey's Ridge and were told this would be our lunch spot.

The teachers pointed to a picnic area and we scurried off the bus in hopes of the warm sun thawing us out.

That my friends did not happen.

The picnic area was shaded and cold.

The wind was relentless.

At that point I was wishing my cold sandwich and grapes would turn into hot soup.

We all ate quickly and then headed up to the dunes.

I don't think I have ever seen dunes so large.

Ginormous even.

And wouldn't you know it.... they wanted us to climb them.

So we did.

One step at a time.

We trudged and trudged.

From the top you could see for miles across the Outer Banks.

It was a beautiful view of the island.

Then I noticed most of the kids were no longer on top of the dunes.

They were rolling down them.

Way down.

Including Claire.

Notice she chose to take OFF her shoes.

Because who would climb sand dunes at the beach with shoes on?


Of course being the fun mom I am I chose to stay put.

And keep my shoes on.

I did not want to find sand in places sand should not be.

I stood on top of the dunes and snapped photos.

I also belted out things like, "Don't roll down if you think you can't climb back up".

And "Look at all that sand, do you really want to take that home as a souvenir?"

Like I said...fun mom!

The kids had a great time and Jockey's Ridge was by far the highlight of their trip.

Sand and all!

We spent a few hours there and then headed to the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

After a brief tour we were on our way home.

My little happy dance ensued.


Chelle said...

How beautiful! Can we make a momma's field trip?

With wine?

And girl things to do?

That would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My little heart goes pitter patter for the OBX. And watching the kids play reminds me of when I was little on the dunes!!

When I was young you could still climb cape hatteras lighthouse (before they moved it) and I got up to about the 5th level, looked out the window and realized I was deathly afraid of heights. Now on those stairs there is not a lot of passing room, so I was holding people up, crying, crying and so scared my knees were no longer working correctly. Im sure my mom was terribly embarassed. My Dad told me to quit being such a baby while he and my sister ran up the rest of the stairs. Myself, I only got to the fifth level and I am proud to say that :) haha

Did you get to climb the Bodie lighthouse?

Laural Out Loud said...

I just caught up on your story. So much fun to read! Being cold is the WORST. I would've been miserable, lol. But despite the cold it sounds like you had a pretty good time.

duchess said...

How did I know that was going to happen?

I do love that place but not with a cold wind (or a cold sandwich).
Glad you survived - SuperMom!

Mc Allen said...

woo hooo, looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!! What a precious cherished memory! LA

Dancin Queen said...

Beautiful is right!

And whew! That was some field trip! What lucky 4th graders.

Grammy Staffy said...

What...you didn't take your shoes off and roll down the sandy hill???
I can't imagine why not.

Except for the cold it surely sounds like you had a great field trip. I'm glad.

x said...

Wow the pictures are so beautiful, glad you had a great time.

The first picture reminds me of the beach in FL where my hubby proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from www.idonowidont.com in the fall.

We would love to visit the Bodie Island lighthouse sometime, it looks pretty!

Julie said...

Yikes, how much sand were you coming out of her hair later!

Lauren in GA said...

Brrrrrrr! Can you get frostbite from cold sand?

The pictures are so fabulous! It was so nice of you to sacrifice the fun you would have had rolling down the dunes without your shoes...so you could take those wonderful pictures. You are a real giver.

amanda said...

we soooo don't have field trips like this in kansas.

i think i will call the hubby and let him know that we are moving :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE Jockey's Ridge!!! Rolling down is the best....I love the pictures!!~

Spoiled Mommy said...

WOW-great pictures!
Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I dont live far from there and now you have really made me want to go check it out myself!

LOVE LOVE the pic of them running up the sand-adorable!

Susan said...

Great pictures!
Glad you survived a long day with fourth graders!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

You mean that you didn't roll down the hill with them! Come on slacker!:)