Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deep Fried Goodness

I love the State Fair.

I love the sights.

I love the sounds.

I love the rides.

I love the smells.

Except for the ones at the petting farm or the livestock arena.

Those I could do without.

But mostly, I love the food at the fair.

The Italian sausage sandwiches piled high with peppers and onions.

Caramel apples.

Frozen bananas on a stick.



When did all my favorites go fried?

Seriously, deep fried cheeseburgers?

I. can. not. imagine.

I think a heart attack is imminent.

Fried PB&J Sandwiches?

Fried Mac and Cheese?

And all my favorite candy in a deep greased state?

Who thought of this and were they in fact "fried" when the concept came to them?

Judging by the lines in front of the "fried" booths I would say everyone is doing it.

Everyone, but me.

Don't get me wrong... I ate.

I ate plenty.

I just steered away from the doubleyourcholesteroltoday stuff.

It just seemed wrong on so many levels.

My family disagreed.

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Kristen said...

Ummm, yummy!! I might have to side with your family, and risk the heart attack!!

Is that a candy bar they are eating?? Delish!

Amy said...

I'm with you. I've seen a few of these before and I was a little freaked out by it all. Deep fried dill pickles however are delicious!!!!!

The White Family said...

Our State fair ended on Sunday and I miss the food already!! I gained four pounds in just two trips, lol. The thing this year was "Fried Corn on the cob".. Yeah!! It was actually good! :o)
Glad you had a great time.

Chelle said...

I love fair food. Love. it!

But all the fried stuff? Ew! I am with ya on that one...

I'll stick to the traditional favorites of need to drop dead at the fair bc I devoured a fried snicker, fried mac and cheese and fried cheeseburger!

Caramel apple, here I come!

leah said...

i am SOO not there.

Susan said...

I'm with you on all that fried stuff...YUCK!!!!!

But the loaded sausage sandwiches, funnel cakes, caramel apples....YUM! I think you almost duplicated my fair meal. Though I have never had a frozen banana on a stick. What's that like?

amanda said...

i am with your family honey.

thank goodness they enjoyed some fried yumminess for me!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I cant decide. On one hand I agree with you, fried everything?? Yucky. But Im curious. I want to see what they look like and maybe just take a little itty bitty bite and see what it tastes like? But not all of it! Im still saying ew. But curious. Dang it.

Jen said...

This cracked me up because it reminded me of the Renn Fest. All that food on sticks. So weird! Although I didn't see the PB&J on the stick at the Renn Fest so this has them beat for creative ways to make food completely unhealthy (and perhaps delicious). Looks like you had a fun time, though!

anti-supermom said...

Have you been to the Minnesota state fair - now that is a fair to compete with in terms of everything being fried. EVERYTHING.


jOni lAnE said...

I have to admit, I totally indulged. We "shared" deep fried oreos. They were amazing. seriously. amazing.

Mamasphere said...

Yes, but it will be a deep fried DELICIOUS heart attack! Mmmm.

Grammy Staffy said...

Yummy...wouldn't it be heavenly if we could eat all of that evily delicious fried stuff and not worry about it?

Did they have fried pickles? They were quite common in Mississippi when we were there but I never got around to getting one. I've wondered every since what a fried pickle would taste like.... I bet not nearly as good as a fried Snickers.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I've heard of deep fried candy but not the others..... hummmmm interesting! Looks like the fam enjoyed it!

Krystyn said...

My stomach just turned reading that! Yuck! So, no fried twinkies for you?

Stephanie said...

They can deep fry all this stuff?! I had no idea. I think I would have stayed away from that too. I would feel as if I was slowly killing myself with each bite!

How goes the running?

Julie said...

For the record, fried Oreo's are the best thing ever......