Thursday, May 29, 2008


*No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to attend a baseball game *and* a softball game at the same time, on two different fields, on opposite sides of town.

*Children can survive on concession stand hot dogs and snacks twice in one week.

*They may even ask for it a third time.

*If you plan to go to the gym at night...your husband will work late.

*Or the ballgame will go into extra innings.

*You will not be as motivated to go at 10:00 pm.

*You will also not be as motivated at 6:00 am.

*It may be years before you find the bottom of the clothes hamper.

*Or the bills!

*Your Google reader is overflowing too! Unlike the laundry and bills... You feel a need to get to the bottom of it.

*Blog reading is far more entertaining than laundry and bills.

*You can not over schedule your kids this summer. The more camps and activities you sign them up for, the less likely you are to hear these three little words: "I. am. bored!"

*When your daughter turns will. not. believe. it.

*One computer in the house is not enough. Every time you have a great idea for a post... someone is on the computer.

*Writing down your post long hand is more time consuming than typing it.

*It is also a waste of time since you have to type it anyway.

*Driving a suburban is great for transporting a big family.

*It also provides lots of ample space for groceries, bat bags, dance bags and dog kennels.

*Driving a suburban will blow your gas budget.

*You may need to take out a second mortgage car loan to pay for the ridiculous amount of gas needed to drive a suburban.

*Having a neighbor that owns "peony" farms can be very rewarding.

*Your house will have lots of pretty bouquets of flowers and it will smell heavenly.

*Having a sister that is the GM of a minor league baseball team can be very rewarding too.

*It is possible to be just as excited as your child when he is asked to be a "bat boy" for a daytime game.

*It is possible that standing in the hot sun trying to get just the right shot of the "bat boy" can cause your arms to get fried.

*Your mind will also feel fried as you try to take pictures of the "bat boy" in the hot sun while your four-year-old runs wild in the box seats.

*Four-year-old children are great multi-taskers.

*They can flip over the railing, hang over the dugout, drink a Gatorade, and talk to strangers while whining to go play on the playground.

*Whining can induce headaches.

*Silence really is golden.


~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

Cool, Chase was a bat boy!! yeah!!! Cole is a typical Howard boy isn't he??? so when are we going to the gym??? don't say 6 am OR 10 pm...anywhere in between might work as long as it is after work, T-ball, school and church activities...other then that anytime works for me!! ; )

Kristen said...

Oh how I look forward to your posts!

Seriously, I am thrilled to see the reader and your blog in bold!!

I love the random thoughts. And have to agree about the silence is golden. Oh, how this mama of two loves her afternoon nap times.

And I have to say, that your post makes me really not look forward to the days when the kids are doing so much. Maybe our little schedule of playdates, library time, and the occasional trip to the store isn't so bad.

Hope you are having a great day friend! oh yeah, and enjoying your silence!

i'm kelly said...

i loved this. & you're little guy really got to be a bat boy? how exciting! & can your neighbor be my friend too?

Amber said...

SUCH great profundities and I couldn't agree more. Especially when it comes to overscheduling children. We begin our daily swim lessons on Monday. :-)

amanda said...

wow honey you have had a very busy week :)

-i love concession stand hot dog summers. ahhh memories.

-it doesn't matter what time it is, i am never motivated!

-may i borrow both your neighbor and your sister? very lucky.

-silence with a glass of wine is truly golden!!

happy weekend :)

Grammy Staffy said...

No wonder that you won a blog award. Your blog is so entertaining and full of real life fun facts. You remind me of Irma Bombeck. (If you are too young to remember her, she made jokes of every day life, wrote them down and made a fortune writing should try it because you have a gift!)

Thanks for telling me about Google reader. Lynell showed me how to set it up while we were visiting her. It has made my blog life so much easier.

Have a good day my clever blog writer.

Emy5 said...

Baseball seems to be the name of the game for you right now.

Fun times.

And blogging impulses have overcome my need to do housework many times too.

Stephanie said...

Wow! I had no idea people could learn that much in a week. And funny thing, I can always get to the bottom of my reader too, but somehow the laundry is NEVER poor closet floor!
Happy Friday!

Krystyn said...

Found you through Steph!

Wow, you learned a lot this week. Could you come and teach my students how to do that?

Laundry? Cleaning? Never as much of a priority as the blog-reading/stalking.

McMommy said...


I love, love, LOVE your random thoughts!!!!!

You are one of my all-time favorite blogs to's always so much fun...and more importantly, relatable! (did I spell that right?)

Blessings From Above said...

Love the random thoughts!

I think I too could survive on concession stand hotdogs a couple times a week. Yummy! :)

Lauren said...

I hear ya! My kids are already whining that they are bored.

Having them home is cutting to my blogging time...I took them to the pool yesterday and wished I had a laptop so I could catch up on reading everybody's great posts while they played. Do you think I am a little obsessed with blogging? Nah.

I loved the things you learned this week. :) I am behind on laundry and dishes and here I sit blogging.

duchess said...

This was great. I don't think I was able to remember anything I've learned this week.
Have a great weekend - hope the back gets better soon.

BusyDad said...

Your gym theory. Very true. I think it's time we promoted it from a theory to a law. "The Law of Gym Rescheduling" has a nice ring to it.

Sue said...

I'm a little jealous that you live near a peony farm. I love them!

just jamie said...

That is super cool! A bat boy? For real?