Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost and Gotta Go!

I mentioned in my Monday Mumblings that I took a mini road trip over the weekend.

I took Claire and Cole with me.

May I just say that I can not imagine how I ever traveled without a DVD player in my car.

This road trip was horrid and I had one.

The trip to my parents house on Saturday was not too bad.

One pee pee stop.

We had a wonderful visit with the grandparents.

The trip to Greensboro on Sunday can be summed up in one word: LOST!

Trying to get from my parents house to I40....lost.

Trying to get from I40 to High Point...lost.

Trying to find the church in High Point...lost.

The Law of Wendi clearly states that if one wrong turn is made on a trip...50 more are sure to follow.

And they did.

If you happened to be in High Point on Sunday morning and saw a crazy woman banging her fists on the steering wheel while yelling profanities...that would be me.

Well, the profanities were mostly in my head.

My kids were the ones hanging there heads out the back window screaming,

" I am going to throw up Mom! I really am. I feel sooooooo sick. Pull over pulezzz!"

So I did.

We made a pit stop at McDonald's and everyone got a drink to settle their stomach.

No. Cole was not going to wear his Superman shirt to church. I planned to change him.

I got one to calm my nerves.

I am not sure it helped any of us.

I was upset that I had driven all that way to see Caroline blessed and missed the entire thing.

I did the only thing that I could do and headed back to Greensboro where I knew the big dinner would be later.

I missed the blessing, but I am not one to miss meals.

We had a wonderful visit with family and friends and I got to hold little Caroline.

I am hopeful that everyone has forgiven me and my absence at the church.

The 3.5 hour ride home could only be described in two words: Pee Pee.


Every 30 minutes Cole was kicking the back of my seat and screaming at the top of his lungs because he could not hold it any longer.

And he couldn't.

The first few stops were at familiar restaurants and gas stations.

Clean ones.

Before the trip was over I was pulling off exits and opening the back door.

I think my exact words were, " Stand on the running board, aim for the grass, and don't get any on my door."

At last count we stopped on the side of the road five times.

I knew Cole had a few snacks in the back, but I made sure there were no drinks.

I was the only one with a water bottle.

When we finally made it home and I opened the back door, a Gatorade bottle fell out.

It was empty.

Apparently Cole had been drinking it the entire trip.

I handed the kids off to Chad and went straight to bed.

On my list of things to do this week: Install a port-a- potty and a GPS in my Yukon XL.


amanda said...

omg honey i can totally hear your saying " Stand on the running board, aim for the grass, and don't get any on my door."

cracking me up!!

ps - little caroline is adorable :)

Simply Shannon said...

Why don't they have some sort of urinal or something in cars anyway? Life would be so much easier.

Caroline is gorgeous! Holding her must have made up for the rest.

Mrs. De Miranda said...

Well I am sorry it wasn't a more successful trip! But you are so funny! And I LOVE Caroline's dress!

Susan said...

Caroline is an absolute doll!
Sorry you missed the church thing. I'm sure that was terribly frustrating.
No GPS??? How have you survived so far. Get one woman!!!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

To bad you didn't see that Gatorade bottle earlier, you could of had him pee in it!:)

Kristen said...

I am on the floor laughing with the "aim for the grass". Seriously, friend you and I are the same person!

Glad you got to make the meal and hold the baby. Sorry you got lost, too.

But what a great blog story this made for ! :)

duchess said...

I can't survive without my Garmin.
Love it.
Sorry you had such a bad trip.
If you made your way to Nashville (NC of course) Mimi & Grandaddy could have helped out a little. :)

The baby's adorable by the way.

Julie said...

Forget the DVD player - you need GPS....maybe 2. Ugh, at least it is over!

just jamie said...

Remember those little potties that kids use to potty train? Yeah. I keep one my car. Gross. But that's the point. SO gross no one would dare ask to use it.

The Gatorade trick...sneaky, sneaky.

C and C Mommy said...

HAHA....when we were driving to Houston on Sunday....I said the same thing....stand on the side and don't hit my glad he could do that....since we were in an area with NO gas stations for many miles!!

Elaine A. said...

I am sorry that you suffered through this but thanks for the laugh!

And that baby is GORGEOUS!!

4funboys said...

Having just spent 10 of the last 36 hours in the car to see the DODGERS lose... I'm feeling ya girlie...

I'm just hoping I can hand the kids off and go to bed too!

Blessings From Above said...

" Stand on the running board, aim for the grass, and don't get any on my door."


Lisa said...

My mom used to keep a coffee can with a lid in the can for my brothers......classic times, I tell yoU!

Glad you made it home safe & sound. And that baby? Precious!

Stephanie said...

The Law of Wendi must apply to me too...I am so sorry you got so lost and turned around!

The picture of the kiddos cracks me up for some reason - especially the superman shirt!

Good idea handing the kids off to the hubby and going to bed. That was the best thing you could have done :)

Mamasphere said...

My husband used to pee in soda bottles when on long car trips as a child. His parents thought it was great that they had two boys and didn't have to do pee stops, lmao.

The whole thing about the Gatorade bottle is hilarious.

Carol said...

What a gorgeous baby. Need to get me one of those.

On Nov 2nd we have a 3 hour each way trip to a baby blessing and now I am majorly reconsidering not doing it all in one day.

We will definitely be leaving the gatorade at home.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Bad day!