Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was August.
August in North Carolina means it was unbearable.
Hot, sticky, and humid. (not a good combination)
I was miserable.
I was sick.
I could not eat.
Everything I looked at made me sick.
I was tired.
All I wanted to do was sleep.
Because I was a Mommy of two...that did not happen.
I thought I had the flu.
I was tired, my back ached, and I was nauseated.
I thought it could be a virus.
The hot August weather did not help matters.
My symptoms continued for a few weeks.
I did not have a fever .
I was not sick enough for a doctor.
My symptoms soon changed.
My tired, weary body could hardly go.
I was nauseated morning , noon, and night.
I could not cook.
The sight of raw chicken sent me flying to the bathroom.
Still, I did not know why.
I was in extreme denial.
My friends encouraged me to take a pregnancy test.
I laughed.
No, that could definitely not be it.
I was sure.
I had two children.
One little boy and one little girl.
I had everything.
My "symptoms" continued for a month.
One day my doorbell rang.
It was one of my best friends, Karyn.
She stood there with a brown paper bag in hand.
"I thought you needed a reality check", she blurted.
She continued, " Take this and call me when you are done."
I opened the bag.
It contained a pregnancy test.
She was right.
I needed to know.
I wanted to prove that I was indeed NOT pregnant.
I called her back.
She stayed on the phone with me while I peed on a stick and waited. (aren't girlfriends the best?)
I cried.
I was not happy.
How could this be?
It took me a few days for it all to sink in.
It took me a few days to tell Chad.
He was shocked, then excited.
He called everyone.
I threw up.
I continued to throw up for the entire 38 weeks.
Pregnancy is not something I am good at.
There was no "glow".
From the moment I had my first ultrasound, I knew I was in love.
There is something about that first picture.
The seeing it on the screen.
The hearing that first heartbeat.
It made everything real.
April 15th, 2004 came.
I was scheduled to have a c-section.
Cole was born that afternoon.
My life has never been the same.
Cole has never been a sleeper.
He has never been a great napper.
He has more energy than any one child should.
He is sweet as sugar.
His smile will make you melt.
He gives the very best hugs and kisses in the world.
He has completed our family.
He added the piece we didn't even know was missing.
I am more in love with him today than four years ago.
I did not know that would be possible.
Happy Birthday my little Cole man!!!


OHmommy said...


Anonymous said...

Oh that was sweet! Happy Birthday Cole!!!!!!!

tarheelsuperman said...

You, Emily, and Aly could write a book about your trials and tribulations during pregnancy!!! Bless your heart!

Glad it was you, and not me. ;) *wink* ... I'd have to agree - three is a GREAT number. :)

Happy birthday sweet little Cole man!

Leah said...

rodney needs to stop logging in on MY computer!!!!!

just jamie said...

Happy birthday little guy. Cole must be a much better gift than tax day.

Emy5 said...

That was a cute post. You certainly had a rough ride being pregnant with Cole but they are always worth it!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!! I love that story about you and Karyn!!~

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Cole,

I was missing your blogs and didn't imagine that this one would be so worth the wait! Makes me almost want to do the same "ultrasound" moment all over again.

I, too, had one so energetic and accident prone that I wondered if he'd ever survive (or me) to adulthood. Well we both know he is pretty much there. And 3 does seem like a magical number from my vantage point as well.

I do remember the "Karyn dropping off the test" day and it seems like only yesterday! That is one of the "good friend" signs I don't think I've ever stumbled upon before!

Did you blow out all 4 candles Cole?


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!! I love all those pics of him!!!!

pb&j in a bowl said...

That is a sweet, sweet story. Isn't it funny how you thought your family was comlete, but the big guy upstairs knew better. Now it's complete.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Cole! Great story, by the way =-)

Lynell said...

It's amazing how these little spirits can change our lives. He sounds like so much fun!

Happy Birthday Cole!

Amber said...

Wow, what a journey! And I absolutely love the collage!

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Cole! Wow, it goes fast, doesn't it?? I remember you bringing him to my house visiting teaching when he was just born....

Anonymous said...

What an honest and sweet reflection! The word/smell/sight/taste/thought of chicken made me so ill when I was pregnant with my #1.

Kristen said...

So how in the world did I miss this one? Sorry!

Happy Birthday Cole! What a cutie pie!

And Mama, happy celebration day for you too. What a sweet post about your 3rd blessing.

I too, have NO GLOW during pregnancy. Unless you count a green color, probably going to get sick at any moment, a glow!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Excellent birthday post! Happy {late} birthday to your little man!. My twins will be 4 in July.