Saturday, April 12, 2008


Please excuse my absence from the blogasphere this weekend. I will be busy finishing my TAXES!!! I have procrastinated stalled put it off as long as possible. I would rather be watching paint dry on the wall have my right arm severed be getting a pedicure. It seems there is some sort of law that I have to file before Tuesday. Wish me luck. I am going to need it!

In the meantime I leave you a few photos of Chase and Cole. They were enjoying these 80 degree days so much they offered to wash my car. (notice "Princess" Claire did not!)


Kristen said...

Oh your boys are too cute, and washing your car!! How long do I have to wait before mine ask that? Oh yeah, probably needs to be over 60 degrees for that to happen. I just knew that living in North Carolina must be the best. (We are always threatening to pack up and move there!)

God luck on your taxes. Hope they go unbelieveably easy!

Leah said...

hopefully the tax return will make it worth your while. sometimes that happens. haha! go get that pedi when it comes in. :)

what big helpers you have there! the better to clean your driving machine with, my dear.

horray for spring!!!

OHmommy said...

Good luck on your taxes.

Perhaps you should blog about how you got the boys to wash your car. Curious minds want to know the secret to your success.

Wendi said...

This is the first time Chase has offered. Boys. Hot weather. Water. They just go together. According to my have 9 more years until Cade offers to wash your car.

Yes, Hooray for spring. I am not counting on any return...just crossing my fingers that we don't have to pay. Say a prayer for me!

I hope you are in better spirits. Thanks for the luck with my taxes... I will need it. No secret. I think it was more about playing in the water and needing a good worked!!!

just jamie said...

ugh. good luck with the IRS game.

great photos of your boys. i have a chase too.

Amber said...

Ugh. So glad I got mine down a couple of months ago. Oh wait, my hubby did it. I would highly recommend that route. :-)

Anonymous said...

What sweet boys!
Good luck on your taxes!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Your car wash surely looks more fun than the one I go to. Could your boys come over and wash mine? Your Claire Bear could come in and play with our Claire Bear while the boys are working.

Battybunch said...

I love how you so fowardly admit to the lack or desire of doing your taxes. ROFLMBO!!! I never thought of using the strike out font thats great.
What a great project to cool the kiddos and get a clean car.

Anonymous said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say! Well, there's something to that, I am dying for an update blog. It gets me going in the a.m.--a little laughter (at your expense unfortunately). Sorry! I do love you and your family and am grateful to share in some of these amazing experiences with ya'll!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

I can't wait till it is warm enough here so I can wash my car outside too. we still have snow :(