Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Mumblings

I know you are jumping up and down with excitement that you do not have to endure one more post about the State Fair.

Sorry, I think I posted every day about my six hour experience.

Can you tell how boring my life is?


What is up with google, Gmail, and reader?

All the fonts are much bigger.

Is it just mine?

Maybe they heard my vision wasn't quite what it used to be.

And that I am in denial about needing an eye exam.


We went to Nana's last night for dinner.

Yup, you guessed it.

Fried chicken, homemade buttermilk biscuits, and an 8 layer chocolate cake.

My jeans almost didn't get buttoned this morning.

I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am that Nana did not provide any "Nanaisms".

Thus no good blog fodder.

I am sure you are just as disappointed in Nana as I am.

If you are not familiar with Nana you can read about her here and here.


This morning as I hurried about the kitchen preparing snacks, lunches, and a roast for dinner, Cole walked in.

He looked straight up at me and said, "It must be hard to be you, you have so much things to do."

"Yes Cole it is hard to be me and you may be the only person that has recognized that lately. Thank you."

"You welcome Mommy!"

He is now my favorite.


Chase and Claire have a teacher workday tomorrow.

It is supposed to be cold and wet.

Would you think less of me if I said I was not looking forward to the day out?


The White Family said...

Your son Cole is the sweetest thing EVER!!! Tell Nana to make me a 8 layer chocolate cake and I promise to share it with you. :o)

Anonymous said...

Ok that is soo sweet! Cole must be very observant!! And no I don't blame you, not wanting to go out on a cold and wet day is very normal! It's those kinds of days where you just want to wrap up in the covers and watch movies! :)

Susan said...

Awww, Cole is so cute. I hope he remains that observant. If so, I think he will be the first male to reach adulthood without losing that ability.
Good luck with the day off tomorrow. We are supposed to get snow October...brrrr!

Steph said...

What a sweet boy your Cole is! and I totally understand about not looking forward to tomorrow. :)

amanda said...

just read the cole story out loud to hubby - we are both giggling :)

he's our favorite too!

good luck tomorrow :)

Chelle said...

Cole, you melt this momma's heart! I can only hope Bella will be so thankful one day :)

And no Nanaisms?! Maybe next time!

Sue said...

Everything went fuzzy after I read "8 layer chocolate cake" yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

duchess said...

I don't blame you at all - at least you don't have to fix snacks & lunches for that day.

Jen said...

8 Layer Chocolate cake and no pictures?!! I'm so disappointed. I'm drooling just imagining it.

I think I would fall over dead if anyone in this house even said anything remotely close to that. Cole is such a sweetheart!

lizzy-loo said...

that cole is a keeper! i can only dream that some day before my children are 40 they may make such an observation. chocolate cake - delish! 8 layer chocolate cake - wow! you are loved.

duchess said...

Happy Halloween Week!

You've been "Boo-ed". Stop by & pick up your "treat".

Krystyn said...

Cole would totally be my favorite, too.

I'm disappointed there are no nana-isms...just yummy food.

I'm not noticing any larger fonts...did one of your kids play with your computer. If you have a mouse with a scrolly wheel, you can hold down "alt" or "cntrl" (I don't remember) and then use the scroll wheel to change the font size.

Lauren in GA said...

Cole is an angel! Please send him to my house...please...or I'll cry.

You are heartless.

I laughed out loud when you said that, "I am sure you are just as disappointed with Nana as I am." I am not kidding...I really did burst out laughing...none of this LOL stuff people just say...I reall did laugh out loud.

Stephanie said...

I do miss me some good Nana stories. Perhaps she will give us some holiday fodder?

How's the running going?

Lisa said...

that dinner sounds so flipping good. How I love me some good southern food!

Marla said...

i'm thinking you can do a coffee table book with all those amazing photos...

The Reed's said...

Hope you survived the teacher workday. What a sweetie! Cole just got some good ole brownie points. Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween!

GoteeMan said...

Aw, dang... with all that talk about fried chicken, homemade biscuits and chocolate cake, I am gettin' the munchies...

J/ (

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

what a sweetie that Cole is how nice of him to notice all the hard work you do! He'd be my favorite too!

The White House said...

How funny! do you think cole could come over and tutor my children on gratitude?

lov said...

your blog is the best! :) it makes me smile...and i'm so glad i blog stalk you, cause your blog always brightens my day!

Brooke and Kent said...

mmm I could use a piece of that famous 8 layer chocolate cake!

Mamasphere said...

That comment was so sweet! He'd be my favorite, too.

That dinner sounds amazingly good. Mmmm. I might just need to make an Eight Layer Chocolate Cake this weekend.

Carol said...

Nana's house just sounds too delicious.

Good to hear I am not the only mum choosing her fave child based on behaviour and what comes out of their mouth.