Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive!

I made mention yesterday that I loved Google Reader.
I do.
Several of you left comments that you wanted to know more.
Ask, and ye shall receive!
I am sweet like that.
Also, I am flattered that anyone would ask MOI a computer question.
I am completely technotarded.

Why do I love Google Reader?
I read quite a few blogs on a daily basis.
If I had to click on each one to see if they had a new post, it could take a while.
Reader allows me to see at a glance who has a new post.
It is a beautiful thing!
I simply check my Gmail and Reader.
I click on Reader to read my favorite blogs and if I want to leave a comment I can go right to their comment section with a click of my mouse.
I have also just discovered another feature on Reader: Folders.
I have grouped all my favorite blogs into 3 folders.
Family, Real friends, and Blog friends.
Google Reader, you have made my blogging obsession much easier.

If you are not using Reader and you read more than a few blogs... you really should check it out.
Try it.
You will like it.
If you need more information, email me and I will share more of my amazing Reader knowledge.
Now the question is, "Wendi, am I in your Reader?"
Well, wouldn't you like to know?


Kristen said...

You totally are NOT technotarded!!

You taught me google chat! :)

Wendi said...

Thanks Kristen...yes I did!
I forgot to give you a little linky love as the girl who taught me about Reader. Hopefully everyone will remember that from yesterday!
I will chat with you at the party tomorrow!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I tried the google reader and I could not get the pics in the posts to come up. And I tried bloglines, but I don't think you can comment from it. So I'm still reading the old fashioned way. And you could not be more technically challenged than me!

Grammy Staffy said...

Thanks Wendi,
I will try to follow the google reader link when tomorrow when I'm not babysitting E.J. and Austin. Claire is working modeling for the Land's End catalogue again today. Mindy needed us to stay with the boys. I can't wait to order the new Land's End catalogues so I can have Grammy bragging rights.

Have fun at your on line birthday party tomorrow. Say hi to your sweet Claire Bear.

OHmommy said...

LOL... it took me one year to realize I needed a reader. LOL.

I just got one last week. Oh. The. Joys! I puffy heart it!

LaskiGal said...

I have a reader and it most definitely makes life easier!

I have no idea how I got along so long without it!

Leah said...

when i finally catch up with my poor abandoned pc and all the blogs that i've been neglecting, i'll look more into this...

till then... just wanted to say i miss ya!!! - and i still haven't heard from the docs about carter! LOL!

Lauren said...

I learned a new term! "Technotarded". I love it! I think I love it so much because it totally describes me!

duchess said...

Thank you! I'll have to give it a whirl.
See you at the party later!

The Reed's said...

Thanks for the comments about the pictures. I have been trying to read up on photography and have some good friends that give me tips. I use a canon SLR rebel XT. So I can persuade you but one way, since I have no experience with the Nikon. I do enjoy my camera, it has been a good starter camera for me and is very forgiving.
Good Luck in hopefully purchasing one soon. If you like to take pictures now I think you will love it even more once you have a SLR.

Amber said...

I heart google reader. Seriously, it makes life soooo much easier to know when my favorites are fresh. By fresh, I mean updated, of course. :-)