Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Have you ever looked at your calendar and said, "How will I ever get through this week"?

I am having one of those weeks.

Or months.

May is always busy with all the end-of-year school things, recitals, and ballgames.

May is busy for everyone I know.

Except maybe my kids teachers.

No hate mail please.... I am one.... I just don't understand the logic behind all these last minute projects.

"Mommy projects" as I refer to them.

Last week Claire had to finish the Math project from hell.

Here was her assignment: Create a board game using math skills and technology.

A board game?



Yes, and she also had to create the moving pieces, tokens, cards, and the box it would be stored in.

She also had to write a set of rules.

How many third grade children do you know that could take that on?


Claire couldn't.

Not without my help, her Dad's help and her Papa's help.

Mostly her Papa's.

He always did enjoy a project. (Thanks Dad!)

Chase has had three large projects due recently.

The latest was a book report.

Oh no, not a report with the important information like main characters, plot and setting.

This report needed to be more creative.

This report was to be made out of a cereal box.

Lucky for her my family eats cereal.

We just happened to have a box.

A cereal box that we taped, and painted and decorated with pictures from a magazine, stickers, and glue.

Then we had to add the important information like main characters, plot, and setting.

The nice catch to this little project was NO INTERNET could be used.


It turned out pretty cute, but it took most of last weekend to complete.

I know my kids teachers have children of their own.

Have they forgotten how hard this month is?

EOG's, dance recitals, late night ball games, the pressure of completing all reading and math goals.

Where are the field trips and parties?

What happened to "free" days... with a movie and popcorn?

I say bring on the fun and save those projects until next year.

This Mommy is tired and needs a well deserved vacation.

What about you my "interpeeps" (thanks Lisa I love that word)... are you still doing projects?
Are you in need of a vacation?


duchess said...

You know I do & I'm gladly marking off my "to do" list as each day passes, however we just added a lot to the new "to do" list. Stop by for a visit & you'll see what I'm talking about.

Lauren said...

I feel even more of a connection to you now!!!!!! You worded it best when you coined the term, "Mommy Projects"!

It makes me excited for summer! Of course, after about a week of summer I will be ready for school to start again ;)

duchess said...

If you're where I think you are then no we're not going closer but if you'll e-mail me I'll give you all the details.


As for my camera, it's a Sony Cyber-Shot w/. 12x optical zoom.
We got it a couple of years ago & I love it. I would like one with more mega pixels though. This only has 5.1.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

You are so right about the projects. Dear Lord make them stop. I am currently making a factual book on the State of South Caroline in an ABC format. i.e. P is for Palmetto the state tree, etc. I (we) are a bit stuck on the whole q,u,v,w,x,y,z facts. And then we get to illustrate it. And we are not busy at all with sports or anything like any other subjects so there is plenty of time to come up with 26 facts about the great state of SC.

Sorry for the rant. I'm not bitter. Really. Just let it be summer already so I don't have to pack lunches, lay out clothes and set the flippin alarm.

QueenAnderson said...

We aren't as busy as your family, since you have sports and all that, but I do have to say I've had my fill of projects. Hopefully the board game Britt and I worked on was good enough!
I am so ready for the EOG to come and go and all our kids pass and the year be over!!!

Dancin Queen said...

Seriously! Can this month get ANY BUSIER??? It's fun to hear about what's keeping you busy though!

Hang in there! =)

Kristen said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are so overloaded!

Hang in there, and I hope things start looking up really soon. And, I have to say, this makes me not excited at all to have the kiddos start school. Ugh!

pb&j in a bowl said...

I dread the day when my girl goes to "real" school instead of just Mother's Day Out. Sounds like lots of work. Can 10 year olds go to MDO?

OHmommy said...

Let's vacation together!

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh I am sooooo happy to be retired this year. It is the first May in 22 years that I haven't had to grade all those projects. Of course the projects I assigned my high school and college students should have been done only by the students....and not be a burden to the moms. However, now that you brought it up, I wonder how many moms did projects I graded????? ...hum

Ashley said...

This month is CRAZY!...oh wait...I'm a teacher!!!!!!!!!!

That cereal project doesn't seem half as bad as the board game project...That's absolutely ridiculous!!!~

Leah said...

how true. how true.
and i'm just a mommy to two preschoolers and a baby! geez.

where are the pictures of the mommy projects, yo?

McMommy said...

Ok, I'm SCARED over here!! No internet??!!! I wouldn't know where to begin. Just cut off my right arm, I tell ya!! :)

Sue said...

Are you offering a vacation? Because if you are, then I am in! Enough school work already, I am ready for summer! Of course in the great state of Mass. we don't get out of school until June 23rd!!! That means a month more of projects for me!!!! Boohoo

4funboys said...