Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Stink At This Mom Gig

I know it is hard to believe.

It is for me too.

But sometimes things aren't always fresh baked cookies and field trips over here.

I would love to paint you that "perfect" picture, but truthfully that is not how it is.

Take this morning for example.

I was looking over an assignment Claire did.

I noticed a few typos and grammatical mistakes.

I also knew she had not included a few of the requirements.

I offered to retype the assignment and make the corrections.

All hell broke loose.

Claire was not interested in having me correct anything.

It was her assignment after all.

Screaming and crying ensued.

And that was just me.

Then Claire started.

Then Chad added his two cents worth.

Which I clearly did NOT ask for.


I don't try to be controlling.


I was only trying to help.


But sometimes my good intentions come across as controlling.

Or trying to make everything perfect.

For that I am sorry.

I am still learning.

I am not a pro at this whole Mom gig.

I still make mistakes.

I made a huge one this morning.

Will fresh baked cookies and a hug make it all better?

That is what I am hoping for.


Lynell said...

Welcome to the real world. Does that perfect mom really exist. I like to tell myself no. And then I have to hope that the windows are all closed when the yelling starts. hee hee

Some how these kids grow up with out too many scars from their untrained mother's. And yes I think it might have something to do with the cookies!

The Mom said...

I would have gotten the same reaction from my oldest. She'd rather suffer the consequences most times than get help from me or Hubby! Un-lovely way to start the day, I so know it!! HUGS! Hope the rest of the day gets better!

Chelle said...

To make you feel better here are some (((hugs))).

And if you want? I will make you some cookies.

Anonymous said...

awwww you do not "stink" at the mom gig!! You are a good mom! You want to help your baby and there is nothing wrong with that...she is just growing up and wants to do it herself! But one day instead of fighting she will love you for it :) I'm 24, I did the same thing with my mom...but now I call her everyday and she still helps me fix things and I am SO grateful she's hear for me!

duchess said...

Don't beat yourself up so much. I'm one of those controlling types too & I've had to take a huge step back this year. It's hard.
I've stopped correcting every little thing B does for school & sometimes it kills me to see what he turns in but they've got to learn (even if it does cause bad grades every now & then).

Just curious - what kind of cookies?

Jen said...

A similar situation happened at my house a few days ago. My son didn't complete a section on his hw and when I tried to help him he was all whiny and throwing fits. I tried to be patient but at a certain point I just let it go. I told him, "Fine, don't do it." I also reminded him that he has to keep his grades up to keep playing video games so if he wants to not do it, then that is totally his choice. Suddenly, he wanted to do the assignment.

amanda said...

you my friend are far. far. from stinking at this mom gig.

all three of your little loves are very. very. lucky :)

but if it makes you feel better, i would love some homemade cookies!

4funboys said...

if the cookies don't do it for her... send them my way!

Susan said...

There is no such thing as a perfect mom so don't try to measure up to that imaginary role.
I fear, and I mean it...FEAR the day that my kids start school and have homework. Having been a teacher and being a type A personality, I can assure myself that I will be frustrated to no end when my kids don't want help or don't want to listen when I tell them how to properly do something.
I better start practicing restraint now!

Tulsi said...

My two oldest kids would have (and did) jump at the chance for me to have done that. My youngest would depend on the day.

McMommy said...

You are a wonderful mom. Trust me on this. I am very smart about these things!!! :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Aren't we ALL still learning.? Was the cookie for you ;)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

You are a great mom! May I remind you that you just chaperoned a 4th grade field trip? Major brownie points there. haha :)
And yes, fresh baked cookies fix pretty much everything...especially if they are chocolate chip. :)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

It sounds like we were living parallel lives and writing parallel posts yesterday. :)

Lisa said...

none of us are pros, my dear. and those that think they are are full of it. We're all just trying to do our best for these little ones we love more than life itself.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

I don't know if hugs and cookies will make your kids feel better, but it would make me feel better:)

Lauren in GA said...

I understand this all too well. I try to help Evan and Adam and have had them start to cry and yell at me. I understand that they are frustrated because that means that they have to do the work over or make corrections...but *sniff* I was only trying to help, for pity sake. Plus, isn't there something to be said for doing the job right? a little worked up there..sorry...I should have just written, "I understand" and put a smiley face emoticon like, :)

It just upsets me...don't say you stink at the Mom Gig...It is hard to know what to do. We are all a work in progress, ya know.

Sue said...

Don't fret Wendi. Everything I have read from you and about you make you out to be a great mom!!!! If she doesn't want the cookies and hugs, give them to yourself. And don't ever think it is not ok to make a mistake.

Elaine A. said...

So you mean it doesn't get easier the longer you do it? ; ) I am SO kidding by the way...

I hope the cookies and milk helped. I know they'd cheer me up!