Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This morning I sat down to my computer.

I needed to check my email and my reader.

Have I mentioned how much I love Google Reader?

(I guess that could be a whole different post.)

When I checked , the first blog to show a new post was
Loving Our Simple Life.

I always love it when Kristen writes.

She is one of my daily reads.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that she was giving out blog love and yours truly was one of the recipients.

Shut up!

No way!

I even clicked on the link to make sure it was me.

It was. *I blush.

This is my very first Blog award.

I will always remember this day.

I am so honored to receive this award from Kristen.

I remember OHMommy sending me to Kristen's blog to read about her husband and his brain tumor.

I have been reading ever since.

I feel like I know her though we have never met in person.

We are kindred spirits.

We love Vera Bradley bags, Nicholas Sparks books, the coast of NC, tulips, (now peonies too), and of course blogging!

We love children's names that begin with "C".

We love men's names that begin with "C" too.

She taught me about Google reader and how to delete less than desirable comments.

Thanks friend! (in my best Nancy Grace voice)

What good would an award be if it couldn't be shared?

So I shall.

I would like to pass this award on to OHMommy at Classy Chaos. She was the first blog that I read again and again. She was the first blog I stalked daily. She is a fabulous writer, a great mom to three adorable children, and an amazing photographer. She is also my blog friend. I have emailed her more than once and she has always responded. She always comments on my silly posts. She has been so helpful while I tried to enter this bloggy world. She has to be the first one I share this with.

Next, I would like to pass this award to Katie at A Trivial Smorgasbord of Insights Into My Life. I met Katie a few years ago in real life. I knew I liked her instantly. I knew if she just lived in NC we could be great friends. (I would never hold it against her that she is a lot younger, skinnier, and hipper than me.) Katie is also a wonderful writer. I never grow tired of reading her blog. I have learned so much about her since we have become bloggers. I most definitely consider her my friend.

Last, but certainly not least, I pass this coveted award to my friend Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss. She is an amazing mommy to three beautiful children. She is an excellent writer, a fabulous photographer and she is also a great commenter. When Cecily comments I sit up and take notice. If she thinks my post was funny... then it must be! If she thinks I had the best post she has read in a while...then I don't have to wonder. I know if we lived in the same neighborhood, we would be friends. We would share funny stories over a Diet Coke. I am sure of it.

Thanks again Kristen for this most special award.

I will display it proudly.

I feel so blessed today.

I have the most incredible friends in real life.

I also have the most incredible blog friends too.

(cue the music. "That's What Friends Are For" begins playing.)


Kristen said...

Now I am blushing!!

You are way to kind dear friend, way too kind!!

Believe me, your award is much deserved! You are a fabulous blogger, mother, friend, and woman. Need I say more?

Much deserved Wendi, YOU ARE THE BEST!

OHmommy said...

Your posts are never silly. :) I feel like we are friends... I love reading you and catching up.

What a great community.... Kristen, Cecily, and you; I'll have to check out Katie.

What a wonderful group of women.

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Wendi,
My daughter, Erin, got me started blogging in Feb. so I am new at this. I've never heard of google reader but your blog has me interested. I'd like to find out more about it.
I've come to enjoy my new blog friends like you. This modern technology is wonderful. I feel like I have a new extended family. It has opened up a whole new world to me. I get to share your joys and accomplishments as well as your hard times....like we all are with Gracie Gledhill's family.

You are often in my thoughts. Congrats on your award. Have a great day.

Queen B said...

Congrats!!! What a sweet award!!

(And I cannot figure out the google reader...)

pb&j in a bowl said...

Congrats on your first award!! I have come to truly love your blog, and look forward to reading your posts.

Sue said...

Yay Wendi! A great award for a great writer! I am most thankful for my bloggy friends. It's so fun to "meet" friends from around the country/world!
Hope the rest of your day was just as good!

Katie said...

You just made my day! I feel so loved =-) Thanks for always reading and commenting! I finally figured out how to read your blog from school; Meredith let me in on a secret way, so I'm quite excited!

The Reed's said...

Hey Wendi,

I just found your blog through Ashley Anderson's. Crazy that we all love the blogging world. I was able to read a few of your posts and loved them. Your family is so cute and always has been. It seems like only yesterday that Chase was born. Anyway, it has been a joy to read about your day to day experiences.


just jamie said...

Yay for Wendi! Much, much deserved. I'm so glad to have found your blog. You writw with wit, humor, and class. Congrats!

duchess said...

Congrats on the award! It's well deserved.

Now, I need you to do that post on Google Reader because I have no idea what you're talking about. I know - it's pitiful how much I still have to learn.

Cecily R said...

Geeee THANKS!! This is me shuffeling my feet and feeling all flushed and grateful. Thank you thank you so much!!

And I remember that "Best post I've read in a long time". IT WAS!!!

Lynell said...

Your blog is soooo much fun to read. Congrats on your award!!! Looks to me like it was totally deserved. Ü And thanks for all of the great links. You kept me up all night. hee hee

McMommy said...

Wendi, you deserve it!! I so enjoy your writing style and love seeing your blog pop up in my reader!

Congrats to you!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Congrats! I think you so deserve it! Isn't it funny what causes us to read different blogs? I sometimes wish I could keep up on every blog I drop in on... But when I find one that just hits the spot, I gotta add them that's how I feel abt. yours!

Cecily R said...

I am so sorry that I forgot to add this FAB award to my list!! HOWEVER, it is no longer on my guilt list. Done. Added. THANKS again for the great award!!