Thursday, July 10, 2008


I first saw this quiz here.

Carol is cool.

I wanted to be like Carol.

I took the quiz.

The results?


I took the stinkin' test three times.

Same results.


It did say that none of my sins were so far gone that I could not be forgiven.

That is comforting.

There is hope.

That or my sins are just not listed here.



Wrath:Very Low



Lust:Very Low


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz


Stephanie said...

I think that's pretty good! Probably where I would be on a lot of those numbers!

duchess said...

I'll have to give it a shot.
Love your little signature thingy.

Kristen said...

First of all, not scoring high on the 7 deadly sins quiz does not make you boring!

Normal, maybe. Boring, no!! :)

What a crazy quiz that looks like.

Happy Thursday friend!

Krystyn said...

I've gotta agree with Kristen, low on the sins makes you sort of boring...I just can't bring myself to take these quizzes!

amanda said...

honey r u serious??

pretty sure boring isn't even your vocabulary!!

Grammy Staffy said...

You are never boring! In fact you have one of the most intertaining blogs I know of. You are great fun and you've been tagged by me. Drop on by and pick up your meme instructions on my last post.

Love ya

Cecily R said...

Mine is almost exactly the same as yours. We can be boring together.

Ivy said...

At least you can be forgiven! Thank goodness this quiz gives you some hope! :)

By the way, I took the quiz and I scored very low on the envy thing. Low, sure, but very low???? HMMM, I think it just didn't ask the right questions!

Carol said...

Wendi, I am so flattered! Really.

At least you're not an envious sloth like me.

Plus those two things are certainly gonna keep me out of heaven.

Perhaps you'll be a good influence on me.

Lauren said...

This is in reference to your comment on Joel's blog. My major IS up there and I'm not making a dime(yet) haha. I just saw your post about the game. I actually had a meeting today(about a job actually in my field!) around 3 and Joel was in class so we couldn't of gone anyways :-( Thanks for the heads up though. Hope the game went in yalls favor!
By the way you always have the coolest posts! I always enjoy them.

OHmommy said...

Teehee you aren't boring. Just very sweet.

Lauren said...

I am scared to take it ...I have a feeling my sloth count would be pretty high...

I have to go take it now, though...unless I am too lazy...see what I mean? Sloth...

McMommy said...

I'm laughing at the lust...very low. How does Chad feel about that?

hee hee!!

I don't think you are BORING in the least!