Friday, May 30, 2008


Dear Baseball Dude on Second Base,
Don't think for a minute that I was not watching the baseball game last night. I was. It was MY son who hit the awesome line drive to center field. Yes, the one that your center fielder scooped up and threw to you. The one that you then rocket launched into my sons back. The last time this mama checked the rules of the game, there was no rule that allowed a player to throw the ball AT a player. Yet, that is exactly what you did. My son hit the ball. Actually, he hit the crap out of the ball. He ran to first. As he rounded first base, headed for threw the rocket. Did you forget for a minute that you were playing the game of baseball? Because from where I stood, you looked like you were in "Dodge Ball Mode". Was it really necessary to throw the ball AT him? Do you have any idea the enormity of the bruise you left behind? Huge! Bigger than the state of Texas.
My husband said it was an accident. He said you were just throwing it to the first baseman and our son got caught in the crossfire. He said it happens. Bruises are part of the game.
I say the score was 7-1. Our favor. Accident? I am not buying it.
The Mama whose son you left a bruise on the size of the state of Texas
(* Please note this was all in fun. I would never harass a child. That is not my style.)


Grammy Staffy said...

That's terrible. I agree with you. Baseball should not be dodge ball. Sorry about the bruise. I hope your son feels better soon.

Blessings From Above said...

Ouch!!!!! Looks painful. Hope he is feeling better soon.

Wendy said...

I like a mom who will "go to bat" for her son . . . Okay, maybe not the moment for puns.

But that raw mothering instinct sure can be strong when we see our kids hurting!

Lauren said...


I think 2nd Base Kid took it out on your boy's flesh!

I am flying in and I want you to show me the kid on second base.
I will take care of this!

Just kidding. But, I still dont think it was an accident.

I luh-hove your writing!

Anonymous said...

Restraint is the hardest thing a mom can muster at times such as this. Any times our babes are hurt we are ready for battle.

Good thing about this blogging process, it lets you vent without getting into any real trouble!

Hope Chase heals quickly.



Soxy Pirate said...

As a ballplayer who has been on both sides of this one, and not having seen the play myself, I think your husband has the right idea :)

Chase is tough, otherwise he wouldn't have been in a position to get hit by the ball, cheap-shot or not.

The wimps who worry about that kind of stuff were home playing with their easy-bake oven while Chase was rubbing one of the first of hopefully many bruises and scars reserved for the kids who are tough enough to be the best!

The beautiful thing about baseball is...accident or not...that kid still has to bat against Chase's team sometime in the future;) Baseball has a way of "working that kind of stuff out"...and thank goodness...or else moms would have to do it themselves!

-Joel Jr.

Leah said...

that joel. more wisdom that i even know what to do with. ;)

still feel for chase. and mommy.

and a big ol' BOOOOOOOOOOO for the bully in the outfield.

QueenAnderson said...

Poor Chase...he's tough though :)

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

like my mom would say...CHEATERS ALWAYS LOSE!!!!!!! So yeah they cheated AND they LOST!!!SO YEAH for Chase and his amazing hit, run and even his war wounds that will heal eventually but, a cheaters conscience doesn't heal as easily! Love my Chase Man!!!

pb&j in a bowl said...

OUCH!! That was totally uncalled for on his part. I probably would have said something I shouldn't have- directed right at his coach.

~Leave it to Lyla~ said...

hey Wendi...the pressures on! I want a new blog tomorrow!!! hahaha!!!

Ashley said...

This is why people should get plenty of bruises from dance too!!

I know absolutely nothing about baseball...but I do hope the bruise heals fast!!!~

amanda said...

dear baseball dude,

not cool at all. just not cool.

carrie & troy keiser said...

I was sure I had left a comment on this one.... but as I don't see it.... Holy crud!