Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Keywords That Brought Us Together

Just a few months ago I shared with you some of the keywords that led you to me.

Thanks to Google Analytics I have more.

They were just too good not to share.

Wendi with an i
Yup, you found me. Not that many of us. I love the spelling of my name.
Thanks for noticing. Most people don't. They usually spell it Wendy with a y. Who is clearly not me.

Because I Said So Dogs Name
I must discourage naming your dog Because I Said So. That would be a mouthful to just get your dog to heel or sit. "Because I Said So heel boy."
And then the dog would look at you and wonder why and you would reply, "Because I Said So." And then the dog would be even more confused. Just not a good idea.
Of course you could be asking what my dogs name is since my blog once was called Because I Said So. In that case....Tar. See simple. One syllable.

Heels Driving Snow Site
I have no idea how you got here. I haven't seen snow in years.
Not. a. flake.

Short love poems made on dog bites.
Hmmmm. I enjoy a good poem, but I have never written one on dog bites.
I will give it a try.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
If you break my heart,
I will sic my dog on you!

How's that?

Scariest Chili Recipe
My feelings are hurt. Why would you be sent here? I make a mean chili.
Not scary chili. I call it Wendi's Can Can Chili because I use a can of this and a can of that. I don't see anything scary about it. It is quite tasty really. Try it.

I scared to send kiss you because I don't want to infect you.
What is up with the scared theme here? Although for this one I am glad.
I don't want you to send me any kisses. Especially if there is a possibility of infection. Go stalk some other blog!

Wendi watching grass grow.
There is a lot of things I do in a day. I am a mom of three children. I can assure you that I do not have any extra time to be watching grass grow.

When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling Brown.
I hope you just got confused on the lyrics here. The word is Blue.
When I am feeling blue. If you are feeling brown, may I suggest a doctor.

Outdoorsy Kids Vacation
If there is one thing I am not it is outdoorsy. I am allergic to camping.
And bugs. And wild animals. And dirt. And cooking over a campfire.
And fishing. Next.

Fall asleep sitting slurring words
Guilty. I do this often when reading books to my children. They find it annoying. It is hereditary. My mom did it too.
If you are falling asleep sitting slurring words because you are drunk then I think a 12 step program is in your future.

What to do if an addict is in denial.
That is easy. Embrace you addictions. Own them. I did.
I was in complete denial about my blogging addictions. Once I admitted I had the addiction I added a few more. Like Twitter. Now I am Social Network addict and proud of it!

Husbands fishing addiction
Boy did you come to the right place. Where do I begin? I am just thrilled that none of my addictions have left me injured, wet, cold, sunburned, or smelly.

One of these shoes is not like the other
Maybe you should try buying a matching pair. Mismatched shoes are so last year.

You're my urinal
I certainly hope not. I don't want to be your urinal. Though I do have a lovely one on my front steps. At least Nana thinks so.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Isn't that a blast? I love looking at the keywords that people use to find me.

I try to post about it every other month or so, and I am pretty due for a new one! There are some funny ones last time I checked!

Chelle said...

Lol! Those are too funny! I love reading to see how people find me...I should do a post one day, too!

I laughed hard about the chili one! Too funny!

Krystyn said...

Much fun.

I think the urinal one is the best! Yuck!

The Mom said...

Urinals and scary chili, too funny!!

Elaine A. said...

Wow these are SO random and some just a little scary...

Love your Poem! : )

amanda said...

simply hilarious friend.

especially the last one!!

Julie said...

Hilarious! I need to learn how to use Google Analytics.....

Anonymous said...

that is soo funny!! i need to check my keywords!!

Ashley said...

This is so funny!!~