Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last Thursday I dropped Claire off at dance and drove to the Barber Shop.

My boys were in desperate need of a weed-eater trim.

Really desperate.

When we arrived all the chairs were full.

Chase and I entertained ourselves with light conversation.

Cole entertained everyone else.

It is always interesting to me what we can learn from our kids in a few brief minutes.

"I am starving MOM", said Chase.

"Why would you be starving? Didn't you eat lunch?", I inquired.

"Sorta."he whispered.

"Sorta what? Sorta you did or sorta you didn't?" I snapped.

"Sorta I didn't."

"Why would you not eat? Refresh my memory... did you pack lunch today or buy?" I asked.

He replied, "Sorta."

Don't you love it when you are trying to make conversation with your child and they want to be difficult and make you ask 100 questions to find out the answer to one flippin' question?

"Okay Chase... tell me did you or didn't you eat lunch, what did you eat if you did, and was it good? Oh, and why are you starving?"

"Do you promise not to be mad at me Mom?" he asked.

Me mad?

"Why would I be mad? Just answer my questions!" I blurted.

Finally he answered, "Yes-I -was-served-lunch-it-was-yams-and-green-beans-No-I-did-not-eat-it."

"Chase for the love of all things holy... why did you only have yams and green beans?"

He spoke quietly as he murmured, "Because I did not have any money left on my lunch card."

"WHAT! What do you mean you did not have any money on your card? What do you mean you only got yams and green beans and a cup to get water out of the sink? When did you find out your card balance was "0"? Where was your teacher? Who else knows about this?" I screamed asked.

That is where I think I had the attention of everyone in the barber shop.

It was me or Cole.

Cole was doing some sort of break dance move on the filthy disgusting, hair-filled, gross floor.

Maybe it was Cole.


All eyes were on "US".

I really don't get mad easily.

Just don't mess with my babies and their food though.

Apparently, a note was to be sent home that very day stating that I owed $4.10.

The policy is that once you owe more than $3.50 on your card, your child will be served a PB&J sandwich or something like that.

I was not aware my child's card had a balance to be paid.

I just write a check periodically for an amount and they let me know when I need to send more.

I volunteer at the school .

I am always willing to do my part.

I am sure there were lots of children receiving free or reduced lunch that day.

Why then was MY child served yams and green beans for lunch?

Why did his teacher not give him the $1.50 it costs for lunch?

She knows where to reach me.

She knows I would pay her back.

Heck, I would probably bake her cookies in gratitude.

I was mad.

I was quite upset.

Okay... I was furious!

Upon leaving the barber shop, I whipped into the nearest Bojangles to feed my child's poor, empty stomach.

The next day, I spoke with the Guidance Counselor.

She was very apologetic.

She could not have been nicer.

She assured me that it would never happen again.

Forward to today.

I took my kids to school this morning.

The principal greeted us.

She opened the car door for the kids to get out.

She leaned in and apologized for the "lunchroom" incident.

She said they had held a special meeting about it.

She also said they had changed their policy and it would never happen again.


It was that easy.

Maybe tomorrow I will call the Guidance Counselor about the quality of food being served, or the cleanliness of some of the restrooms, or maybe the amount of "Mommy projects" being assigned this week.

What do you think?


Katie said...

Wow.That's a pretty good school. The principal waiting for the kids at the door? Impressive.

Kristen said...

Ok, so you are now going to be my personal advocate as well. Would you mind telling my kids that even though the sun is up at 6 this Mama likes to sleep until 6:45? Thanks! :)

Seriously though, glad to hear everything got resolved, and this Mother Hen would have "flipped" out as well! Way to go Wendi!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Holy heck! I, too, would have had words with the school! Yeah way to go and glad that it is changed! That was a STUPID policy, wonder who the ding-bat was that thought it up!

Sue said...

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Way to go, I would scream if someone gave my kids yams and beans, I might scream if someone gave ME that!

Lauren said...

I loved and (laughed heartily) at how you wrote this!!!!

I love how you added little gems of hilarity like, "Cole entertained everyone else." I kept giggling at the wit and humor.

However, that is TOTALLY sad that they left that poor boy go hungry!!! You have forged a new path for mothers everywhere! I am so glad they apologized to you and had a special meeting about this matter.

Great Job, MOM! For inspiring change and for being so hilarious in how you wrote about a lousy incident! :)

just jamie said...

Phew. Can I have you on my team?

Grandma B said...

What a good Mom you are..a what a wonderful way to get policy changed..too bad it had to happen to YOUR CHILD....

Have a wonderful day..and my door is always open...

duchess said...

I got a letter like that one time that said my son was $6.50 over his limit (I can never keep up with it) but our school keeps on serving regardless. I'm sorry that he had to eat yams & green beans. Yuck - I'd be starving too.
It's good that you addressed it & now their policy is different - way to go. All the "over balance" children thank you!

KathyLikesPink said...

All I can think of is Dr. Seuss...Green Beans and Yams....Green Eggs and Ham....

You are a good advocate for you child, well done.

LaskiGal said...

Woo hoo! You actually accomplished something that a room full of board of ed members never do--positive change. Yay!!! I say, go for it! It is the dawning of a new era!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you don't anger easily, nor do I. But our babes are precious cargo not to be "messed with."

And Chase is showing his maturity as a growing young man to try to handle it in a very dignified and calm fashion. (No drama coming through at all!) Glad you were able to resolve it and have a bad situation prove to perhaps serve a good or better purpose. Yea!!


McMommy said...

YAMS AND GREEN BEANS?? Poor thing! It sounds to me like someone in the lunchroom was lazy and didn't want to take the time to make a peanut butter and jelly for him. Glad to hear you took stepped in to straighten them out!!