Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Nine years ago today my little princess was born.

It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital.

She was so tiny.

She was so dainty.

She had beautiful olive skin like her father.

She was perfect.

Until 9:00 pm.

Then the colic episodes began.

They went on most of the night.

Every night.

Chad and I took turns.

I am not sure who was more worn out.

Just when we thought we could not do it another night...it stopped.

After four long months we were able to finally enjoy our little girl.

Enjoy her we did.

She was a quick learner.

It did not take her long to figure out if she could be mobile, she could go places.

She sat up too early.

She crawled too early.

She walked too early.

She was into everything.

Everything needed to be touched and explored.

Everything needed to be pulled out and torn up.

My somewhat together life became chaos.

Colic and Chaos, doesn't every mother dream of that?

As if that was not enough, she talked too early.

In complete sentences.

Without taking a breath.

She still does. (She is her mothers daughter)

We fondly referred to her as our "Claire Bear".

We did.

Until she was in the first grade and wanted a skirt.

She didn't want a dress, or a bow in her hair.

She wanted a top and a skirt and a shoe with a heel.

She got the top and the skirt.

The shoe remained flat.

She sashayed down the hall and proudly announced,

" It's Good bye Baby Claire Bear....Hello Claire!"

So she is...our Claire.

She has a huge personality.

She is growing into it.

She is the most thoughtful girl I know.

She loves deeply.

She oozes creativity.

Her imagination is never-ending.

Her happiness and smile are infectious.

She is growing up to be an amazing young woman.

Happy Birthday Claire!

You will always be my little Claire Bear!


Dancin Queen said...

Ahhhhh! Happy Birthday just Claire!!!

McMommy said...

Happy Birthday Claire!! Enjoy your last year ever in the "single digits"!

And mom...a little congrats is in order for you, too! It looks like you did a wonderful job raising such a fine little girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!!
And congrats again on your dance award at recital. What a great week you have had!


Snowbird & LJ

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Claire!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

QueenAnderson said...

She told me she had the best night out at dinner with her dad!!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Claire!

I love how you wrote this...you made colic seem poetic somehow :)

What an incredible tribute her and I love the picture mosiac.

Ashley said...

I can't believe Claire is getting so old!!!!!!!!!!!! She did such a great job in the recital the other night!! Happy Birthday Claire!!~

Cecily R said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!!

Wendi, I LOVE this post. It is perfect.

duchess said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!

Enjoy your special day.

Lynell said...

Happy Birthdy to you. Oh Claire, you are beautiful. 9 year old girls are probably my most favorite thing in the world. Ü

Stephanie said...

What a sweet post! Happy 9th Birthday your Claire :) Mine is only 15 months old and I feel that time goes by too fast...

carrie & troy keiser said...

Happy birthday Claire! Love the collage. They grow up SO fast don't they?!

Joycious said...

Happy Birthday Claire!! I loved your post Wendi. Such a tribute to your sweet little girl. She will be going off to college before you are ready - I PROMISE!! Enjoy her - Every day. Believe me!! I still miss having all of my "chicks" at home.


~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

awww! my Claire will always be Claire Bear to me!I love that girl sooo much and she is growing so quickly! Her amazing personality is HUGE and she will always light up a room with that gorgeous smile and great personality!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS CLAIRE (BEAR)...sorry I couldn't help myself! Love you tons!

Leah said...

happy birthday, claire!
the collage is stupendous! (not a combination word - cause that would look like i was using stupid in there, which this is definitely NOT.)

so yeah, stupendous! just like mommy.:)

amanda said...

happy, happy birthday claire!!

and happy, super special day to mommy too :)

beautiful post friend. u are one great mama!!

just jamie said...

How sweet was that? Loving it.

And for the record, nine was a great year for me.

OHmommy said...

Awwww... happy birthday Claire Bear.

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Birthday Dear Claire Bear.... upps, I mean Claire. Our Lonica just turned 9. That is a special age. You are a beautiful girl and I hope that you had a very happy birthday.

We just arrived home from our Utah trip an hour ago. Thanks for the nice comment you made about me on Lynell's blog. I feel the same about you, Wendi. My blog friends are special to me.

The Roost said...

She sounds so sweet!

Emy5 said...

Well I know I am a little late, but Happy Birthday to the birthday girl who does her mom proud!

Laski said...

Ugh! She's beautiful!!!

You must be so PROUD!!! Great job, mama. She sounds wonderful!

Kristen said...

Wendi, I tell you we are kindred spirits. Both raising girls who had colic. Or should I say, both of us have SURVIVED colic?

What a beautiful post to your sweet little one. And although she doesn't want to be called Claire-Bear anymore, we know that in your heart she always will be!

Loved it, and Happy Birthday Claire. You are lucky to have such a special Mom!

BTW- thanks so much for the kind note at my email address. I have to admit, that I have been wondering what everyone has been up too. Hard to break away I tell you! But, again thank you! Your words were wonderful to come home to. I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend! :)

i'm kelly said...

what a great post. one day your daughter will look back on this & love it. i hope she had a great birthday!

Sue said...

Congratulations, Wendi!
I looked closely at the pictures before I read what you had written and thought to myself, "That girl has quite a personality!" Then I read and realized she is a lot like my 9 year old. The 2 of them together could run the world! Claire Bear and Brookie B!

stephanie howard said...
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stephanie howard said...

Happy Birthday Claire, we had fun with you on your Birthday! Sorry Joel called you Claire Bear in public. I know it embarrassed you, but he didn't mean to. By the way Wendi the pictures are adorable! The top right, bottom left, and bottom center ones are my favorite. Beautiful Girl!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the B-Day Wishes from you guys!!!


Susan Hancock said...

Claire- almost missed your birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl. Thanks for coming to visit Grant- you're a special little lady! By the way, your grandfather Stainback married my son last week- He is a very wonderful man, and your grandma too- and then I can't forget your Grandpa Amos and Granny Nannie- what a blessing your families are to you! You'll always be so proud of whose you are.

Rachael said...

What a beautiful post. Happy birthday Claire!