Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Mumblings

I finally did it.

I clicked THE button.

You know the one of which I speak.

The "mark all as read button".

When my reader hit 748 I knew I was just going to get further and further behind.

So last night I mustered up all my strength.

Closed my eyes and clicked it.

Guess what?

Nothing blew up.

My heart didn't stop beating.

The earth continued to spin.

I felt a sense of peace wash over me.

I will never know what I did not read.


I am going to be okay.

I now challenge you.

When your reader gets too full and the pressure becomes too much...just click it.

You will thank me later.


Claire has come down with Fifth Disease.

Also known as "Slap Cheek".

Her cheeks are rosy red and her upper body is covered in a fine rash.

I sent her to school because she is no longer contagious.

She called me at noon to ask if I could pick her up.

She thought it had spread.

She could possibly have a fever.

And her back was a bit itchy.

I went to school and signed her out.

Funny thing...since she has been home... no mention of fever or itching.

I think she got me...AGAIN!


I have been working hard on my class reunion.

I am collecting the monies.

And harassing the non-payees.

I feel more like a thug than a treasurer at this point.

It also just occurred to me I have 2 weeks to lose 30 pounds.

That IS possible... right?

I can just chew on air for the next fourteen days.

That is my plan anyway.

I mean I have only known for 20 years that this day was coming.

Nothing like waiting until 2 weeks before to freak out panic starve start a plan of action.

I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

I have a horrible cough.

I am not sleeping well at night.

Because I am coughing.

And hacking.

My voice is hoarse and my throat is sore.

This Friday is the Thanksgiving Program at the preschool.

Remember who the music teacher is?


After three days of practice, I wonder how I will sound?

Maybe if the audience is lucky I will lose my voice all together.

If I am not around much this week, just know that the busy got me.

Hopefully, next week will be slower.


I am a lucky girl.

Tomorrow I have a free afternoon.

To do with what I wish.

My husband was coerced tricked so kind as to give me some time sans kids.

I haven't decided what to do first.


I may just drive my car around the block, park it, and take a nap.

I wonder if the neighbors would notice?


Lisa said...

I feel you on the going to sleep in the car. Last night was the first night I'd slept all night ALL MONTH! Sleep away, girl! That cough is NASTY business! And poor you having the Thanksgiving program & class reunion - Calgon take YOU away!

amanda said...

that would totally crack me up to drive around the block and see you napping in your car!!

hoping you start feeling better soon friend :)

Anonymous said...

748??? Yikes! Good for you!!

And I definetly hope you feel better soon! Getting the crud is the worst because it never wants to leave you!!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

A nap sounds like the perfect thing to do!

duchess said...

Comment mumblings:
Congrats on mastering the "all as read" button.

My 20th is next year - are you recommending I start now? (maybe tomorrow)

I know how you feel with the coughing/hacking & no sleep - I'm hoping NyQuil will do the trick tonight.

Enjoy your free time - drive around until you pick up a wireless signal & surf in peace.

Elaine A. said...

Sounds like you need to take that nap during your free time. : )

pb&j in a bowl said...

Oh my- Fifth disease? We experiened that a couple of months ago. Not much fun.

Krystyn said...

Congrats on "Mark as read". I can't believe you let it get that high!

And, poor Claire. I hope she is feeling better (and doesn't dupe mommy anymore).

Enjoy your free afternoon. I think I will have one of those in about 18 years!

Emy5 said...

I have heard of Fifth disease. Hope Claire is soon right as rain, and you too. Resting might be a good idea if you have that Thanksgiving Program coming up. Hope all goes well.

just jamie said...

I tried to hit that button.

Really, I tried.

The world didn't explode then, huh?


(feel better)

Hailey said...

With a free afternoon... in OUR town? Humm... your options are slim to none. May I suggest a quiet lunch alone at a pizza joint... across from a ballfield... for pizza crackers, a salad and mini pizza. Or you could just go down the street a little more and get yourself a chicken salad sandwich and a haystack from a "certain colored" House.
Those are just about your only options my friend... UNLESS you want to splurge and spend an arm and a leg on lunch for yourself at the Farmer's Daughter's place. Yum-O.
After lunch, may I suggest a mani/pedi at a certain salon and spa near a railroad track downtown.
Fun times can be had in this shithole town that I love with all of my heart. :-)
Have fun with whatever you choose.

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

ha ha. I have 1000+ on my reader right now. I'm reading the first few then hitting mark all read. Sadly.

Carol said...

I have been shocking at keeping up lately which is no doubt the same reason that my comments have plummeted too.

It apparently is not the season to be blogging at the mo. It is a struggle.

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness dear, is it possible for you to have any more going on???

And thank the Lord you hit marked as read. Crap there is nothing going on that important!

Hope Claire is much better, and you got your much needed nap, no matter where you took it!!

When will life ever slow down so that we can actually talk?? :)

Hang in there, and thinking of you!