Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Week As A Single Parent

You may have noticed my lack of posting this week.
You may have noticed that I haven't commented on your blog.
You may have noticed that if I did post or comment, it was lame and dull.
There is a reason.
I have been a single parent this week.
Chad was away on a business trip.
I am accustomed to doing most of the work at home.
I know that if the kids are going to get anywhere it will be up to me.
Taxiing three kids to various activities is part of my normal routine.
Chad is a huge help when it comes to bedtime, baths, and studying for a test.
He also takes the kids to school every morning on his way to work.
He is my oh-sorry-honey-I-forgot-something-on-my-list-could-you-be-a-dear-and-get-it-for-me?
I forgot how much that helps!
This week it was all up to me.
I had to get the kids to school on time. (which is terribly hard for me)
I was the only parent to help with homework and study for tests.
I was the only available taxi to their activities.
I somehow managed to get my kids to two baseball practices, one Boy Scout activity, three dance classes, two softball practices, and one Achievement night activity without ANY thoughts of suicide.
I made three trips to two different stores trying to find the right color, size, and brand of softball glove for Claire. (slitting my wrist was only thought of once)
I also took Cole to preschool four mornings.
I baked cupcakes and had a birthday party for him .
Yesterday I took him to the Pediatrician for his four year old checkup.
Two hours and 5 shots later, we walked out the door. (here is where the real suicidal thoughts entered)
In my spare time I taught ten Music classes and four Creative Movement classes to three and four year old preschoolers.
I am not trying to give you a play by play of my life.
I am not trying to whine about my circumstance.
I know you are all just as busy as me.
What I am trying to say is, I GIVE!
I can't do it.
Alone that is.
I do not have that many hands.
I am a terrible juggler.
I am amazed at the women that do it.
I am not one of them.
Today my husband is home.
I am most grateful.
When he gets off work, he can have the kids, and their activities, and all the taxiing.
Oh, right.
Today is Friday.
There is NOTHING on my calendar.


Kristen said...

Yea, you survived! You should have let us know that you were on your own, we could have been sending you "you can do it" messages.

Glad to hear that you are going to have a day of repreve today. Maybe a home pedicure today with the new ped-egg??

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were alone! I'm glad you have survived :-)

just jamie said...

Whew. I'm tired just reading that. My husband was in South America for a week, and just came home hours ago. I feel your pain...

Emy5 said...

Wow Wendi, you are so busy. You are awesome for making it through the week!

Lauren said...


Thank you so, so, much for your thoughtful comment on my blog about the Virginia Tech post. I truly, truly appreciate it. :)

And, young lady, the other things you said about me being a funny commenter...well, BOY HOWDY, you totally made my, scratch that, YEAR!

I loved your post here! YOU are funny! I laughed when I read the, "I GIVE!"

I, of course, lurked all around your blog...I think we are the same age...I turn 38 in June.

Anonymous said...

Wendi Sue,

I have told you numerous times how truly blessed you are to have such a helpful "hands on" hubby! As they say, it is ofttimes the little things that count and add up and you can see that when he's away. Plus your kids adore him! And that is wonderful. One question: Did you let him know you missed him? I think I might know the answer to that (another blog, huh?).


Corrine said...

I feel your pain, I couldn't be a single mom I don't know how they do it. You are blessed...

Maybe we should plan a Mom's Blogging Business Trip to New York and learn how the real Taxi drivers do it.

Amy said...

I, too, was alone at home all week. I always complain about not getting any help; but Patrick helps with things like Chad--bathtime, bedtime, picking things up at the store. We were without milk for 2 days because I couldn't bring my pregnant self to go to the store!! I feel your pain!!!! Glad he's back; so is Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you survived! I bet the time flew by though with the kids and all you had to do.

It always flies by for me--my husband has to travel a lot for work and is currently gone for 5 months.

OHmommy said...







OHmommy said...


McMommy said...

I know exactly what you mean!!! When 6pm starts rolling around, I start saying the "PLEASE MCDADDY GET HOME SOON. I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT ANOTHER MINUTE!" prayer.

Congrats for surviving the week!

pb&j in a bowl said...

It's amazing to me to realize how much my husband really does. I tend to overlook it, but only until he has to go away for a trip or something. Then- I see how much he helps. Sshhh. I don't want him to know. Glad you made it.

Merde said...

Sounds like you had a really fun week. Glad Chad is back home! Can't wait to see more blogs now that you have another set of hands to help.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Life is busy and then it gets all changed up and it's worse than you thought, huh?! Glad he's home and you can get back to normal!

Amber said...

Whenever my hubby is out of town, I don't cook and don't keep up with the house as I should. Basically, I am LOST! I am usually OK during the day but our nighttime routine is torturous!