Monday, July 28, 2008

If You Give Out Awards...They Will Come!

I have told you before that I am an award hoarder.

It is true.

I have been given several awards this month.

By several, I mean five.

I know.

I can't believe it either.

Who would ever think of little ole me when handing out virtual awards?

I am beyond excited.

Really, I am.

I haven't been able to stop jumping up and down and doing back handsprings all over the house.

I am equally excited to share these awards with you, my bloggy friends.

Grab your favorite beverage, pull up a chair and get comfy.

This may take a while.

The first award I received was from Pattie, @ Pearls to Hide My Neck.

Don't you love that blog name? Me too.

I would like to pass this award on to:

Aly (my swap partner!) @ Aly

Brittany @ One Day at a Time

Emily @ Super Grant's Page

Aly @ The Dart Board

The 2nd award was from Duchess, @ The Daily Adventures of Four Ed's

This award came with rules.

It was originated by Crystal at Memoirs of a Mommy in honor of the organ donor who saved her young son, Noah's, life. In order to accept this award, you just have to link back to her and share it with other blogs that you read and love.

Now for the recipients (in no particular order):

Sue @ As Cape Cod Turns

Marla @ Pak Adventures

Mommy @ 4 Fun Boys

Karen @Snakes, Snails, and Puppydog Tails

Lisa @ C&C World

Award #3 is from Krystyn, @ Really, Are You Serious?

This award came with rules too:

1. The recipient must link back the the awards creator (

2. You must post these rules if you receive the award.

3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself

4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award, as posted by Mere.

5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.

6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.

7. You must thank your giver.

Characteristics for the Smile Award:

1. Must display a cheerful attitude. (not necessarily at all times--we are all human)

2. Must love one another

3. Must make mistakes

4. Must learn from others

5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world

6. Must love life

7. Must love kids

Okay, now that is a lot to live up to!

I would like to pass this award on to the following happy people:

Heather @ A Big Boy, A Baby Girl, and A Precious Pug

Rachael@ Mommy Learns to Blog

Wendy @ View from the Grove

Erin @ Once Upon A Time

Wendi @ When I In Awesome Wonder

The 4th award was from Mel @ Miss Mel.

I never met Mel.

She is a self professed stalker.

She de-lurked and gave me an award.

I am flattered.

I would like to pass this coveted award to the following Brilliant blogs:

Jen @ Cheaper Than Therapy

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone

Kelly@ According to Kelly

Alex@ The Roaming Southerner

Amber@ A Crazy Bloggin' Canuck

Kellan @ On the Upside

The 5th and final award was from Rachael @ Mommy Learns to Blog.

More rules.

Here they are:

1) You must pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award, based upon creativity, design, interesting material, and that also contribute to the blogger community.

2) Each award must have the name of the author with a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3) Award-winners must show the award and put the name and link to the blog that awarded it.

4) Award-winners and the one who has given the prize must show the link to the Arte y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) These rules must be included in your post.


I am passing this award to:

Susan @ Fordy Days and Nights

Dana@ Supernanny, Where Are You?

Christie@ These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Laskigal@ From the Cheap Seats

Jen@ Daily Mish Mash

Steph@ The Daily Grind


Is anyone still there?

Thank you.

Congratulations to all and to all a good night!!!


Dancin Queen said...

Thanks Wendi! Right back at you babe!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Wow Miss Wendi! That was some list of awards and recipients!

Now I, too, am doing backflips. OK. I'm really not.
I figure at this stage of the game it could be hazardous to my health.
But rest assured - if I could, I would.

So I have a great big smile to start my day.
Which goes hand in hand with my award!

I will go forth and share more bloggy love ASAP!

Thank you! Thank you! xoxo R

Krystyn said...

Wow, Wendi! That's A LOT of awards! Congrats to all the winners!

And, you totally made my morning by giving me one! Thank you!

Stephanie said...

Wow! You did hoard those awards didn't you? Silly girl! Well congrats to you and all the winners :)

Mrs. Newlywed said...

So many awards :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. If it is OK with you I am going to add you to my blogroll...your blog is sooo cute.

Emily said...

An award for me!!! I'm blushing! Thank you so much.

Many thanks for giving me an award with no rules. You know me so well!

I've be meaning to post to your blog all week. I loved your post about your trip. The picture was just beautiful and the sentiments were even more touching. You made me cry!

So - have a fun day, Wendi Woo! I'm off to do some more blog stalking!!

Emily said...

"I've be meaning...."

Should read...

"I've been meaning..."

I need to learn to proof-read a little better, huh?

My boys were attempting some Hulk Hogan wrestling moves on my bed at the time! Did I mention that I also am sitting on the heretofore mentioned bed.....? Makes for fun typing!

Queen B said...

Congratulations on all the awards! They are much deserved!!

Susan said...

Thank you, thank you! You made my day.
I will be sure the pass the award along to some other deserving blogs.

You really have been showered with awards lately!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Congrats on receiving these great awards and on getting all given out! :)

Chelle said...

Congrats on all of your awards, Wendi! You deserve every one of them :)

amanda said...

holy cow sister!!

that's a lot of awards!!

yeah for you and yeah for all the winners too :)

The Mom said...

You're a doll, thanks so much for the love!!!

Elaine A. said...

Dang girl that was almost as long as the Oscars! (tee hee)

That's a whole lotta linkin' to do too.

Congrats to you on all the great awards and I can't wait to check out these recipients that I don't already "know!"

Kelli said...

Wow! I didn't know there were so many bloggy awards. Congratulations! I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

(I'll have check out those other award-winning blogs more often too.)

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Thank you so much.

I must admit I'm not sure I deserve the Smile Award though!

There hasn't been much smiling here lately.

Maybe this award will help.

Yep, already smiling at the thought of this award:)

Kellan said...

Congrats on all these great awards - WOW! And Thanks so much for passing this Brillante Weblog Award on to me - I'm so honored!

Take care - Kellan

Marla said...

Thank you for my love... it did brighten my day after driving almost 3 hours thru the mountains to visit a client...when i showed up he said he only had 15 minutes for me... nice!

Sue said...

THanks Wendi, that was a nice treat! I don't think I know that many bloggers to give all the awards you gave out! You go girl, you are popular (and more importantly, well loved!)

OHmommy said...

Wow... congrats for all of your awards Wendi. Well deserved!

duchess said...

Congratulations everybody!
Great choices, Wendi.

carrie said...

Congrats on all of those awards! And I like the idea of passing them on in one post . . .genius!

Jen said...

Awww...thank you for the award. I like this idea of saving them up to award all at once (not that I'm overwhelmed by receiving too many awards or anything).

I'm excited to see what you come up with for my shower curtain contest. Come back tomorrow because I have another giveaway planned.

Kyle and Aly said...

Oh Wendi! You've made my day. You're so sweet. Aly

Steph said...

Wow thanks for the love!

Carol said...

What's odd is. I already came and said thanks. I guess I somehow managed to click on publish your comment incorrectly because my previous comment is MIA.

Thank you, thank you!

Much appreciated. I am avoiding the handsprings due to fear they may be classed as exercise. But on the inside I am thrilled.

Erin said...

Holy Monoly... I got an award?? From the famous Wendi? I feel so incredibly honored!!! I promise to do my best and follow all the award rules listed therein... smile. I will post it soon, I seem to still be playing a vicious game of blogging catch up! Thank you... really... that is SO SO kind!

aly said...

"wow i don't know what to say!.... i would like to thank my computer, my job for giving me the time to blog, and mostly the fans!" haha jk! thanks so much wendi- you make my day too! :)