Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The part where my husband loses his mind!

My husband went fishing last Thursday with a friend.

They were fishing for.... um, well......fish.

They were moving along the river slowly using a trolling motor.

I guess they were trolling along.

I crack myself up.

Without warning the large motor on the back of the boat hit a stump.

My husband was standing on the front of the boat.

On the edge.

Guess who fell right off?

Yup, my hubby.

Guess what fell with him?

Yup, his brand new blackberry crackberry, his glasses, and his wallet.

Sadly his crackberry drowned, his glasses were never recovered, and his leather wallet smelled of fish.

Everything in his wallet was soaked.

We did some money laundering later that night.

What was that?

Oh, how is Chad?

He is fine... thanks for asking.

Just a bruised ego and sore from the fall and pulling himself back onto the boat.

What I would give for video footage of that.

Thank goodness he was with a friend that could see to drive home.

Fast forward to today.

Right now to be exact.

One guess where my husband is?

On a boat fishing for...um, well....fish!

With a new crackberry, different glasses and his smelly wallet.

This time he is alone.

Is it just me or is he crazy?

When will he learn?

I am thinking my addictions are nothing compared to his.

I have never lost anything or been injured from blogging.



Jen said...

Tell your husband to set up a video camera on his next fishing trip. That really would have been GREAT blogging material. I agree-blogging is way less hazardous to your health and wallet.

Miranda said...

lol That's just too funny! My hubby wouldn't give up his hobby that easily either.

Chelle said...

Hehe! Is it bad I am laughing over here?

Because I am agreeing with you 100%. With blogging we don't lose anything.

Well, except for maybe just a little bit of sleep...

amanda said...

money laundering!!

hahaha honey you crack me up :)

glad to hear hubby is ok. but i am guessing he will never learn.

boys are just like that :)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Oh he is a brave one! You're lucky to have him around:)

McMommy said...

HA! EXACTLY!!! Blogging has never caused you to stink like fish!! :)

LazyCrazyMama said...

HaHa! He is completely insane. Does not learn.

anti-supermom said...

Oh, now you've got me thinking about that stinky fish smell,


so happy that my hobby is blogging and not fishing...

duchess said...

I'd say he owes you a shopping trip just to balance out the cost of the new blackberry. :)

Now, don't take a header into the keyboard - that might hurt.

Carol said...

Poor Chad.

Maybe you need to entice him to have a safer hobby like blogging.

Hobbies from the safety of your sofa are the way to go.

Elaine A. said...

I really don't get fishing. Really. Now blogging, I TOTALLY get that! ; )

Susan said...

I will forevermore call my husband's blackberry his crackberry, since he is addicted to it as if it was crack.
Blogging is definitely a less dangerous and smelly hobby. Maybe you could convince Chad to start a car guys blog. Mark would read it!

Krystyn said...

That is hilarious. I bet you've never lost a computer or glasses while blogging/reading. It's dangerous, but I don't think you can drown!!

Queen B said...

If my husband's crackberry drowned, he'd be upright in a straightjacket right about now.

And to go back for more....
Bless his heart.

C and C Mommy said...

That is sooo funny!! I am laughing out loud....mainly because I could totally see that happen at MY HOUSE!!

Cecily R said...

Jon has been on a fishing kick lately too...and he better not lose his glasses or phone...the wallet's okay because its empty anyway. :)

Ellen said...

It's the fish. They do things to men's brains (or lack there of, hehe).
We finally got the phone insurance on my husband's phone and we have replaced his costa del mars at least 5-6 times, yes 5-6 times. so much so, that I can now get them at the dealer's cost. They feel sorry for me!

Stephanie said...

I cannot stop laughing! That is so typical of a man. Hilarious!!

And of course he goes back out again. Cause that makes perfect sense right?! Haha!

Carolina Flooring Center said...

This is soo funny!!! I am going to continue to read! I read the blog about addictions...I am new to the blog world...and I think I am starting to display symptoms of addiction, but I dont think I can stop! haha!

Mamasphere said...

We may have addictions, but we're smart about them. Men can be such bull heads. Hope he came back dry this time!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Tears are rolling down my face from laughter! I HAD to read this out loud to my husband so he too could laugh!