Friday, May 23, 2008

Mexican Memories and Routine Reality

One year ago Chad and I were leaving on a jet plane to Mexico.
Cancun, Mexico
I had many reservations.
Chad had none.
It was to be the busiest week of the year for my children.
We were going to miss a lot of important events for them.
We were leaving them in the care of my parents.
Their wonderful grandparents.
It was going to be a busy week.
One that included baseball games, end of preschool picnics, dress rehearsals, and dance recitals.
A week EXACTLY like this week!
So...instead of letting the anxiety of the week overcome me, I will remember how I spent this week last year...relaxing in Mexico.
Care to join me?

This is the view from my hotel balcony each morning.
Isn't the water the bluest blue?
The locals told us they painted it once a month.
They did a good job.

This is just one of the many pools at the resort.
We tried them all.
Our favorite was the one with the swim up bar.
We ordered a Miami Vice at least twice a day.
Okay, three times.

We ate at fabulous restaurants.
We were wined and dined.
We were treated like royalty.

We were spoiled.
I loved the spoiling.

We drove our own speed boat and toured the jungles.
We snorkeled off the reefs.
We parasailed.
We swam.
We baked in the sun.
We napped.
We had an incredible time.
Thanks for indulging me and letting me take a few moments to relax and remember.
I will not be boarding a jet plane today.
Today I will be chauffeuring my children.
I will be frolicking in the park with my four year old.
I will watch as my daughter takes the stage tonight and performs her dance recital.
I will be there.
With them.
And I will not think about where I was a year ago.


Kristen said...

So it sounds to me like Mexico needs to be an every other year activity.

I think that due to all you have going on right now, you could use another vacation sans kids.

Hmmmm, I think tonight during intermission (if they have one) you and the hubby start planning the next trip away.

I personally appreciated your trip down memory lane. I could use thinking of sunny beaches and fruitty drinks today......aaaahhhhhhhh.

Hope you are hanging in there! :)

just jamie said...

Oh that water looks soooo amazing. What beautiful pictures from a well-deserved trip. Maybe next year you'll do it again?

McMommy said...

Oh, that blue water!! I am so happy you took a trip down memory lane today....I sure enjoyed it!

p.s. Guess who else is a "Happy Together" mom? My own mom!!! That's what she got too when she took the quiz. See, I knew I loved you, Wendi!

Grammy Staffy said...

I love Cancun! I think that it is time for me to go back too. We could both meet there!

But.... since we are not there enjoy the dance recital tonight and post cute pictures for me to see.

Emy5 said...

Gorgeous vacation destination!

Hope the hectic days ahead will afford some fun too.

Lynell said...

Good thing we have those great memories to help us get through the craziness of everyday. Your trip looks wonderful. But, I bet watching your daughter perform will bring with it wonderful feelings of it own. Have a great night!

The Reed's said...

I think I need to go there, only mentally though. Gas, money, time off work would never allow me to actually be there. But I will reminisce with you. Great photos!!

Blessings From Above said...

Looks like an incredible trip! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

P.S. Seriously, that is the BLUEST water. Love it.

Leah said...

gonna break out a little brady-ism...

"me want some o'dat!"

i hope the recital was a blast tonight! and oh yeah, *fingers crossed* that i get to see you and your beautiful family tomorrow!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Oh I love thee.

Oh end of the school year I detest thee.

amanda said...

ahhh memories...

sorry that this week isn't going to be exactly the same :)

but hoping you enjoy all of this weeks crazy times too!!

happy POW-wow!

Amy said...

OK, I could really use a vacation like that right now...hmmmmm..maybe another 2 years, right?! Hope the recital went well. Emma's is next week. Can't wait for summer when we have no classes...yea!!

OHmommy said...

Oh man..... I need a vaca with the hubby!

Lauren said...

Thanks for letting us hear about it. That water was the bluest blue! I love that the locals told you they painted it once a month. I want someone to come paint up the kiddy pool in the back yard here in the fiery depths of Georgia.

Spotted said...

i agree... maybe that needs to be a yearly retreat. sounds heavenly.

Katie said...

Ohhhhh that water makes me want to skip out on the last week of school and head there myself!

Amber said...

Ahhhhh, remembering way back when. We went to Mexico last summer, too and the kids had a blast. I am trying not to remind myself this year we will be spending 13 hours in the car together in a roadtrip to Yellowstone. Ugh. :-)

Jules said...

Oh wow. This makes me really want to go.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great get-away last year. I bet the park and recital were very good this year, though.

Laski said...

Looks like a blast!!! And you look awfully cute!!!